Edge Studio Voice-Over Practice Script Library Surpasses 4,000 Scripts

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NEW YORK CITY (September 24, 2012)- The Voice-Over Training and Education Center at Edge Studio has the world’s largest voice-over practice script library. As of this writing, there are more than 4,395 scripts alphabetized and categorized.

What makes the Edge Studio script library so unique is the ever-growing quality and diversity of the scripts it houses. Voice actors are welcome to post and share their favorite voice-over scripts, with others. The scripts are separated into English Adult, Spanish, and English Children categories. Each category is further divided into commercial and narrative scripts and subsequently into individual voice-over genres. This categorization allows those perusing the library to find scripts rapidly. There also is a search feature that allows voice actors to pinpoint their favorite script within seconds.

Just like practicing a musical instrument, voice actors should continually tune their voices. The benefits of ongoing voice-over practice include building confidence, discovering new marketable voice-over genres, and learning to exhibit the range and diversity of the voice.

The stats for the Voice-Over Script Library are continuously growing. In August 2012, there were 6,226 visitors to the library from 51 different countries. These numbers show the growing interest in voice over from around the world.

The Voice-Over Practice Script Library is just one of many free practice services offered by Edge Studio. To learn more about services offered please visit http://www.edgestudio.com/free-voice-over-resources

About Edge Studio:

Edge Studio specializes in production of voice recordings, and voice over training of new and established voice actors, narrators and other spoken-word performers. Edge Studio facilities have produced or recorded more than 13,000 voiceover projects, spanning all genres.

Edge Studio has facilities in around the country and regularly produces and trains remotely via telephone, ISDN, Internet, Skype, and other technologies.###

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