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Edge Studio's free "Voice Actor Feedback Forum" adds "Time Needed By" feature.

New York City (August 3, 2011) - In voice over, it's often helpful to run something by a fresh set of ears. But in a home studio, extra ears can be hard to come by. So Edge Studio created its Feedback Forum online recording tool.

Any visitor to can upload voice over recordings and receive constructive feedback from other visitors. The feature has been used over 21,000 times since Edge Studio introduced the trial run.

If time is of the essence, (for example, feedback is needed prior to an audition or real job deadline), the user can specify a feedback deadline.

"There's no charge for this service," said David Goldberg, Edge Studio owner and director," so voice actors can use it before every voice over job or new-client pitch."

Other uses include receiving feedback on the technical quality of a recording or new gear, a voice over demo, or when reading in a new style.

When submitting a recording for feedback, the voice actor specifies whether the recording is a demo, practice, audition, or paid job, and reviewers choose which category they want to review.

The forum is just one of many free tools at the website, in addition to extensive voice over training courses. Edge Studio's Practice Script Library is another, with over 3,750 scripts for use in daily practice, or to record and submit for feedback.

"We enjoy contributing to the voice-over community, and have found that thousands of visitors feel the same." said Mr. Goldberg. "In fact the average recording receives 2.5 comments - this confirms that the community is full of peers who help each other!"

The Voice actor Feedback Forum is a place for voice actors to interact with and support other voice actors (both newbies & pros). The forum's motto is to help voice actors: interact, network, and improve.

Voice actors can receive feedback on their work, comment on the work of other voice actors, build a reputation in the community, and build relationships with peers. The entire system is free and just requires a simple and quick log-in to use it.

Many voice actors rely on this recording tool as the paramount way to gain feedback on their performance and home studio quality, and increase the quality of recordings they submit as auditions and for paid jobs.

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