Sylvianne C's voice_actor_profile

About Sylvianne C

Gender: Female
Reading Age: 30s
Languages & Accents:
Danish - Speaks American English with a Danish accent
French Neutral (no accent) - Native speaker
German - Native speaker
Russian - Speaks American English with a Russian accent
Other Skills: singing, I'm also a Heidi Klum sound alike
Union Affiliations: Non-union, SAG, AFTRA
Personal Marketing Statement:

Just finished directing/voicing a German narration project, I voiced the German E! News, I worked on several looping projects, recorded a French commercial for LetGo, and I voiced several video game characters (French & German). On the animation front I've voiced Heidi Klum on FAMILY GUY and a German nurse on FXX's ARCHER, here is a short clip if you'd like to see:

Overview Description Of My Voice:

A sophisticated, luxurious, sensual, warm sound. Dry sense of humor (for villains). I have a non-descriptive "worldly" accent great for global brands!

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