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Our extensive in-house team specializes in numerous genres of voice over recording services; including casting, directing, recording, editing, production, background and jingle music, mixing, audio post (post-production), foley, prelay (pre lay), ADR, translation, audio restoration.

Professional voice actors and Celebrity narrators. We totally understand the special capabilities that each genre of voice over recording requires. And we know which voice actors are right for the job.

Leave the recording job to us, or join us in-studio, by telephone (phone-patch), by Skype, by ISDN, by Source Connect, and whatever other fun platform exists!

Ultimately, just tell us what you need and when. We’ll get it to you – probably early. We have extensive experience recording and directing professional voice actors, comedians, and celebrities.

One team. Amazing voice over recording services. 13,000 happy customers and counting!

voice over production project - Disney's Winnie the Pooh
Disney's Winnie the Pooh

Exciting projects! We have created, recorded, produced original music and voice over for over 40 educational Disney videos and books, including Pooh, Princess, Lilo and Stitch.

/Production/Production Portfolio/eLearning/Disney_Winnie%20The%20Pooh%20Cookbook.mp3
voice over production project -  - Celleshare

We really got to flex our creative muscles on this super fun project. Edge had a hand in everything you see here... we created the storyboards, designed the characters, made it all move... and of course provided the awesome audio as well!

/Production/Production Portfolio/
voice over production project -  - Celebrity Impersonation - The Honeymooners
Celebrity Impersonation - The Honeymooners

If we didn't know any better we would have thought that Ralph and Alice Kramden recorded at our studio. Instead, these commercial voice overs were celebrity impersonators!

/Production/Production Portfolio/Commercial/Honeymooners production edit.mp3
voice over production project -  - The Skywalkers
The Skywalkers

Working on this project from Noshpit Entertainment was a blast. We recorded the narration and produced the final mix. If you feel like laughing check out this hilarious parody.

/Production/Production Portfolio/
voice over production project - Eden Animation -  Gift of the Sacred Lake
Eden Animation - Gift of the Sacred Lake

The animation for this project was amazing! We provided narration for the Automated Dialogue Replacement.

/Production/Production Portfolio/
voice over production project - Pixar Audiobooks - Lilo and Stitch Explore The Solar System
Pixar Audiobooks - Lilo and Stitch Explore The Solar System

The production team had a great time producing the narration for many Pixar children's audiobooks including Chicken Little, Finding Nemo, Toy Story, Monsters Inc and Lilo and Stitch. Here is a sample from the audiobook Lilo and Stitch - All About Planets.

/Production/Production Portfolio/eLearning/Disney_Lilo And Stitch_All About Planets.mp3
voice over production project -  - Marriott

With the growing popularity of smart phone apps, we've had many clients looking for VO to incorporate into their apps. Take a listen to the Marriott Mobile app we recorded for one of our clients.

/Production/Production Portfolio/
voice over production project -  - Pitney Bowes
Pitney Bowes

For this presentation we provided the flash narration as well as the musical soundtrack.

/Production/Production Portfolio/Corporate/Pitney Bowes_Portfolio.mp3
voice over production project -  - Eden Animation - Titlee in JugMugLand
Eden Animation - Titlee in JugMugLand

We were happy to produce all audio for the animated trailer for Titlee in Jugmugland. It was as fun to record as it was to pronounce.

/Production/Production Portfolio/
Animation/TITLEE in JUGMUGLAND_intro_Eden Animation Studio,INDIA.mp4
voice over production project -  - Marvel Comics Astonishing X-MEN
Marvel Comics Astonishing X-MEN

Watch "Behind The Scenes" footage of Edge Studio recording voice over, pre-lay, dubbing, sound effects, music, mix, and complete sound design for 7 episodes of Marvel Comics Astonishing X-MEN

/Production/Production Portfolio/
Behind the Scenes at Edge Studio- Astonishing X-Men.mp4
voice over production project -  - Sport-Elec

We cast, directed and recorded the English audio for this Sport-Elec informal video.

/Production/Production Portfolio/ADR/Sport Elec Sample.mp3
voice over production project -  - American Biography Series
American Biography Series

We learned about past American leaders as we produced the narration for a series of 12 biographical audio books, each showcasing a different person who played a very important role in history.

/Production/Production Portfolio/Audiobooks/Audiobook_FDR Bio.mp3
voice over production project -  - Met Life
Met Life

This project was great - we loved adding another national company to our project roster as we produced the powerpoint voiceover for a corporate sales videos presentation for Met Life.

/Production/Production Portfolio/
voice over production project -  - Silden: Chernobyl
Silden: Chernobyl

We covered the narration for the intense 2011 first person shooter: Chernobyl - Terrorist Attack.

/Production/Production Portfolio/
voice over production project -  - Lego

The pieces clicked together when we recorded narration for promotional videos for Lego’s new product line.

/Production/Production Portfolio/
voice over production project -  - Transatlantic Orthopedic Foundation
Transatlantic Orthopedic Foundation

We were very happy to volunteer our services for the Transatlantic Orthopedic Foundation. Great foundation and we were honored to help.

/Production/Production Portfolio/
voice over production project -  - Adventure Parks
Adventure Parks

Fun recording for a Cypress Gardens radio commercial.

/Production/Production Portfolio/
voice over production project -  - State Of California
State Of California

The Leadership Competency Model for the State of California is another exciting goverment project that we produced.

/Production/Production Portfolio/
voice over production project - Volvo

We cast, recorded, handled the music, and mixed this commercial for Volvo.

/Production/Production Portfolio/
voice over production project -  - Websense

Produced narration for their voice-mail system in many different languages and accents: British, French, German, Hebrew, Spanish, etc...

/Production/Production Portfolio/
voice over production project -  - Bloomingdale's

The client had 6 local TV spots for Bloomingdale’s that need voice over. They had a very specific idea in mind for their voice type. The challenge was to find the perfect talent for their project and provide very precise direction, all within their deadline. To do this we had to work with great efficiency to have a very clear understanding of the audience the commercials were geared toward. We needed to be very specific without being exclusive to potential shoppers.

/Production/Production Portfolio/
voice over production project -  - presents - Atheism: A Very Short Introduction presents - Atheism: A Very Short Introduction

This project ran smoothly throughout the casting and audition process up to the actual narration recording.

/Production/Production Portfolio/
voice over production project -  - Auto Value
Auto Value

If you like the Beach Boys you will love this radio spot. We even produced the music!

/Production/Production Portfolio/

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