Thanks for your recent rate advice on a vo project for which I was hired. I appreciate knowing that even though we are located in different markets, you always advise relative to the market I'm serving. I'm sure you work with voice over contacts that are both bigger and smaller than me, yet you treat my occasional questions with incredible timeliness and the understanding of how important it is to acquire each new job at any level of one's career.


Hello David,
This is Amber S. I recorded my voice over demo with you several years ago. I was just starting out and you were so helpful and generous. The last job I did through Edge was a General Motors spot in DC last summer. I have a very flexible schedule and would absolutely love to be more involved with Edge Studio. I look forward to hearing from you.
Thanks again


Hi David!
Thanks for your email. I have some follow-up news to share with you. It turns out that the "Sesame Street" work that I did for Verizon Wireless has become a pretty big deal. In the past week alone, the project has been featured in Cannes, France at the annual MIPTV international television conference. It's also been mentioned in:
* The New York Times (Monday, April 18th, 2005)
* X-Change Magazine (Phoenix, AZ -- March 2005)
* Hollywood Reporter (California -- April 11, 2005)
So, thanks again for your help last week. I very much enjoyed working with you and would love to know if you have any future projects!
All the best,


Hey, David
Just wanted to let you know I've got my first job tomorrow afternoon. It's a commercial for a restaurant in Jersey that's supposed to air on a local cable outlet. $300 for a 30-second spot. I'm psyched (a little nervous, too!).


Thanks for the congratulations! It was a terrific first job to have...the script was well-written, and I received it in advance. The operation was very small--a director and a technician. I read most of the 13 modules in one take, and the director seemed happy with the way I followed his direction. He commented several times on how well I had prepared. What I did to prepare was read the script several times and also review it and my reading using the Industry Guidebook (and of course, reflected a lot on what I've learned in my coaching and preparation sessions!) It was a very positive experience and it's a great feeling to finally have been employed as a VoiceOver talent!

Deb Fallon

Hi David
Hope you are well and warm. Had my first interview today with Tamar Wolbrom, Inc. Very small & intimate group that only does V.O. work. They really liked my demo and have offered to take me on. No contracts or obligations - just freelance for now. It was a very easy meeting, about a half hour, un-intimidating. I'll fill you in on the details when I see you next week.
Many, many thanks to you again!!


Just wanted to drop you a line and let you know that I've been having success from the voice over demo we produced last year. I took a seminar with you last summer and then had a few coaching sessions culminating in producing a demo. I not only made up my expenses but have surpassed them! I now have an ongoing VO relationship with Smith Village and, to name a few, have recently voiced both television and radio spots for Allentown Business School, Kutztown University, Nazareth National Bank, Barracks Road Mall and Buck Home Furnishings. As a matter of fact, I have three more VO bookings for next week! Just wanted to say Thanks for your help in jump-starting my VO career! And if you have any clients interested in hearing my demo-please send them my way!
Thanks again and I'll keep you updated!

Kelly Brennan

The demo you just produced for me hit the bulls eye! One of the first places I sent it to, a production company in Maryland, just hired me to do a series of national voice-over TV and radio spots for York Heating & Air Conditioning. Thanks for your help in making this moment possible. I look forward to
working with you soon

Doug Eberhart

Hello! How are you? I am doing VERY WELL! I just wanted to let you know the demo is still making splashes! as a matter of fact, A recording studio was so impressed with me they sent my demo to a company that is doing audiobooks in Syracuse and I auditioned for the company and got the leading female in the story!!!!!! The book is the Enchanted Forest Chronicles by Patricia Wrede and it is being published by Random House, who had to approve the director's choice of cast. I received the call today that Random house listened and enthusiastically approved of the voice actress who was doing my character. I was so excited!!! We are recording books 2 and 3 in the series starting this Monday and ending the following week. I can't wait! And I am sooooo flattered that random house thought so highly of me. I hope you will pick up a copy of the audiobook when it comes out. I hope to hear from you soon! Take care and I will talk to you then!

Lauren Pokroy

I wanted to let you know that I am working...a lot!
I have done numerous spots for all sorts of different companies. I was hired to record a children's audiobook.
I was hired, just this week, by a firm that is promoting a huge development of retail/residential/restaurants and leasing space to businesses in a very large city....all under one address.
Here's the good part. They contacted me! I didn't audition for it...was simply contacted by them.
It's just begun to take off. I couldn't be more pleased.
I wanted to update you and let you know how well it's going.
My demo produced at Edge is the reason I'm getting this work. The firm that hired me for the audiobook chose me because of the "humorous chocolate spot" on my demo for the children's novel.
The company that hired me this week said they wanted me to sound like my Revlon spot on my demo...sultry.
I can't begin to thank you for the training I received. I did my homework and sought out the best place to train, and I was right to choose Edge....and alsoPaul Liberti!
Hope you're well. I'll be seeing you in New York very shortly.
All the best!

Erin Mishler

Wanted to let you know I got my first somewhat "big" job in terms of a payday ... 10-minute narration for a slide show at Sandy Hook for the National Park Service. And just as most things go, they never heard my demo, it got passed along from a colleague at my station. Turns out they feel I did a great job with it, say they'd use me again, and say they'll "spread the word." An encouraging sign. Training with you was a big help as I got into the studio to record ... and was probably the difference between them liking it and loving it.

Mike Pavlichko

You never know where your opportunities will come from. EMail from a producer at work had said "Can you sound Russian?" Well, I don't speak Russian, and am not trained in that language. But I am a natural mimic, and I roomed with a Russian colleague for about a year. I thought "All he can say is I don't sound Russian enough!" So I applied to do the voiceover. He sent me copy (for a male!), and I read it into his voice mail. And he picked me!! With this 19 seconds of dialogue I have now made my cable TV debut as a voiceover artist for a documentary on The Discovery Channel!! It was so exciting to hear myself on TV. If I had not been brave enough to try it I would have missed the opportunity to have my first professional credit...and on Discovery, too.
Thanks again! Maybe I should try that 90 year old Italian grandmother for you!

Just wanted to let you know that I have gotten two gigs already...the first is relatively small, but it's with Robert Kessler, a producer in Westchester who has several Grammys. The second is for the same client, but they have hired me to write and record several tapes of guided meditation which will be used in a system in doctor's offices and airplanes. They will also retail them on their web site. I will negotiate for a percentage of sales! This has the potential to be huge, as this business is going to skyrocket!
I will keep you posted. I have been doing a little bit of marketing each day, and it is paying off.
So, thank you so very much ...

Shannon White

Hey, David
I just wanted to let you know that I've been tapped to do up to 50 weekly commercials for Key Food to run on Channel 2. I've already done two and I'm told they've been airing during the station's newscasts, although I haven't heard one yet. Anyway, things are looking up!
I'll keep you posted.


I thought you'd like to know I got my ice-breaker, and what an ice-breaker it is! An 8 CD ROM instructional software course! The pay is not that great, but it's something I can brag about to the agents and casting directors. Actually I did two other sessions for a couple of indie films a couple of months ago, but I don't count them since they were freebies.
While I was rehearsing my scripts today (extremely dry material- all computer jargon) I got a call for an audition tomorrow for a series of commercials for a senior care insurance company! I had forgotten I had sent these people a demo. I sent it to them at least three months ago. This one will pay much better (if I get it). Everyone who's listened to the demo has been very complimentary of its quality. I'll be coming in for one of your monthly brush-ups soon.
All the best,


Hi David!
How are you? I booked my first voice-over job last month! It was great! A 60 second spot for a home builder in Florida. I actually got to do a part of it again because they had the wrong info in the copy. You can't beat getting paid twice. It's all thanks to you and the work we did in your studio. Duke Clement at TJC Productions hired me and he said he was very impressed with my demo and he'll call me again. Once more, thanks for all of your help!

Maureen Van Trease

Hi, Karen Wagner here. I just wanted to e-mail you and let you know that I got the job. I auditioned by phone, and from what I understand, against many others they were considering from the internet. It feels great. Thank you so much for your advice on $ to charge (wages) and how to present what I wanted, they accepted my first offer. Thanks for being there to answer my questions.

TO: Edge Studio
I took the April Edge Studio voiceover workshop in Washington, D.C. and bought the Industry Guidebook. Earlier this week, I was booked on a voiceover job for a government audio course. I reviewed a number of the principles in the guidebook before going to the job. I just want to say THANK YOU. The guidebook was very helpful. It helped me take the right approach to the job and to perform consistently. One of the producers and the talent I was working with complimented my work after we finished.
It was a nice confirmation that getting involved with Edge Studio to help my career and to produce my demo was the right choice for me. I look forward to working with you and to getting that demo wrapped!

Karen Morgan

Since completing a voice over training course and submitting my first demo (thanks to you, Dave) to a radio station, my voice was selected as the female voice for the station. The station is redesigning its format with new voices, etc. This is technically my first major contract since venturing into this business.

It's Di, from awhile ago. I wanted to give you an update and say thanks for all the demo work you did with me. Long story short: I sent my demo to agents in June, got a response from one in July who sent me out on auditions and does in-house recording (Steven Arcieri of Arcieri and Assoc.) and in the past month I did two spots for Verizon Wireless (the October youth promo which is currently running) and the holiday promos for PetsMart. Did you know you can get 2 pix of your dog with Santa for only 9.95 starting in November at PetsMart :-) Took a lot to keep me from laughing while saying that.
So I wanted to say thank you very much.
Hope all is well. Try to stay warm!

Di Johnston

Thanks to your coaching and the great job you did on my demo CD, I got my first job this week and got paid $300 for an hour's work. What a great start to what I hope will be a continuous flow of work.
Thank you for being available to answer questions too, David. I really appreciate the time and care you give me, especially as I am just one amongst many, many people you have helped along the way.
Best regards,


Hi, this is a message for David Goldberg.
I just wanted to let you know that I did a Promo for TLC's new album "Damaged" and it should be playing on Z100 any day now. I felt very comfortable and confident in the studio and was actually just used as a back up but then chosen over the other person. It was very exciting and I wanted to let you know. I have a copy of it if you ever want to hear it.
Hope you are well and thank you again for all your help.

A Walker

I just did a BIG voice-over job in Washington, DC for a Mercedes-Benz dealership. YOU helped make the job a success for me! The client wanted my voice to be totally "flat" for part of the spot. During our last demo production session, you had instructed me how to do that and how important it was to be able to do that. The time you spent with me on this aspect of the business really came in handy yesterday. Thanks again


I'm certainly thrilled with the chance to improve what has already been a successful marketing tool for my abilities. I can't believe how quickly I started to get work. I have recently become a regular voice for a sporting goods chain and am starting to develop some wonderful relationships with a couple of studios themselves. I can feel my future growing all around me! I knew you were the guy and that Edge Studio was the place to finally start this process off. The cost of the demo has been more than recouped. And I have some exciting new stuff to add to the commercial portion!
Thank you


Things are pretty good here. I just signed on with Carolyn Davis casting agency. They really liked my demo. They asked where I did it and I told them through Edge Studio and I got to tell them about my experiences with you and how much I have enjoyed them! Also, I got to do another on-line project for a gentleman in Springfield VA thanks to the animation website you gave me. Its wonderful! I auditioned with him and I got the lead female! I was very excited! Its actually going to be an animated (he does all the animation and is highly professional) comic on the web! So, that's exciting! I just had an audition for a narrator for a children's science show, and we are supposed to find out about callbacks today so we'll see.....I'll keep you posted. Hope things are going well for you and once again thanks for everything!


Hi David,
I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know I completed a major VO work for an E-trade Financial ad. It is supposed to be broadcast on Monday, or so felt the producer. Thanks for all your coaching. I was able to give them what they wanted and was told that they'll have more work for me. The demo you produced made the sale! They heard it and didn't ask to hear anyone else. Congrats!!! We're having fun. I'm available as a full time voice artist now. Got to run.
Peace, bro.

Charlie Channel

Just thought you'd like to know. The commercial demo we worked on together has gotten me my first audition for a national promo for The Food Network through Jessica Brown Productions! It will be tomorrow at 1:00. Think of me. Thanks again for all support you and your staff has given me.

Gary Sauer


You mentioned your interest in what happens with my VO career. I had my
first job. With your training and guidance I was able to get through a
very long read smoothly and quickly!

My everyday job at Booz Allen Hamilton, we have several sound and video
studios where they produce their own radio/TV ads, and internal website
material. The website is what I was hired to do. These are 3-5 min
description summaries about projects BAH create in-house. I did 2 of
these summaries and in about 20 min. I think I would say I successfully
nailed them both quick and easily. The director thought so anyway. And
I've been asked to return for more.

Thanks so much for the training and confidence building!! I wouldn't have
been able to do this first job without your training and instructions of
being calm, cool and "pro-like" going through my head.


Dear David and Paul
I just wanted to let you know that I got a call from a guy who found me on with my new demo reel. He loved it. Thank you for all of your work. It's starting to happen! All the best to you both for the Holidays!

Christine "Skylark" Larkin

Hi David
I got my first job! (aren't you just so proud!!?) It was surprisingly laid back. But now I can say I did a spot for Estee Lauder! How cool is that...


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