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NEW YORK CITY (April 26, 2012) -

Edge Studio, one of the most innovative and dynamic companies in the voice over industry, is switching to SalesForce. Edge Studio is widely known as a leader in voiceover production, and has now proven they are a progressive company with an aggressive embrace of emerging technologies.

The production department at Edge Studio consists of a diverse group of engineers, casting agents, directors and administrative staff who network on a daily basis with translators, voice over actors and spoken-word performers representing all voiceover genres. With many projects in production simultaneously, it is imperative that a high level of organization be maintained.

That is where SalesForce enters the picture. SalesForce is an information system used in marketing and management that enables the Edge Studio team to easily collaborate with their customers. “You have to be totally connected with every project you encounter” says production manager Kristen Thorne. “Our entire business is built on understanding what the customer needs and achieving it. With more efficient communication, the end result is a significantly improved response time and enhanced productivity which helps clients with tight deadlines and even tighter budgets.”

The production team at Edge Studio utilizes the SalesForce information system to strategically manage and organize its many voice over projects, thus allowing their professional staff to totally dedicate their efforts to the production and timely completion of each project. From small locally owned businesses to global corporations, the same level of commitment is guaranteed. “SalesForce helps Edge Studio learn more about our customers, capture and act on their feedback, and better service them in every way possible” says Thorne.

From children’s cartoons, audio books and corporate narrations to commercials and political ads, the Edge Studio Production Department has the expertise to ensure success of even the most challenging voiceover projects.

About Edge Studio:

Edge Studio specializes in production of voice recordings, and voice over training of new and established voice actors, narrators and other spoken-word performers. Edge Studio facilities have produced or recorded more than 13,000 voiceover projects, spanning all genres.

Edge Studio has facilities in around the country and regularly produces and trains remotely via telephone, ISDN, Internet, Skype, and other technologies.###

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