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About Robert R

Gender: Male
Reading Age: 40s, 50s
Languages & Accents:
Boston - Can perform American English with a Boston accent
British - Can perform American English with a British accent
English Neutral - Native speaker
German - Speaks American English with a German accent
Italian - Speaks American English with a Italian accent
New York - Native speaker
Russian - Speaks American English with a Russian accent
Southern - Can perform American English with a Southern accent
Other Skills: singing, Expert in Medical Narration and character voices
Union Affiliations: SAG, AFTRA
Personal Marketing Statement:

I have presented music on WQXR; narrated documentaries and audiobooks; been "The Voice of the Shubert, New Haven; and played the Master Distiller of Stolichnaya Vodka and all the characters in a short story by Iceland's Prime Minister in a live read at a reception for him.

Overview Description Of My Voice:

Warm, intelligent and articulate, with expertise in authentic accents, medical narration, and character voices (see “The Stinky Cheese Man”).

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