Think voice over editing is fun?
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File separation
File transfer
File naming
File conversion (MP3, WAV, AIF, SWF, ULAW… the list is endless)

Removing mouth clicks, pops, sibilance, page-turns…
Eliminating hiss, hum, electronic noise…

Selecting best takes
Dialogue editing

Sound design
Sound effects
Music and jingles

Matching recordings from different days
Audio restoration
Presentation Makeovers
Audio Sweetening for Video
Location Sound Clean-Up

Slide Design
Slide Production

Edge offers special voice over editing programs! Send your audio to us. We clean it up – saving you lots of time, software headaches, and money. Our goal is making you sound even better!

voice over production project -  - Smithsonian Tang Shipwreck Traveling Exhibit
Smithsonian Tang Shipwreck Traveling Exhibit

We were so excited to handle the casting and editing for the Tang Shipwreck Treasure: Singapore's Maritime Collection in Singapore. What a great project!

/Production/Production Portfolio/Documentary/Blue Bear Films Portfolio Edit.mp3
voice over production project -  - Kenya Red Cross
Kenya Red Cross

The aim of Voice Over East Africa is to create a greater awareness of the situation in East-Africa through the power of effective communication and grass-roots fundraising. For this project, many voices became one. Voice Talent from across the globe volunteered the usage of their voice to deliver an important message; Edge Studio assembled the narration and created a music mix-down. Take a listen here.

/Production/Production Portfolio/Editing/Kenya Red Cross_Portfolio.mp3
voice over production project -  - Marriott

With the growing popularity of smart phone apps, we've had many clients looking for VO to incorporate into their apps. Take a listen to the Marriott Mobile app we recorded for one of our clients.

/Production/Production Portfolio/
voice over production project -  - Celebrity Impersonation - The Honeymooners
Celebrity Impersonation - The Honeymooners

If we didn't know any better we would have thought that Ralph and Alice Kramden recorded at our studio. Instead, these commercial voice overs were celebrity impersonators!

/Production/Production Portfolio/Commercial/Honeymooners production edit.mp3
voice over production project - Disney's Winnie the Pooh
Disney's Winnie the Pooh

Exciting projects! We have created, recorded, produced original music and voice over for over 40 educational Disney videos and books, including Pooh, Princess, Lilo and Stitch.

/Production/Production Portfolio/eLearning/Disney_Winnie%20The%20Pooh%20Cookbook.mp3
voice over production project -  - Nintendo

Fun promotional recording for Nintendo. Who doesn't love Nintendo?

/Production/Production Portfolio/Editing/Nintendo_Portfolio.mp3
voice over production project -  - AARP

We provided the powerpoint voiceover for the AARP Health Insurance Guide for Aetna Medicare.

/Production/Production Portfolio/
voice over production project -  - 4Food

Ever wonder how many burger combinations you can make at 4food? We found out while producing this PowerPoint voiceover for a promotional video.

/Production/Production Portfolio/
voice over production project -  - Auto Value
Auto Value

If you like the Beach Boys you will love this radio spot. We even produced the music!

/Production/Production Portfolio/
voice over production project - Volvo

We cast, recorded, handled the music, and mixed this commercial for Volvo.

/Production/Production Portfolio/
voice over production project -  - Oxford Healthcare
Oxford Healthcare

Listen to this radio commercial using a variety of voices to promote a health care plan.

/Production/Production Portfolio/

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