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Languages & Accents

English Neutral - Speaks American English with an English Neutral accent on this demo


Character, Commercials, Corporate, Promos, Video Games


calming, informative, rough, smooth, tough, warm

About this talent

In their own words

"hello my name is Luc de Villars , i am a voice actor, i have already worked on severals video games (DESOLATE, Stronghold, Educational ) and audio projects ( anime, audio serie) i am very active on Casting Call Club ( my profil is well recommended by project's holders, and i'm holding a Pro status on the website, and also on Voice Acting Club . I speak two language perfectly ( english and french . i own a studio recording booth and all the necessary tools for a pro sound quality . "

Vocal qualities

warm, strong, can be light, can be slow, can be fast, = very charming and seducing, can be loud, sounding mad , i can modulate a lot

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