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English Neutral - Speaks American English with an English Neutral accent on this demo




attitude, biting/cutting, comedic, current, informative, intelligent, powerful, quirky, sarcastic, tough

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"In '08 I discovered I could imitate Hillary Clinton. Since then I've had regular work on The Tonight Show, Letterman, Kimmel, Howard Stern, & for many comedy web channels. In 2013, I appeared at the special request of my idol,Carol Burnett, on the Mark Twain Prize for Humor at The Kennedy Center. Carol has touted me as her 'new favorite comedienne'. I have auditioned a couple of times for SNL. I record everyday, mostly for business & med. narration, & tv/radio ads.Want to do more anim. and books"

Vocal qualities

Warm, American mom. Strong, articulate, clear, & even for narr. My well-honed comedic acting chops and musical training allow for lots of variety.

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