June 14, 2003

My advertising carreer started in 1976, in New York City. As creative director for some of the most recognized agencies in Manhattan, I have had the opportunity to work with many of the best studios in the business.

David Goldberg and Edge Studio have edged their way to become my number one choice.

As producer/ engineer/editor/sound designer, there's no better talent then David Goldberg. His precision, ability, and experience are unprecedented and his ear...impeccable. While his Edge Studio staff reflects the high level of professionalism of a big studio, they are personable, intelligent and accomodating.

I have done a lot of studio work and have never had a bad session with Edge Studio.

I would highly reccommend David and Edge for any studio work knowing that ever job they undertake, whether large or small, is done thoroughly, accurately and with an ear-for-detail.

Sam Goldstein
CEO, Founder


Thanks for your time today. I really gained a great deal from our discussion and your tips.

Look forward to speaking with you again soon.



Thank you again for your time and expertise this past week for the Habitat video. You were great to work with and really helped me learn a lot in a short time. As soon as the programs are delivered to us, I'll drop a few off for you.

As you suggested, I'm sending a scriptwriting resume--it's all by itself in the next email so you can find it easily.

Looking forward to continuing our nice working relationship.


Linda Peckel
Habitat for Humanity


Hi. I wanted to just say a quick thank you for all of your help in
producing our radio spots for the Fall show. I am very pleased with the
results... the process went very smoothly, the talent was well selected....
and it was a pleasure working with you.

I am going to present the spots formally next week at our marketing meeting
but am pretty confident that we will be producing radio for our other
domestic shows as well.

As per our conversation, I have dropped a couple of comp passes in the mail
to you for the Fall show.
If you go, please stop by the WebCenter during your travels to say hello.

I'll look forward to working together in the future.

Thanks again.

Jane Garcin Associate Director, Creative Services Penton Media, Inc.

The only problem I have with your product is that it is too good! Honestly, I'm not sure we are as good as you make us sound! Seriously though, I am impressed. I am going to recommend you to everyone I know. Thanks so much. I will email you tomorrow to let you know how the presentation went. Thanks,

Jeff Wulsich
1 Ton Technologies

David, just wanted to say thanks for GREAT job on the Nuway spot. It was well received by the client and his managers this morning. You and Sam nailed it big time! Look forward for the next...and the next.


Hi David,
Sorry it has taken me a moment to get back to you on the work we did last Friday. Not only were they pleased with the work submitted, they were able to embed the script into their CD-demo in time for their new business launch party the next evening. As a business client, I attend the event which was attended by other business clients, including the Mayor of Hamden.

David, they loved it! I got so many compliments it became overwhelming at one point of the evening. So many thanks to you, David. I always look forward to working with you, receiving great instruction and guidance as I continue to mature in this business.

Have a great holiday season and I look to get back in touch with you right after the holidays!
Yours Truly,

Veronica Carter Light Speed

Dear David,

I just wanted to say "thanks" for a job very well done and for being so accommodating on such short notice.

With a little luck our new advertising venture will be a success and we can come back to you for our next project.

"Two thumbs up!" We are delighted with the results.

Brian McHugh
McHugh Business Forms, Inc.

By the way David,
You offer some of the best information for voice-overs I have seen yet! Thanks.


Thanks so much, Cathy. I am extremely happy with all the instruction and support Edge Studio has given me, and I will definitely continue coming to further polish and expand my skills. I mulled over numerous voice over studios/instructors before I decided on Edge, and I now know I made the BEST decision by choosing Edge!

Enjoy your weekend!


I just wanted to send you a quick "thank you" for all of the resources and vital information that Edge Studio provides to students such as myself on a continuing basis (e.g. the email updates, web links, the free weekly phone sessions, etc.). You and your staff obviously work very hard and are very conscientious in making yourselves available to us and keeping us current in all of the goings on in the voice over industry. I find that it serves me well in keeping me plugged in and motivated. I really appreciated everything that Edge does and it serves as a reminder that I could not have picked a better company to help guide me in my voice over pursuits. Thanks again and all the best to you and your staff.


Len Gioia

We couldn't have done it without you, and remain thankful.
Please send my regards to David.



Hi David,
I have a new wireless client for voice prompts! That makes 5 now!! Here is the newest one: http://www.terrestar.com/about.php
Thank you again for my wonderful Phase III program. The information is just invaluable. Hope to hear you on Speak with an Expert soon.
Regards to Jessica and Benjamin and all the great people at Edge!

Pamela J.

Thank you for a very informative presentation on Tuesday's conference call with Edge Studio. It was one of the best Q&A sessions to date and you provided so much valuable information about available computer software for use in quality voice over recording.

I appreciate your willingness to provide further direction in making accurate and well informed decisions which reflects the support for success that Edge Studio offers to everyone venturing into this challenging but exciting career.
The quality of your voice really impressed me. Your ability to succinctly answer questions without overstating or trying to impress conveyed confidence in the knowledge of your profession(s) and delivery without impediment in a first time experience.
I carefully listened to you. In doing so, I learned about breathing (and not hearing it), timing, inflection, composure, rhythm, etc. and it was clearly absorbed in my brain through my ear. This experience will help me to improve. The "mass mute" was highly cool.

Many thanks again to you and to Edge Studio for supporting success in the voice over universe.

Judith Daniels

Hi Dave,

I had my ProTools/home stuido session yesterday. He was really knowlegable, really helpful, and really nice.

I am really pleased!

Patricia von Brook

FYI - excellent class with Steve tonight - invaluable info.


The spot sounds great. Very fresh and youthful, exactly what we want
our Acura brand to represent. Thank you so much for everything.


Rocco J. DelGreco
The New York Group, Inc

Dear David,

I just wanted to drop you a note and thank you again for letting me have another Demo Prep session with Jay. It really means the world to me! I am so excited about my new career choice, and I have no doubt that I will excel in this business, thanks to the marvelous training I'm getting at Edge Studio. You and your staff have been so wonderfully supportive and encouraging, and I can't thank you all enough.

Have a great and prosperous day!

Julie Boyd

this was REALLY helpful............you're like my vo coach with this information.....REALLY good ToDo list.


Sharel Ann Royal

Thanks for the reminder. Excellent advice!


Thanks so much for all the great information and advice on the teleseminar Tuesday night. I am dealing with many of the situations the talents spoke of. Your advice is most helpful.

Have a great day.


You and the folks at Edge Studio are lifesavers to us VO talent. I'm so glad you're there!

All the best,


Hi Steve,
Thanks so much.. the demo is terrific! It's great working with you-all at Edge.
Very best regards,


First I want to sincerely thank you and Edge Studio for the learning resources you have so generously provided. I have taken advantage of many of the Talk with a Pro seminars and have learned a great deal from them.



Thank you for the seminar. I found it to be very helpful and informative.


Hi David,
Just wanted to thank you for all your great help today. I really appreciate that you took the time out to coach me through this. I also wanted to forward you the final result as I think it turned out really well, I'm very happy with it. Also, Sara was an absolute dream to work with, she's got a phenomenal ear and is super-meticulous, which resulted in something that I think has a really good shot at getting me the job. I'm very grateful to both of you.


Hi David:

Thanks for your interesting article in VoiceOverToday
on Uncomfortable Situations. Boy, have we "been
there and done that.". There always seems to be
one we haven't heard before. That's life!



Hi David:

Really enjoyed your article on "Uncomfortable Situations". Just had a client come back to me three months after a very large IVR project telling me they were having "technical" issues with the sound quality. This was after it was fully reviewed, signed off on, billed, and paid. I find that articles from your studio are the ones I am most drawn to as they are "real world" and extremely helpful.


Janet Ault


...I just received the final release copy of my first paid job.

DC Comics: Batman - Inferno

I did some child voices, screams, and reporter takes. And, I'm even listed in the credits.

It was a blast!


Since taking your course and making my demo I have recovered my costs
and am now in the profit from the work I have obtained!

Amy (Geragosian) Fox - New York, NY

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