Edge Studio Offers “Create and Pitch Your Own Animated Series” Class

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NEW YORK CITY (April 17, 2013) – Along with regularly scheduled classes, Edge Studio often offers new, exciting series classes for voice actors to expand their skill set. The most recent addition to the class schedule is an eighteen hour, nine part webinar series entitled “Create and Pitch Your Own Animated Series.” The class, taught by teacher, writer, and producer Lisa Goldman has an ultimate goal of each participant coming away with their own “pitch bible” and a detailed plan of an animated series to begin to pitch to clients.

Goldman’s credits include developmental manager for an animated children’s show called “Nate the Great,” writing for “Pinky Dinky Do,” story editing/writing two seasons of “Pilar’s Adventures,” and “Dragon Tales.” She has also published articles in Animation Magazine, and has an eBook called “Burlap the Bearwolf and the Go-Away Stay.”

She has been teaching her “pitch bible studies” class for several years privately and has had successful students come out with a developed animated series and a finished pitch bible. They also come out with the knowledge of how to research, network, and pitch a show.

Edge Studio has a full voice over coaching team of successful professionals like Lisa Goldman. Each teaches private coaching sessions, classes, and/or consultations to help voice over newcomers and professionals improve their craft and business. Along with the extensive education and training side of Edge Studio, they also have full production studios that work on numerous projects in and out of studio. Many of these projects are in animation voice over . Some clients they’ve worked with include: Marvel Comics, Eden Animation, Nintendo, Lego, and more.

Owner and director of Edge Studio, David Goldberg said, “Lisa is teaching valuable information that future animation writers should know to be successful. It’s a great opportunity.” Many students at Edge Studio also go on to make animation demos. Edge has an animation track, in which students have sessions with the animation coaches, prep for a demo, and ultimately create a marketable animation demo. Edge also offers this for all other types of voice over demos: narration, commercial, audiobooks, medical narration, jingles, and more.

Edge Studio continues to be the leader in voice over training and with “Create and Pitch Your Own Animation Series,” anyone can learn what it takes to make it in the animation world.

About Edge Studio:

Edge Studio specializes in production of voice recordings, and training of new and established voice actors, narrators and other spoken-word performers. Edge Studio facilities have produced or recorded more than 13,000 voice over projects, spanning all genres.

Edge Studio has facilities in New York City, Connecticut, Washington D.C., and Los Angeles, and regularly produces and trains remotely via telephone, ISDN, Internet, Skype, and other technologies.###

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