Voice Over for Corporate Sales, Explainer Videos, & Training Videos

Over 500 companies have trusted us to record their web-based training programs, Flash presentations, and trade show exhibits. Many are Fortune 500 businesses who rely on our “Tell-us-what-you-need-and-when/We’ll-get-it-to-you-early-so-you’ll-smile!” track record.

For product demonstrations, sales and marketing presentations, explainer videos, compliance videos, webinars, podcasts, and other industrial corporate voice over, we’re glad to help save your company money, enhance your image, and better promote your product or service.

voice over production project - J Connelly
J Connelly

We recorded the clear narration to match the Envestnet video from J Connelly.

/Production/Production Portfolio/
voice over production project -  - Celleshare

We really got to flex our creative muscles on this super fun project. Edge had a hand in everything you see here... we created the storyboards, designed the characters, made it all move... and of course provided the awesome audio as well!

/Production/Production Portfolio/
voice over production project -  - Broadridge

Produced the power point narration for this presentation demonstrating services offered.

/Production/Production Portfolio/
voice over production project -  - Pitney Bowes
Pitney Bowes

For this presentation we provided the flash narration as well as the musical soundtrack.

/Production/Production Portfolio/Corporate/Pitney Bowes_Portfolio.mp3
voice over production project -  - Hart Boillot
Hart Boillot

We enjoyed producing for this corporate videos presentation about Cloud services.

/Production/Production Portfolio/Corporate/Hart Boilot_Portfolio.mp3
voice over production project -  - Rackspace

We provided custom auditions for the client and produced the narration and background music for this project.

/Production/Production Portfolio/Corporate/Rackspace_Portfolio.mp3
voice over production project -  - Home Depot
Home Depot

This client wanted our narrators to speak Puerto Rican Spanish for this Home Depot training video for new employees. Completed this and many other complete foreign language conversions.

/Production/Production Portfolio/ADR/Home%20Depot%20Production%20Portfolio.mp3
voice over production project -  - AARP

We provided the powerpoint voiceover for the AARP Health Insurance Guide for Aetna Medicare.

/Production/Production Portfolio/
voice over production project -  - All State
All State

Edge Studio produces numerous projects for AllState, including PowerPoint voiceover projects, interactive whiteboards and website voiceover projects.

/Production/Production Portfolio/Corporate/Allstate_Portfolio.mp3
voice over production project -  - Ambassador Yellow Pages
Ambassador Yellow Pages

Produced the powerpoint voice over for this internal corporate presentation. We love working with large and small companies alike!

/Production/Production Portfolio/
voice over production project - Royal Caribbean Cruises
Royal Caribbean Cruises

Everyone wanted to take a trip after we recorded the narration for this impressive powerpoint voiceover presentation.

/Production/Production Portfolio/
voice over production project -  - New ERA Drug Testing
New ERA Drug Testing

This company came to us needing powerpoint voiceover for an educational promotional presentation. We were happy to help!

/Production/Production Portfolio/
voice over production project -  - eFax

We love working with all of these interesting companies! We produced the powerpoint voiceover for a website promotional video.

/Production/Production Portfolio/
voice over production project -  - Wax Communications
Wax Communications

Another interesting corporate project for which we provided the powerpoint voice over. We love helping the client pick the perfect voice for each project!

/Production/Production Portfolio/
voice over production project -  - New River Innovation
New River Innovation

For this project, the client was looking for a friendly, casual and honest read.

/Production/Production Portfolio/Corporate/New River Innovations_Portfolio.mp3
voice over production project -  - Swarovski

We love the brand and were thrilled when asked to provide the narration for a promotional presentation about the famous company.

/Production/Production Portfolio/Corporate/Swarovski Portfolio Sample.mp3
voice over production project -  - Collier Enterprises
Collier Enterprises

We learned a great deal while producing the voice over narration for this project.

/Production/Production Portfolio/Corporate/Collier_Portfolio.mp3
voice over production project -  - Expand Networks
Expand Networks

The production team at Edge is very familiar with producing audio for Flash presentations and PowerPoint voiceover projects such as this one for Expand Networks.

/Production/Production Portfolio/
voice over production project -  - Outstart Inc.
Outstart Inc.

This was an enjoyable project. The voice over was supplied by one of our students, Suzanne Obolsky.

/Production/Production Portfolio/Corporate/Outstart_Portfolio.mp3
voice over production project -  - Vibrant Media
Vibrant Media

Neat flash presentation for Vibrant Media for which we produced the audio.

/Production/Production Portfolio/
voice over production project -  - Met Life
Met Life

This project was great - we loved adding another national company to our project roster as we produced the powerpoint voiceover for a corporate sales videos presentation for Met Life.

/Production/Production Portfolio/
voice over production project -  - EPBS

Edge Studio produced the narration for this medical billing flash powerpoint voiceover presentation.

/Production/Production Portfolio/
voice over production project -  - Heartbeat Digital
Heartbeat Digital

We have recorded the narrations for numerous medical recordings used in sales presentations. We would love for you to hear these (they sound great and have tons of big medical words) but we are under non-disclosure. Some of the medical recordings included:

  • Xyzal
  • Allegra
  • Nasacort
  • Ambien
  • Uroxatral
  • Hyalagan
  • Aplenzin
  • Lantus
  • Eloxatin
  • Carac
  • Testim
  • Lovenox
  • Lantus
  • Ambien
/Production/Production Portfolio/
voice over production project -  - Volkswagen

We enjoyed producing the Volkswagen in house training video narrated in French.

/Production/Production Portfolio/
voice over production project - Celebrity Cruise Lines
Celebrity Cruise Lines

This project was great...and made everyone want to take a cruise as we produced the powerpoint voiceover for this Alaskan Tour vacation video.

/Production/Production Portfolio/
voice over production project -  - Club Spaces
Club Spaces

Club Spaces is a great website and we enjoyed producing the narration for their flash presentation.

/Production/Production Portfolio/
voice over production project -  - Oxford Healthcare
Oxford Healthcare

Listen to this radio commercial using a variety of voices to promote a health care plan.

/Production/Production Portfolio/
voice over production project -  - State Of California
State Of California

The Leadership Competency Model for the State of California is another exciting goverment project that we produced.

/Production/Production Portfolio/
voice over production project -  - United States Army
United States Army

We continually work on various presentations for the United States Army both public and confidential.

/Production/Production Portfolio/
voice over production project - Zaum Interactive
Zaum Interactive

We produced numerous PowerPoint voiceover and website voiceover promotional presentation for this terrific company!

/Production/Production Portfolio/
voice over production project -  - United States Navy
United States Navy

We regularly record various confidential training and leadership modules - one of which was an 18-hour long training video.

/Production/Production Portfolio/
voice over production project -  - Neptune Health
Neptune Health

Medical narrations can be tricky because of the all the technical jargon. Luckily, Edge Studio has an extensive roster of voice talent very familiar with these complicated terms.

/Production/Production Portfolio/
voice over production project -  - Oracle

Provided narration for compensation plan explainer video.

/Production/Production Portfolio/
voice over production project -  - American Heart Association
American Heart Association

Our team was very happy to produce the narration for a factual presentation about heart disease.

/Production/Production Portfolio/
voice over production project -  - Fidelity National Information Systems
Fidelity National Information Systems

We provided the audio for this promotional flash presentation.

/Production/Production Portfolio/
voice over production project -  - Embarcadero Technologies
Embarcadero Technologies

We supplied the voice over narration as well as the musical backing for this project.

/Production/Production Portfolio/
voice over production project -  - Quick Coders
Quick Coders

ProPoint Graphics provided the visual to this project for Quick Coders. We produced the voice over narration and the background music.

/Production/Production Portfolio/
  • Microsoft: employee tutorials
  • DaimlerChrysler: in-house presentation
  • PeoplePC: promotions, presentations, training, tradeshow exhibit
  • Earthlink: client sales meeting, year-end meetings
  • Novartis: sales presentations
  • Legos: promotional videos for new product line
  • TransitCenter: online instructional tutorials
  • AVON: recruitment videos
  • Pep Boys : training series
  • Minolta: training video
  • Duracell USA: promotional
  • ADP: welcome to our company presentation, trade show videos,...
  • Wal-Mart: tutorial series
  • The Gartner Group: client presentations
  • The Hartford: sales presentation
  • Meridian Capital: CEO presentation
  • Home Depot: new employee training videos
  • Sam's Club: in-store announcements
  • Staples: product demonstration
  • Black & Decker: presentation
  • eBay: employee retirement presentation
  • Bloomberg: flash presentation
  • Aetna: healthcare presentation

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