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NEW YORK CITY (September 28, 2012)- Should a professional voice actor consider declining a job opportunity based on personal or ethical reasons? There is considerable debate in the voice-over community regarding the pros and cons of this issue. Should one compromise their personal values and accept a voice-over job, or decline a job and possibly miss out on future work from that client as well?

This is the topic Edge Studio presented to new and professional voice actors in their TalkTime! tele-conversation. Voice-Over TalkTime! is a free open conversation hosted by Edge Studio and held every Sunday night. It allows individuals in the voice-over industry a chance to speak their mind about given topics.

During the tele-conversation surrounding ethics, the callers were divided. One group felt that as voice actors they were compelled to put aside personal opinions in order to meet the client’s job requirements. Others would refuse a job if the work required compromising their personal values and integrity. A third group of voice actors would accept or decline jobs on a case by case basis with consideration given to the prominence of the work, the amount being paid, the nature of the conflict, etc., all valid factors for consideration. At the end of the conversation there was no clear-cut answer.

The call was thought provoking and the participants were respectful of others’ opinions and viewpoints. “The Voice-Over TalkTime calls are always interesting. It’s so important to speak with your peers in this industry if you want to learn and network and grow.” said Edge Studio owner and director, David Goldberg. “There’s always something to be learned or discussed which ultimately helps voice actors grow in the industry”. The conversation highlighted the diverse and interesting opinions of the voice actor. It was generally acknowledged that a voice actor should learn as much as possible about a job before accepting an assignment. It was decided that understanding the details of the job will enable the voice actor to give a better performance and avoid controversy that might cause them to compromise their values and ultimately affect their performance.

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