Because every voice-over artist and career are different, Edge Studio announces a different approach to VO training.

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Widened range of training options lets students tailor training
to their needs, capabilities, potential, interests, budget and schedule.

NEW YORK CITY (June 14th, 2011) - Voice-over artists shouldn’t have cookie-cutter demos, so why give them cookie cutter training?" asks David Goldberg, Owner and Director of Edge Studio, a voice over production and education company.

Edge Studio is known as much for its production of high-end voice over projects as for its education department — tailoring its voice over training program to the individual needs of each of its students.

Now Mr. Goldberg has announced a restructured curriculum to give students even more flexibility.

Because voices, interests and learning curves are not the same from person to person,” said Mr. Goldberg, “students are more successful finding voice over jobs and establishing careers in the industry when our team of coaches, casting agents, and business experts tailors the student’s training plan and voice over demo to that student’s particular interests, potential, and resources.”

The new program even includes a low-budget option where the student trains himself or herself, still with personalized planning and review by Edge Studio coaches.

The more robust alternative is Edge Studio’s “Personalized Training Plan.” In this track, with more than a dozen coaches on the Edge Studio staff, plus experts in the industry’s technology and business practices, every student gets a well-rounded perspective, whatever his or her voice-over specialty.

The “Personalized Training Plan” has three parts, the first two of which are pursued simultaneously:

  • A. “Learning the industry” – To make smart career decisions, students work in small classes with industry leaders from around the country, gaining the combined experience and knowledge of these veterans.
  • B. “Learning you” – To differentiate themselves, students are matched with one ore more Edge Studio coaches who tailor training to that student’s particular potential, strengths, and interests.
  • C. Then, in “Demo Production” the coach and student work together to prepare, record and produce the student’s demo.

These courses are available as a complete program or a la carte, in-person at one of Edge Studio’s facilities around the country, or remotely by phone or Skype.

Part A includes a wide range of performance and business classes, giving students a general working knowledge of various styles and the business itself. “Clients and casting agents often request work outside your comfort zone,” said Mr. Goldberg. “After our Performance Courses, a student can more often respond, ‘Yes, I can do that!’ And in a group situation, students learn more quickly by seeing their own capabilities in context, experiencing a wide range of performance styles, and performing in front of others.”

There are also weekly mock auditions, which run realistically except that the candidates get valuable -- and very candid -- feedback on how they did and where to focus their efforts.

Part B’s private training includes a career guidance session, a series of private coaching sessions, and ongoing performance checkups. The student is matched with one or more coaches having particular expertise in the genres for which the student has a passion (audiobook, cartoon, documentary, commercial, etc.) and natural aptitude (voice, delivery, etc.).

“Planning the student’s career from the outset helps individuals make smart decisions before producing their demos,” Mr. Goldberg said.

When it comes to Part C, Edge Studio is adamant about not producing a student’s demo until that student is truly ready to work professionally in the marketplace.

“This policy assures casting people that an Edge Studio graduate is definitely not a beginner, and that what they hear on the demo is what that individual can actually perform. They’ve already had quite a lot of experience, specifically suited to the capabilities they demonstrate.”

The proof of this system is available to anyone for the hearing -- because Edge Studio publishes its graduates’ demos at Edge regularly hires its graduates to perform in its productions for major companies. And the voice-over casting community regularly turns to this talent pool as a resource for discovering fresh sounds.

“That’s no accident,” assures Mr. Goldberg. “We planned it that way from the beginning.”

About Edge Studio

A leading authority in the voice-over industry since 1988, Edge Studio specializes in the production of voice recordings, and the training of new and established voice actors, narrators and other spoken-word performers. Edge Studio facilities have produced or recorded more than 13,000 voiceover projects, spanning all genres.

Production services include genre-specific expertise in production, casting, translation, project guidance and management, recording, editing, music, sound design, and answering any voice-related question.

Education services include candid aptitude assessment, career guidance, voice-over coaching, demo recording and business/marketing skills. Advanced students and established professionals also receive individual training from coaches who are also respected performers recognized within the voice-over industry.

Edge Studio has facilities in New York City, Connecticut, Washington D.C., and Los Angeles, and regularly produces and trains remotely via telephone, the Internet, Skype, and other technologies.

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