Animation & Character Voice Over

There's never a dull moment with character voices and animation voice overs! Our directors and engineers get along famously with some of the biggest cartoon character voices in the business. Also with some of the teeny-tiniest. Microphone selection is cheerfully adjusted for characters of all sizes, shapes and mouthparts!

Edge Studio has a ready supply of well-known character voices, including Disney character voices, and a supply of well-trained new talent making themselves heard in the world of animation voice overs.

And we're more than cartoons. Some of our crazier character voices have been on talking toys, anime (animation), video games, promotions, and websites.

voice over production project -  - Marvel Comics Astonishing X-MEN
Marvel Comics Astonishing X-MEN

Watch "Behind The Scenes" footage of Edge Studio recording voice over, pre-lay, dubbing, sound effects, music, mix, and complete sound design for 7 episodes of Marvel Comics Astonishing X-MEN

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Behind the Scenes at Edge Studio- Astonishing X-Men.mp4
voice over production project -  - Marvel Knights Animation, Thor & Loki
Marvel Knights Animation, Thor & Loki

Wow! The 5th animated series that Edge Studio produced audio for marvel dominates iTunes and TV charts!
Marvel Knights Animation’s, "Thor & Loki: Blood Brothers" is taking the sales charts and critics by storm! Inspired by the acclaimed story of the same name from creators Robert Rodi and Esad Ribic, the four-part animated epic is dominating iTunes’s Animation and TV charts, and ranking as a top seller for both the PlayStation®Network and Xbox LIVE. With Episode 3 on sale today, now is the time to catch up on the series’ stunning first two installments!

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voice over production project - Eden Animation -  Gift of the Sacred Lake
Eden Animation - Gift of the Sacred Lake

The animation for this project was amazing! We provided narration for the Automated Dialogue Replacement.

/Production/Production Portfolio/
voice over production project -  - Celleshare

We really got to flex our creative muscles on this super fun project. Edge had a hand in everything you see here... we created the storyboards, designed the characters, made it all move... and of course provided the awesome audio as well!

/Production/Production Portfolio/
voice over production project -  - Nickelodeon "My Life As A Teenage Robot"
Nickelodeon "My Life As A Teenage Robot"

We produced these Eartha Kitt character voices, animating 5 "My Life As A Teenage Robot" episodes.

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Animation/Toying With Jenny/Toying_with_Jeni_Eartha.mp4
voice over production project -  - 3FX

Edge Studio’s dynamic narration combining with 3FX’s dynamic animation made this project a blast to produce.

/Production/Production Portfolio/
3 FX NEPHROPATHY_small.m4v
voice over production project -  - I Want - Song written by Edge Studio's David Goldberg
I Want - Song written by Edge Studio's David Goldberg

Among all our animation voice overs, this song is especially dear. It was written by Edge Studio owner David Goldberg during his 3-mile drive to the gym. It's just under 2-minutes, has no repeating chorus, with crazy lyrics. David's friend Michael helped record the music, and another friend Ken sang and added some additional lyrics. Animated by Mick Lauer for ArtiustUpgrade LLC.

/Production/Production Portfolio/
voice over production project -  - Eden Animation - Titlee in JugMugLand
Eden Animation - Titlee in JugMugLand

We were happy to produce all audio for the animated trailer for Titlee in Jugmugland. It was as fun to record as it was to pronounce.

/Production/Production Portfolio/
Animation/TITLEE in JUGMUGLAND_intro_Eden Animation Studio,INDIA.mp4
voice over production project -  - Nintendo

Fun promotional recording for Nintendo. Who doesn't love Nintendo?

/Production/Production Portfolio/Editing/Nintendo_Portfolio.mp3
voice over production project -  - Zaum

This company presentation was titled "The Soul Of Envisioneering". We loved providing the powerful voice narration.

/Production/Production Portfolio/
voice over production project -  - Jakers - The Adventures of Piggly Winks
Jakers - The Adventures of Piggly Winks

This was a fun project and Mel Brooks and Joan Rivers were the cartoon character voices!

/Production/Production Portfolio/
voice over production project -  - Lego

The pieces clicked together when we recorded narration for promotional videos for Lego’s new product line.

/Production/Production Portfolio/
voice over production project -  - Trazzy Entertainment
Trazzy Entertainment

When Trazzy Entertainment approached us to provide the voice audio for their new PC Adventure Game, we were thrilled! When they explained that there would be 14+ languages featured, we dove right in, no hesitation.

This international gaming experience had a massive cast of characters from all around the world. Some languages included: Spanish, English, French, Italian, Japanese, Berber, Malaysian, Korean, British, Dutch, Caribbean, Portuguese, Mandarin.... All in all we corralled a cast of over 28 voice actors circling the globe to bring life to the characters. (Thank goodness for Skype!)

Have a listen below and stay tuned for its official release, coming soon!

/Production/Production Portfolio/
voice over production project -  - Ask Dr. Chuck
Ask Dr. Chuck

Produced the narration for this talking doll. A professional comedian recorded some very funny material; we can't show it on here as it is for mature audiences only but if you find it in store. You should listen to it as it is very funny!

/Production/Production Portfolio/
voice over production project - Kirloskar Multimedia
Kirloskar Multimedia

Edge produced the voice audio for The Odyssey and The Ramayana video games, based upon the Greek and Hindu epic myths for Kirloskar Multimedia.

/Production/Production Portfolio/
  • AOL: Instant Buddy System character voices
  • Nickelodeon: Eartha Kitt, animating 5 "My Life As A Teenage Robot" cartoon episodes
  • Bouncy: cartoon
  • Chula: talking doll series
  • Smithsonian: Alphabet of African Animals, Alphabet of the Earth, Dinosaur Stories
  • commercial character voices
  • 900 Frame: sound effects for talking toy
  • Inyer Pocket: ESL (English as a Second Language) cartoon for children
  • * Here is the full list of Pixar and Disney character voices we've completed!:

    • Pixar Read A Picture
    • Pixar Tracing Shape
    • Pixar Read A Collection: Finding Nemo
    • Pixar Read A Collection: Toy Story
    • Pixar Read A Collection: Monsters Inc.
    • Pixar Read A Collection: Chicken Little
    • Disney Mickey Mouse Club Count Along
    • Disney Bambi Learning
    • Disney Tinkerbell's Magic Story Writer
    • Disney Captain Jack Magic Story Writer
    • Disney Princess
    • Disney Princess Take With Me Alphabet
    • Disney On Ice English
    • Disney On Ice Spanish
    • Disney Cars Write Numbers
    • Disney Bunnies Counting
    • Disney Little Einsteins
    • Disney Nemo's First Concepts
    • Disney Pooh ABC's
    • Disney Pooh 123's Carry A Tune
    • Disney Adventure Parks
    • Disney Zip n Carry
    • Disney Time To Learn With Pooh
    • Disney Princess Rhyme Time
    • Disney Princess Follow Your Heart
    • Disney's JoJo's Circus Get Up and Move!
    • Disney Take With Me Numbers
    • Disney Princess First Concepts
    • Disney's Peep
    • Disney's The Big Wide World
    • Disney Big Wide World
    • Disney's Lilo and Stitch
    • Disney's Chicken Little Kindness Counts
    • Disney's Lilo and Stitch - All About Planets
    • Disney Pooh's First Cookbook
    • Disney Chicken Little Punctuation
    • Disney Seasons
    • Disney Princess Meals
    • Disney Princess Language
    • Disney Pet Friends
    • Disney Princess Write Alphabet
    • Disney When I Grow Up
    • Disney Pooh Learn-in-a-flash
    • Disney SI Space Adventures
    • Disney Ariel Loves Prince Eric
    • Disney The Good Fairies Love Sleeping Beauty
    • Disney Princess Take With Me Numbers
    • Disney Princess First Concepts
    • Disney The Best Book of Pooh Ever!

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