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A note from David Goldberg, founder:

We are VoiceSTA certified. We have 1000+ clients, 21 years experience,
and 0 complaints ever registered in the Better Business Bureau.

Currently I oversee all areas of our business. I interact with everyone in the office daily to ensure that every customer is receiving the best possible experience. I am directly involved with marketing, production, casting, sales, career building, and internal operations. I am always available to customers and make certain that each is treated as though they are the most important one that Edge Studio has regardless of how much money they spend.

  • Started a recording studio by myself and continued to grow the operation to a team of very impressive experts
  • Partnered with related businesses to further expand the suite of services offered to customers
  • Pride myself on only being an email or phone call away from any customer with any question or concern they have
  • Speak at numerous industry events and/or send a member of our team
  • Edge Studio maintains a level of recognition and professionalism currently achieved by very few companies

Feel welcome to call us. We're all for speaking!



Edge Studio's History

Originally a music studio, we lost half our customers when we went drug free. Then we lost the other half when we went smoke free. Okay, we picked up a few free-spirited hippie bands along the way, but that didn't cut it.

Then we became very big in the Gospel sector - recording many charting Gospel choirs (odd with a Jewish name like David Goldberg leading the studio).

However with more and more requests for voice over, the last album was produced in 2000 and Edge Studio has exclusively recorded voice over studio since. We still get to play with music, though: we've produced the theme song for 54 Disney/Pixar children's programs, we've completed the sound design for 7 episodes of Marvel Comic's X-MEN (fun project!), regularly add supporting music to films, videos, telephony systems, eLearning programs, and so on.

We maintain an exciting position in the world of voice over: We've been there from early on, have played a large part in shaping the industry, and remain the "go to" studio for the industry.

How to Reach Us

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