The Voice Over Feedback Forum at Edge Studio Exceeds Expectations

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NEW YORK CITY (May 30, 2012) -

Edge Studio, one of the most respected voice over education and production centers in the world, continues to break records. Their free Voice Actor Feedback Forum topped 30,000 recordings and comments. This is no small feat considering that it has been active for less than one year.

The Voice Actor Feedback Forum is instrumental to beginner and professional voice actors in a variety of ways. By creating usernames, feedback forum users are able to post recordings, receive critiques on their performance or sound quality, while remaining anonymous.

The Voice Actor Feedback Forum is also a terrific way for voice actors to explore new voice over styles and experiment with self-direction without the risk of embarrassing themselves in front of potential clients. Another instrumental aspect of the feedback forum is the ability to listen to peers' voice over recordings. This feature helps voice talent improve their ears by listening to what works and what does not, comparing their techniques with those of others and setting benchmarks that they would like to pass.

Another tremendous benefit of the Feedback Forum is providing voice actors a platform for others to double check their voice over recordings and auditions before submitting to clients. When working from a home studio, the ability to have work peer-reviewed is an invaluable asset. Having work peer reviewed has helped talent impress clients and win auditions.

Voice actors also have expressed their excitement to converse with others on the forum, allowing them to form friendships, share ideas and create a community that helps on another succeed. With over 30,000 interactions so far, it is clear to see that the forum is very popular with the talent.

"The feedback forum has thrived based on the open communication and interaction of voice actors", says Edge Studio owner and Feedback Forum inventor David Goldberg. "It is terrific to watch someone helping their peers improve and become a better voice over artist because of it".

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