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About Chrystal V

Gender: Female
Reading Age: child, preteen, teenager, 20s, 30s
Languages & Accents:
Other Skills: singing, My voicing talents include voice acting and singing. I also have extensive experience with radio and jingle production (with pre-existing music beds) and I'm very good at listening to what the client wants. Sometimes communicating a vision or an idea takes time and careful consideration. I always approach my work with the client's best interest and from the listeners' perspective.
Union Affiliations: Non-union
Personal Marketing Statement:

I have won awards in radio including the Signature Awards and the Crystals Awards and also an award for Coach of the Year for my regional gymnastics association!
No matter what the task, I can't help but strive to bring the best quality work to the table.

Overview Description Of My Voice:

I can be the silly child, lucky-in-love girlfriend, or the know-it-all wife or Informative and Enthusiastic! Always a warm read to brighten your day!

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