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English Neutral - Speaks American English with an English Neutral accent on this demo


Audiobooks, E-learning, Tours


casual, clear, easy-going, educational, informative, laid back

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"Only 5 years of experience in this business, which some would say isn't much, but I've been working consistently since I started! From the enthusiastic coach for McDonalds radio just two weeks after graduation, to a Duracell/NFL "When The Game's On The Line" National Campaign, to CBS Sports "The Black 14" documentary, I've approached each project with the same tenacity and love as when I first started. Also a regular narrator for Acoustiguide, Brighttalk, AICPA, and others."

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Young, hip, great range and "30 for 30" gravitas. The assertive team leader, but a great team player as well! Articulate, but also a real person.

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