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Languages & Accents

English Neutral - Speaks American English with an English Neutral accent on this demo
Midwestern - Speaks American English with a Midwestern accent on this demo


Audiobooks, Commercials, Corporate, E-learning, Medical & Pharmaceutical


believable, calming, casual, clear, easy-going, educational, friendly, neighborly, personable, warm

About this talent

In their own words

"I've been in video production for many years mainly as a small, independent Producer in the Midwest. People really enjoy my vocal tonalities and I know it is now time to call upon them and develop them as another revenue stream, so I enter the voice over fray. A proudest achievement is the airing of my, "American Barn Stories" shows on PBS stations across America, I voiced them all as well as doing the on-camera stand-ups. I am anxious to make voice over a big part of my future going forward."

Vocal qualities

Been in the production biz for many years, with shows on PBS and more, featuring warm, comfortable tones from the Heartland. Clear, articulate voice

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