Sterling Hayden

Wine eh! Beautiful sight isn’t it? eh! Two bottles of wine eh!? We should open one eh!? Should’nt we, Akar? Should we not open a bottle of wine, m!? And I think.. yeah.. eh!!.... eh!! Why not..Why not!.

Some days, eh… like you know, the last few days, eh! when I’m drinking hard eh! I look in that… that mirror up there and I think…Holy shit!…in one sense eh! But in another sense, I think, eh! yeah! You old fart eh!. That’s you eh! Go ahead…eh! Let her rip….let her rip.

Time…Time eh!….time…time eh! Stands as nearly still with him, as is compatible…which means eh! eh! you know eh! eh! practical m? and, some may think, baby I ain’t got no time to do nothing eh! you beautiful girl, eh! I aint got no time to… eh!! I ain’t go no time to say hello to my friends….on my own ship m! I got to do one thing. I got to go eh! I got to haul m! And he hauled m!?