Edge Studio Records Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York for Special 9/11 Memorial Voice Over Project

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The production department at Edge Studio has seen many talented individuals pass through its doors throughout the years. Clients, voice actors, production managers alike all have the same goal, to ensure the voice over narration sounds as close to perfect as possible.

Recently, Edge Studio produced the voice narration for a special project honoring the 9/11 Memorial. It was a moving project and one in which Edge Studio takes great pride. One of the narrators of the project was Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York. She dedicated time to lend her voice for this special cause.

Big or small, Edge Studio has been no stranger to special celebrity voice actors
. Eartha Kitt, Joan Rivers, Method Man, John Ratzeberger, Phil Donahue, Lisa Loeb, and many others, have all been directed by the production team at Edge Studio.

While celebrities are exciting, regular voice actors are special, too. The production team loves to match the perfect voice to a unique project. As owner and director David Goldberg says, “There is not a more satisfying feeling in the voice over industry than to exceed expectations. Having the right voice for a project can make or break a message and we take this very seriously.”

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Edge Studio specializes in production of voice recordings, and voice over training of new and established voice actors, narrators and other spoken-word performers. Edge Studio facilities have produced or recorded more than 13,000 voiceover projects, spanning all genres.

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