Jean M's voice_actor_profile

About Jean M

Gender: Male
Reading Age: teenager, 20s, 30s, 40s
Languages & Accents:
Caribbean - Native speaker
English Neutral - Can perform American English with an English Neutral accent
Hispanic - Native speaker
Other Skills: singing, impersonations
Union Affiliations: Non-union
Personal Marketing Statement:

I have done several long-form narration projects along with commercial promo work. I've studied under the Global Voice Acting Academy to grow in the areas of character voicing in animation or video games. Wether it's creating a voice for a character in a book or animation, or simply sounding honest and caring for a commercial, I look forward to new work and new opportunities with enthusiasm and drive.

Overview Description Of My Voice:

Believable. Young. Energetic. Confident. Conversational. Professional. Friendly. Powerful. Hip. Commanding. Authoritative. Sincere. Deep

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