[I had my first job!] I can honest say I felt confident and understood exactly what the producer asked for. The work we did, your critical ear and preciseness made me very comfortable with the whole audition. Thanks. I'll let you know about Tuesday too

Dave Dettore

Hi Becky,

Glad to help. Having a nice voice certainly is a good start, but like any other craft/art you have to be willing to learn and practice the skills and techniques that make the difference between "having a nice voice" and "being able to get work as a voice over actor". As much as there are crappy voice overs on the air, the fact remains that quality work is much more about knowing how to use your voice, and your skills, and about acting than it is about talking.

Having said that, the basics are not hard - or expensive - to learn. I trained with a wonderful teacher and real working voice over producer (a BIG plus in terms of really knowing the business) based out of NY. David Goldberg, Edge Studio, 212-868-3343.. I've also taken other workshops as my career has evolved, and spent a lot more money, without getting anything more than what David was able to share for a lot less.

Hope helpful.

Wow David!

You were so professional and easy to work with! I can't wait to work with
you again! No wonder you train people! You're the best! You could squeeze
ANY read out of me!

a very very impressed

Joan F

With his straightforward and honest approach, David is an effective
instructor for group workshops as well as individual coaching, and can
easily pinpoint one's voiceover strengths and weaknesses. He's an amazing
sound engineer too - you can certainly trust your demo production to him!

Karen H.

David, thanks so much for the excellent coaching sessions; I learned so much
and had a fun time in the process!

When I get my design act together I would love to run the titling of the
tracks by you for feedback if you don't mind.

Thanks again for everything,

Karla H.

Thank you SO much! I really enjoyed Kristin

Dear David,

Thank you so much for your continued encouragement. It is greatly appreciated. I thoroughly enjoyed working with you on Wednesday. David, you are not only knowledgeable about your work, you have a knack for making someone feel completely at ease, you are professional, courteous and pleasant to work with and totally appreciated by me - as I also informed Jean yesterday.

My background--which includes studio work as a singer, a graduate degree in education, and an old, not-quite-there VO demo--has prepared me to fully appreciate the work David Goldberg has been doing with me over the past few months. His mastery of his industry and craft, his understanding of performance psychology, and his gift for teaching and communicating are unmistakable...he's is the most centered, organized, and self-possessed person I've come across in a long time. His instruction and his assessment of my voice and my performance have been specific, decisive, and so balanced that my technique--and my confidence--have improved significantly in a very short time. I absolutely trust him to guide me in establishing myself in the field. Thank you, David, and I look forward to continuing our work together!

M.C. Tapera

Thanks for your insight and advice this morning. Our conversation was very helpful. I will be implementing your suggestions regarding my demo ASAP. I will contact your office later this week to schedule an appointment to discuss the construction of a home studio. Thanks again for your valuable input!


Outstanding voice-over coach, the entire Edge Studio organization is quite simply first-class.

Gina K.

When I first arrived at Edge Studio last year, after four Manhattan VO coaches and six years developing myself in the VO business, I learned more in forty-five minutes of coaching with David Goldberg than all experiences previous.

David's many professional talents and strengths, as well as wonderful personal qualities, are too numerous to mention in a brief testimonial.

Aside from being a phenomenal producer, David is just such a truly terrific teacher with a super 'recording booth-side manner' so to speak. I respect and admire David tremendously; one could not hope to find a finer gentleman in the industry or elsewhere.

There is no better place in NYC for VO artists and aspiring VO artists to go to for all the many services offered by David and his staff than Edge Studio.

Final verdict: Thumbs up! Highly Recommended!

Thank you, David and Edge Studio!

Michael Schmitt

Dear Kerry:

Just a quick note to say thank you for the engaging and informative voice class today.
We all learned a lot and thought you did a great job!

Best wishes,

Jim Jim Keeley Howard Hughes Medical Institute

Thank you for the terrific voice over class. It was not only informative but very entertaining as well. I resigned from a long time broadcast career a few years ago. Recently, I've been looking to get back to work. You gave me the answers I needed and I'm very excited to start my new voice over career!
A big thanks to David and Edge Studio!

Michele Donofrio Harding

Hi, David. I promised you feedback as I was running out the door last Wednesday, so here goes:

Kristin was fantastic. You already know this because she works with you. There are many reasons why this class worked so well. Kristin has a very congenial and warm personality. I can imagine that not every voice over artist is as likable as Kristin. In addition, she inspires and gets the students excited about the work. I also really liked this class because we each had booth time. I took class from Susan Berkley many years ago, but we never had booth time. I think this is great way to give the students a "real world" application and feel closer to the end goal. Kristin also chose 2 bits of copy for each person that at first they may have questioned, but turned out to be right on the money regarding fit and potential for each student. This in itself was a difficult task as she had only know us as a group barely 2 hours at that point. She also got through the material in addition to fielding everyone's questions on various topics. I am looking into taking the next step, and will definitely include Kristin in my process.

Thank you to your team for a very positive and rewarding experience.

Best regards,

Suzanne Obolsky

Just want to pass thanks along to Kristin before I forget. She's a fabulous teacher, but I guess everyone knows that. Wish I had the money to just work with her for about a year! It's one thing for someone to point out what needs correcting, but another when they can help you find the way to make the change. Kristin always has a marvelous technique for showing me how to get to the bottom of the challenge and correct it. And, she's also very good at helping you not feel terrible about the improvement you need to make. Just love her ideas and teaching/coaching style.

All for now,


The co-op marketing class is a great opportunity for both aspiring and working voice talents who would like to maximize their opportunities for employment in New York. The very direct approach kept the class focused and on target, through the stages of creating an image appropriate to each person's "sound", to creation of a delivery concept, to actual delivery of demos to over 400 prospective clients. Just like a voiceover career, this class is not for the faint of heart: This class will make you work, and work hard, but you'll get a great idea of the kind of discipline and focus needed to build a successful career.

Colleen Brown Ridgefield, CT

Given the volume of folks that you have sent to the event I am certain you get regular and very positive feedback on the Marketing expo. But.....I thought I would give you some in any case.
It is terrific. This seminar was excellent, and his course and its format seem very well done and even better . This would be a spectacular program to go through.
I do believe you have under-priced what you deliver by a lot ( $450 for eleven sessions ( $44@) plus the hidden costs, is well under your fees for example) so the updating of his data-base and the additional prospects he creates clearly must compensate him well. I believe you could easily migrate your process and structure to other higher rate paying businesses and industries. It would be a great sales trainer and could command $2500 to 5,000 per day. Especially intriguing in this program is the cooperative, self-help and support features of it . Given the cutthroat nature of entertainment and the ego bruising, individuality of the work...this is a great feature, and benefit. My nephew is graduating from the theater arts program at Ithaca College this year... from his fragile ego I can tell this feature would be helpful to him as well as many of his classmates. Thanks for teeing this up for me. I will wait to see what you think of the demo.... I welcome your feedback.
All the best,


Dear David:
I just finished the Marketing Co-op class and wanted to tell you how GLAD I am that I took the course. In all honesty, I was initially nervous about spending that amount of money plus I was apprehensive about the work load and commitment the course required. True, it wasn't cheap and it wasn't easy, but it was well worth it! The daunting task of launching a voice over career keeps a lot of us from moving forward but this class gave me the knowledge and the tools to get started and it taught me what I need to do to keep moving forward. Finally, between the teaching and networking with my classmates, I learned more than I could have imagined about who's who in the NYC voice over world, how to approach them, and what I need to do to be a player in this industry. By the way, before the class was over I was called in for 2 auditions and received a nibble from an agent as a result of our CD delivery project! Thanks for letting me know about the class

Emily Eyre

We saw some marked improvements immediately following the seminar, but I'm a little worried about people slipping back into old habits. But, I have to say, I thought your methods were great.


Dear David,
Monday's seminar was invaluable. I feel like a pro golfer who was having trouble with his driver and went to his pro to get his swing back in the groove.
By the way, I feel like a had a discount, because of the Axcion gig the previous week. See, you get me hired and you get a hundred dollars back - net!
Also, you parenthetically referred to "data" and "dayta" pronunciation in response to one of my questions. I guess Tom told you about my "studied it too hard" -- "learned it wrong" stumble in the session with Axcion. All in all it went well, though. He seemed pleased, as did the client. That's my goal.
Have an audition at Burst tomorrow for a Bravo commercial. I am sure the work on Monday will have a positive effect on my effort (less).
Thanks again.
I look forward to continuing honing.

Doug Wilson

Hi Lara and David,

I decided to wait to reply to your e-mail until I had some results.
Since our workshop in mid-November, I have had 5 or 6 auditions. Of
those auditions, I have gotten one radio job and one TV demo. So, as
you suggested David, I have already made my $300 back. The increase in number of auditions maybe a result of the good karma from participating
n the workshop, but getting the jobs was a result of it. I have been
doing voiceover work for more than 35 years and I have never really had
a dissection and critique of my delivery.

I am much more aware of pitch changes and smoothness of delivery. My
approach to breakdown and analysis of copy has improved and that
improves the quality of both the audition and the job. I have
approached the auditions and the jobs with more confidence that I can
break out of the "announcer mode".

The workshop was well worth the time and expense of going to New York.
I have recommended you to some of my vo friends here in Detroit, and I
intend to participate in some tele-training during the coming year and
possibly another trip to NY.

Thanks you for a very positive experience

Al Pinter

Hi David,
The November 17th VO workshop I attended was exceptional and very, very helpful. I plan to take advantage of other services offered by Edge Studio including marketing sessions and Pro Tools training. Chances are you haven't seen--or heard--the last of me yet!

Terry Casey

Hi Sara,

I didn't realize this class was included in my program. Thank you so much for the the reminder!

Kristin asked us to give you feedback since it was the first time it was offered so I also wanted to let you know that I enjoyed it and found it very helpful. The technology worked perfectly and Kristin had lots of great information to share as always.

Thank you also for reminding me about the two makeup classes I need to take.

Thanks so much for all of your help!


Hi Sara,

Just a quick note to tell you how much I'm enjoying your Phase 3 Career Builder program! I participate by telephone and computer from the West Coast.

Last Tuesday, I signed up for this program, and so far, I have taken Erik Sheppard's home studio webinar, and Kerry Miller's "Breaking Down Copy" and "Blunt Audition Preparation." These classes are so helpful to me at this stage in my training. I look forward to learning more from both of these instructors in the future.

In particular, I want to praise both Erik and Kerry for creating a safe place for me to make mistakes. I'm one of those people who tends to learn from experience, and vividly remember my blunders. For this reason, it was extremely helpful to have firm, encouraging correction from both of these teachers. In Erik's case, he was exceptionally patient (and clear) in his direction when I stumbled with online controls on an unfamiliar software program. In Kerry's case, her breezy "Lesson learned" slogan helped me move on from embarrassment to "Whoops!"

My hope is, I'll make my worst mistakes in your classes, and show up in my professional life well-prepared to meet the demands of my clients. (I just hope I don't drive your staff crazy in the process!)


Elizabeth Holmes

Hi Paul. Well, the vo went very well with Fortunoff. They loved my work! I just can't thank you enough for your invaluable training and guidance. Whatever you are doing, it is working. I'm getting better all the time. It took about four hours and the price was right! I loved every minute of being in the studio. The Creative Director of the ad agency found me on voice123.com and contacted me directly. He said he listened to 80 demos and loved mine. He said he loved how I was "so New York". Wow, how flattering. This was just such an amazing experience and I'll tell you more in person. I'm considering doing the Ringer on Sat. Feb. 24, but will have to confirm. I'm in a Cabaret Show (music of the 30"s & 40's...what a blast!) and I'm not sure yet if they want rehearsal that day, as the show opens on March 10 in Bay Ridge. I'll confirm with you some time next week and we'll have dinner afterwards on me. Thanks again sweetie for all of your help. I could not have done it without you. See you soon.

Hi David,
I just wanted to let you know what a fantastic coaching session I had with Randye last Friday.
Although I had originally booked the hour as coaching/recording for a demo update.... we actually focused on picking the right genre for me and worked on that type of copy. Randye even gracioiusly reviewed my Narration and Commercial demos that I sent to her prior to the session. It was so beneficial to hear her constructive review of what I have already, what I could work on and what would be a good supplemental specialty demo. I left there with renewed confidence in myself, my budding career and with a more clear vision of the types of work I will target next.
We decided to target e-learning for my specialty demo that I will record next. I will call Lara to schedule that very soon!


Saturday I had the most amazing workshop. It was just fantastic. I would love to come to more classes. Especially the animated classes and the Ringer. Could you please send me a schedule of classes so I could see dates that would be good for me.
Once again, it was a wonderful experience. I can't wait to come again.


I was going to e-mail you earlier to let you know I thought the Marketing Forum was great , but I have been traveling all week and have just got back ...Anyway , I can not wait to go to the next Marketing session , it was so informative and there was so much great interaction with the whole group and the room was "buzzing " with excited energy .
Have a great weekend


Great stuff today. Glad I dragged my husband along. It was a great education. He tends to think things are so simple but I think he realized today that there is a lot more to it than just the surface stuff, i.e.: having a great voice. By the way, you should write a book. You are witty, quick, very funny and well versed on all aspects of this business. You know how to phrase things so that they are funny, capture people's attention and make sense to the common person by using analogies. The book would be invaluable to us novices and professionals who still need little reminders. You can call it "Now let ME do the talking" haha
See you Monday


Just wanted to drop you a line to say thanks for a fantastic class. I really think you have too much material for 2 days. You should think about adding another day. I wanted to ask you a bit about your private coaching rates and what your approach is for coaching. Are you coaching toward the development of a cartoon / character demo or do you have a different philosophy about it? Also, I love your cute little animal drawings. After having met me, what kind of an animal do you think would fit my persona?
OK, I don't want to be a pest. Thanks again for a great class. I
really enjoyed it and I really learned a lot.
See you soon.

Joe Rodriguez

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