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Once upon a time… there was radio; the mass means of entertainment, information and community engagement. Today – well times have changed.

Podcasts are the new radio – the new interest directed means of audio communication with a ready audience of like interest and engagement. But, because of the abundance of programming, the competition for listeners is intense. So quality really matters.

Voice over podcasts are not difficult to produce … technically. All you really need is a microphone and web access. What the content is and how it is communicated are the tough parts. And since it’s an audio medium – your voice is a critical part of the presentation – not just vocal quality, but your unique personal style. That’s what we teach; we show you how to make this compelling medium work for you.

We instruct you in the basic tools and formats of podcasts, how to structure your content and profile, the fundamentals of managing your broadcasts … and the vocal over qualities required to make your podcast stand out. If you’ve ever thought that podcasts are a medium for you… if you’ve ever wanted a concise and easy to understand primer on how podcasts work and the skills required to present a quality program… then let us show you the way.

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Podcast Training

While we offer a variety of important classes here at Edge Studio, we also provide private voice over training. Each approach has important benefits. One-to-one voice over coaching -- with an experienced professional coach -- is sometimes the best way to hone your delivery and fine tune your performance.

Podcast Demo Recording

Your voiceover demo is quite possibly the single most useful tool you have in getting your voice heard and allowing potential clients to have a full understanding of what you offer as a unique and professional voice talent. Because of this, it is crucial that your demo be of pristine quality and represent you in the best possible light.
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