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I'm the neighborly guy, but and I can do a corporate voice too. I have a very morpheable voice.
Abby M
You won't regret working with me!
Adam B
I'm the guy who's perpetually stopped and asked if I'm on the radio? My voice is deep, warm and soothing. It's attention grabbing and trustworthy.
Adam K
Very directable. Good actor. Can cover the gamut from sweet to bratty, subdued to unhinged.
Adam W
The kid from school who was passionate about building robots grew up! I'm a quirky guy next door with a lot of range.
Addie H
I'm a millennial girl, with a happy, bubbly sounding voice and tends to speak quickly. Can sound older than is.
Adriana R
I am a female with a smooth voice, friendly, or fun voice. I can also sound educational and informative.
Aimee C
My voice is engaging and enthusiastic with range of high/perky to a low,deep and raspy voice.
Alan A
Hip. Relatable. Commanding. And most important- Believable. A conversational, friendly, guy next door quality that's genuine, authoritative and fun.
Alan G
I'm the best friend type, inviting and affable, but still quirky and humorous. Can also sound dry, cutting or intimate.
Alan S
Dynamic range - from conversational and compassionate, to cool and wry, to energetic and announcer, to sturdy and authoritative.
Alexei R
Versatile Bass / Baritone well known for evil villains, soldiers, creatures, and goofy comedic characters.
Alicia M
My voice is raspy, persuasive, soothing and very articulate.
Alison L
Dark/smooth female voice that can easily exude luxury/exclusivity. Higher register lends itself to wry humor and quirkier characters.
Allyson R
I'm the down to earth woman with a deep resonance that conveys authority; the voice of reason. Also sassy, clever, friendly, vulnerable, and real.
Allyson J
My voice is crystal clear and authoritative, with a slightly raspy tone. It is decidedly feminine, yet has the weight of an old-fashioned announcer.
Altara M
Huge range in terms of sound, characters, emotions, and I have a wide variety of work behind me. I am conversational, articulate,clear + concise.
Alyson Leigh R
I'm a youthful, girl-next-door with a funny, quirky twist. I can sound articulate and smooth or effervescent and peppy.
Amanda H
I have a semidark voice and sing in alto, but I have a wide range and can sound both young and mature. I'm also good at cartoon characters.
Amanda S
My voice comes in many different varieties and forms. I can play very feminine characters, shy characters, soft spoken, or rude. Whatever you need.
Amelia C
I'm the snarky best friend, a little gravely and a lot of fun. A younger sound but can adjust maturity level.
Ami K
I can be quirky, silly, and animated. I can also do imitations and accents and have tenor singing voice. My natural voice is young 18 - late 20's
Ammie R
Knowledgeable & professional, warm, friendly, inviting, upbeat & bubbly, comedic, sensual & seductive, relatable, edgy,playful & fun, dramatic
Amy A
I specialize in youthful voices, from quirky and bubbly to warm and caring. Need a perky kid/teen? College student? Fairy princess? I'm your gal!
Amy C
I'm the fun, happy go-lucky girl. I can sound cute and personable, but also flirty and sensual.
Amy D
I can be the raspy girlfriend, the thoughtful mother, the fast legal reader or the informational announcer.
Amy F
Amy Farris is *The Smart Voice* for your next e-learning module, explainer video, corporate narration, commercial and more.
Amy H
Natural teen voice, children, pre-teens, 20's, seniors. Super sassy to meek and soft.
Ana V
Corporate, fresh, sensual and fun. And I can sing!
Andre G
I have an array of voice feels, from kids tv fun and playful, to urban hype and hip hop, but can calm it down with a cooperate feel or romantic smooth
Andrew B
Engergetic voice, excitable highs or lows. Like to do make them a bit cartoony.
Andrew D
I have a wide range of voices and characters that I could play. My natural voice is kind, nerdy, and a little athletic. I would say guy next door.
Andrew W
My voice can range from many characters. This is my animation demo showcasing some of them. I hope you enjoy and hire me!
Ann L
I have a warm, bubbly, energetic, animated, girl next door voice. My voice is fun and strong. Animation, character and video game voices as well.
Anna G
conversational, slightly raspy , quirky, sultry. upbeat, seductive, poetry read, hip, authentic, real, wry, educational, upbeat, trustworthy, natural,
Anna P
Bright, upbeat, clear, energetic and British. Anna's voice is perfect for appealing to the Yummy mummy, and the younger generation
Anne T
Conversational, sultry, texture, wry, edgy, upbeat, warm, perfect for radio, sexy reads, telephone applications
Ashley H
My range runs from child to adult. My delivery is funny, serious, elegant, kooky, smooth or cartoonish, depending on your needs.
Ashley Y
Sweet sounding voice, quirky and unique for animation, clear sound, and can also sound commercial.
Ashton Z
I am able to perform a variation of different voices, accents, noises/sounds. I have a youthful sounding voice with a gravitas undertone
Asia S
I have a young-sounding voice, but I can sound anywhere from ditzy to commanding. I have a high emotional range.
Aude E
I'm the maternal voice, the good friend and also institutional tone or warm, smiling, class, sensuel or serious, accents...
Aurelien V
Autumn C
Warm, Can sound young, clear voice
Autumn W
A voice that is warm, cheerful, and upbeat with a natural, soothing tone. Also sexy, sultry, sophisticated, or professional.
Ayanna C
I naturally sound dynamic and sound like a girl next door or sister. My delivery style is casual, expressive, friendly, laid back, raspy and warm.
Ayrian G
My voice is described as warm, friendly compassionate, personal, professional, fun, playful, & sassy. I am the typical girl next door.
Barrett V
I'm great for classic and fantasy character voices (please see demo). I can also deliver a very young voice.
Becca B
Bright, clear, and vibrant-- I'm the sweet, intelligent college student by day, but the quirky, snotty party girl at night. Excellent diction.
Ben M
Trustworthy guy next door. Reassuring, easy voice type. Can be very articulate if needed.
Benjamin O
I'm the friendly neighbor, the reliable brother, and dependable buddy. I can also provide a more serious tone when necessary.
Bethany R
Young female character voice, sweet tone, can also do deeper tones in a younger voice
Biker H
I'm the guy next door. My natural voice is warm and friendly, but i have a wide range.
Billy B
a distinctive voice that hopefully everyone will recognize when they hear it.
Brendan N
my natural voice is a deep baritone with powerful presence. however, my inflections can range to a younger sound as well. my voice is highly flexible.
Brian B
I'm a young, high energy everyman type. I can play the straight man or the crazy one.
Brian M
A range from 15-35 in age, naturalistic and pressed variations.
Brian R
Character Voice Actor with a Diverse range. Warm, Sincere, Gruff, Raspy, Emotional,
Brian T
I have an authentic, enthusiastic, and expressive voice with a wide range. I specialize in animation, product videos, and narration.
Bridget P
Young. Cool. Friendly. Bubbly. I am able to be perky and upbeat but can also be serious and down-to-earth.
Brielle S
With a youthful quality to my warm, friendly voice, I'm well suited to narrate for Young Adults as well as educational material
Brijony S
I naturally sound like a best friend, girl next door, sister and teacher. Can also sound educational.
Britney B
Conversational and youthful voice. Fun or Caring, my sound is full of variety. Great composure and takes direction extremely well.
Brittanie V
I'm a relatable, intelligent sounding female with a full tone and optional sexiness/husk.
Brittany L
I excel in voices for children (boys and girls) as well as high energy characters. Great for e-learning, animation & games.
Brittany P
My voice is very fresh, natural and conversational. Friendly and inviting. Can easily adjust pitch and tone to portray a wide age range.
Brooks E
Calvin D
Very deep and strong vocals. I also have other employee's for other styles or demand.
Camille H
I'm the charming, upbeat, personable girl next door with the unique voice. Can sound educational or comedic.
Candace B
My voice has been described as sweet, caring and kind. Closest description would be to Adriana Caselotti.
Candice C
I bring characters to life: Bratty teens, seductresses, animals, witches, New Yawkas, and beyond. I can sing in character and do impressions.
Cara E
My voice is a bright, friendly and warm neutral British accent. I'm clear, articulate brimming with energy with a natural warmth and engagement.
Cari F
My vocal dexterity will wow you; I can be warm, sultry, smooth, high-energy and zesty! I've got your sugar princess and femme fatale.
Carrie K
I am the ultimate girl next door! I have a confident and reliable voice which people can relate to.
Cassandra M
I have a youthful and energetic female voice, that's very clear and vibrant. Can also sound like a spunky young boy.
Cassie N
Conversational, Friendly, Hip, Confident, Fun, Professional, Genuine, Cool, Expert, Approachable, Sexy, Hip, Reassuring, Urban, Trendy, and Strong.
Catherine L
Youthful, bright, upbeat, energetic, warm, friendly, smooth, relaxed, and natural. I'm the girl next door, the hip student, and professional assistant
Catherine W
I am expressive, witty, conversational, clear and articulate. I can also invoke an endearing and magical quality perfect for young listeners.
Cathy C
Real French native. Excellent vocal popularizer, my voice is naturally expressive, medium tone, very clear and articulated diction, warm, sensual,...
Cedric W
Cenophia M
Wide voice range from cool confidence to animated high energy - from very youthful to adult. Slightly raspy or straight. Natural, sassy, or humorous.
Charlie M
I possess a soothing yet majestic voice, one that people enjoy listening to. I normally attract laughter when saying simple sentences.
Charlotte A
I'm the girl-next-door, with a range from high school kid to young Mom. Great articulation and strong technical knowledge for those training videos.
Chel H
I do well with serious commercials, a sexy/deep female vocal and voices for children's shows and animation.
Chesre G
Cheerful, witty and a sense of sarcasm in my voice.
Chion W
warm, expressive, friendly, sisterly, witty, outdoorsy, confident, energetic, inquisitive, innocent, sexy, earnest.
Chris P
Dark Villainous, funny flamboyant, Cuban Scarface, Gizmo Fluffy, Dopey, Redneck.
Chris V
My voice is very animated and I can change it from drama to comedy I can go to child like to up to 40's. I'm looking for more animation work.
Chrissy B
Very-versatile: from fun for kids to professional; girl next door, warm, friendly, upbeat, soothing, and believable
Christian B
I'm the passionate, brash, confident, versatile, young adult that can voice child, teen, and adult.
Christian M
My voice it is loud and clear, especially in the Spanish language, in English I do not have a thick accent.
Christian T
I'm a 20-something with a clear, articulate voice making me naturally sound friendly and educated. I'm also capable of a variety of character voices.
Christina D
Disney, fairytales.
Christina R
I'm easy to relate to and conversational. I can incorporate a smooth, sexy, or upbeat delivery with ease.
Christina S
Crisp sound, perky, girl next door with a quirky twist. From animated to conversational to educational and everything in between.
Christopher G
Regular voice is articulate and have been told by professionals I have a good radio voice.I can do an Animated Cartoon voice for long periods of time.
Christopher M. A
Natural, energetic, friendly guy. Range spans from a late teen sound to a professional, corporate image.
Christopher N
Generally young, ranging from preteen to late-20's, naturally "everyday teenager" sound but with both Cartoony and Dramatic acting ability.
Christopher S
The mysterious guy next door...engaging, neighborly, curious, funny, warm, ominous. Also excel with characters/accents & articulating Tech/Med copy.
Christopher Z
I am naturally dynamic adding enthusiasm and a variety of colors to delivery. Other attributes are cool, animated, friendly, generation-x and quirky.
Christy L
My voice is Authoritative, Articulate, Smooth, Soothing, Sensual, Easy to Listen To.
Chrystal V
I can be the silly child, lucky-in-love girlfriend, or the know-it-all wife or Informative and Enthusiastic! Always a warm read to brighten your day!
Chrystelle M
Warm, Happy, Corporate, Professional, Smooth, Girl Next Door, Educational, Sexy, Sultry, Cheerful, Smiley, Friendly, Childish, Playful, Versatile, Mom
Claire D
young, warm, clear children voices and characters
Claudia R
Natural, educational, soft, upbeat, "girl next door", mom, narrative, warm, sophisticated, classy, a voice you will like to listen to..
Claudine G
I'm the girl with a wide vocal range and clarity - the low end is similar to Scarlett Johansson and the high end is like Lisa Simpson.
Connor L
The innocent guy next door type with a wide range of characters and sounds. Gentle, approachable high energy tenor voice. Can be off-beat and quirky.
Corey G
My voice is one of a kind, and my voice stands out from the rest.
Corey L
Think of me as your go-to college-aged guy next door. I'm simultaneously warm and welcoming, imaginative and intelligent.
Corina B
Quirky, young, and fun. Can be "charactery" and also sound "normal".
Crystal L
A cheerful, girl-next-door who makes products fun & easy to use. She is also a warm, caring, & conversational storyteller. Perfect for infographics.
Dan R
EZ smooth baritone; acting/singing allows me to change volume, tone, accent, etc. As science teacher & coach enables me to present/voice complex ideas
Dane E
I'm a sincere storyteller with a wide vocal range. I can do young or old. Comedy as well as drama. Audiobooks, games, V/O. I love character voices.
Dani M
Youthful, versatile and energetic voice. Range 15 to 40 years, and many different voice tones (adolescent, adult, serious, casual, smart, funny, etc.)
Daniel C
can morph my voice to sound like anything.
Daniel L
My voice range includes quirky, commanding, elderly, evil, eccentric, foreign, casual and more! Age wise, I can perform 15-80!
Daniel W
I can do many different things with my voice. But my natural voice is a young, confident, tenor male. It's often been compared to Disney Princes.
Danny O
Great at enunciating hard words like: Irish Wristwatch (try say it out loud!). Besides that my voice is: boyish, exciting, dextrous and natural.
Danny R
I am the American bro-type. I am articulate and enjoy humor. I can sound edgy or wholesome.
Dave B
I’m most often cast as “knowledgeable but friendly” and “professional and conversational.” I’m also great at hip, urban, and the guy next door.
David W
40 and up male voice. Natural storyteller with lots of energy. Quirky. Trustworthy. Suited for Commercials, E-Learning, Audiobooks and Narration.
David Andres P
Very fresh and friendly voice for promo ads and educational video, excellent for instructives Very cartoonish when needed
David B
I'm the verbose and witty guy that didn't get cast for The Big Bang Theory. My voice has been described as warm, authentic, articulate and sincere.
David M
Mid-register tone. Age range -- teens to elderly men. Wide range of quirky characters. Articulate. Good with educational and medical jargon.
David R
My ability has a wide range, for video games, animated TV shows and movies. My voice also would be perfect for movie trailers and the like
Debbie W
I'm the girl next door, young, fresh, conversational, and I can deliver an edgy raspy sound as well.
Debra M
Younger sounder but definitely capable of going mature. Quirky and fun. I can range from goofy to sexy to no-nonsense. Also GREAT at kids' voices.
Denise H
Very sweet sounding, can sound like a pleasant young lady or a young child
Devon T
Dynamic range of character voices for TV, videogames, and animation. Youthful sound, fun and conversational for commercials.
Diane L
Serious, sometimes stoic sounding woman. Good emotional range and can speak intelligently.
Dieter J
Donna C
From smooth & sultry to fun & perky - my range is very wide! If you're wanting a straight narrator or a credible actor, I've got the "pipes!"
Donna K
My voice is energetic with a slight rasp. I excel at children's books, comedy and give great teen attitude.
Dorian L
Fun, Relaxing, Calm.
Drew A
My voice has been described as suave and warm with a hint of intelligence and mystery. It's perfect for telling stories or explaining details.
Duleey B
Normally the demos you would hear is more British and deep voice as well
Eli F
My voice works well for ads aimed at young audiences!
Elizabeth C
British, corporate, professional, authoritative, intelligent, lively, friendly, caring, characters.
Elizabeth P
My voice can range from a child to middle-aged mother of 3. I have a versatile voice that can adjust to many different character types.
Emily E
Friendly or some sass, the midwestern girl next door with a flexible age range.
Eric C
I'm the supportive brother, buddy or guy-next door. I can sound quirky, threatening and intelligent. Great with characters.
Erica S
I have an articulate and very clear, warm, motherly voice that gives comfort and makes people feel safe and loved.
Erin D
Ethan G
I have a youthful, friendly, expressive, and upbeat sounding voice. I'm also naturally dynamic so I can add a lot of color and variety to my takes.
Ethan T
I have a very professional and commercial voice. I can also do a cartoon style.
Eva K
I have a warm, open sound. Someone you want to be friends with. Good articulation without sounding artificial.
Evens A
Off-Screen Voice-Over/UN-Style Voice-Over/Voice Replacement/Lip-Sync Dubbing /Educational Narration/Instructional Audio/IVR & Telephone Prompts/Radi
Fabien G
Faith B
I am almost a freshman in high school some people say that I can sound like a boy. I can make a dramatically hyper excited voice.I can be weird.
Fern D
I am a 21 year old quirky guy. My natural voice is quiet, but I can manipulate my vocal box to sound like someone completely different form myself.
Fiona I
my voice is naturally warm, soothing, luxury, sultry and conversational.
Flor B
"I am a cartoon girl. I can do various character voices. Energetic and engaging. Educational, great with children projects. Fun for commercials".
Fran M
Bright, youthful, energetic, conversational, millennial, and genuine voice. ISDN capability, Source-Connect, and ipDTL.
Frances S
►Warm, Conversational, and Friendly. ►Genuine and Honest ►Sassy, Strong Attitude, and Energetic ►Wry, Edgy, and Sultry. ►Sexy, Smooth
François L
Young adult to middle aged versatile voice, adapted to vitalize multimedia and corporate contents, or to give a serious but current tone to narrations
Gale V
Warm, friendly, conversational, inviting, smart, with a hint of authority or a sense of fun. Rich & smooth, or real & accessible. VERSATILE!
Gary L
I am very range-y: from neighbor to middle management to quirky to trustworthy to smooth to gruff. My accent work is believable to cartoon.
Genevieve B
My voice: warm, friendly, smooth, and energetic. Youthful and upbeat quality/ with the ability to access my lower age for a more mature/motherly sound
Geoff M
An enthusiastic storyteller, a little quirky, but clear and can speak with authority.
Geoffrey K
Speaking voice very warm and deep. Large range: proper, pingy/ nasal, urban, grungy, light, falsetto, "commercial", "character driven voices".
Geoffrey K
Hello! I'm 23 , my voice is bright, clear and dynamic. I usually record for brands that requires a friendly, warm and motivated and pleasant voice.
George M
Mid-range voice, warm friendly easy going, but also can present high energy excited voice if needed.
Glenn "Cocoa" B
Most people ask me if I'm from Boston or NY when they hear me speaking but I was born in Chicago and grew up in Hilton Head, SC so its a mix of the 2
Halley D
I've got a cast of thousands in me; little girls, super heroes, young boys, harridans, monsters, you name it. Equally skilled at comedy and drama.
Hayfa N
My voice is perfect for promos, narrations, commercials and e-learning. It's kind, soft and friendly, but also executive, formal and serious.
Hayley A
My voice is pretty straightforward, but it's also quite versatile. I can be the girl-next-door voice, nerdy, quirky, awkward teen-young adult.
Hayley W
My voice is bubbly, friendly, and perky. Very youthful and engaging towards kids.
Heather G
Crisp and educational, Intelligent. Young mother or friendly teacher. Can also do deep, smooth, sexy, and airy.
Heather S
I'm the chameleon. Pick an age, accent, or character and I can make it come to life whether it be female, male, or creature of the unknown.
Heather T
Hevin H
Young, Friendly guy next door Conversational, fresh Great character voices
Hitomi F
I can do various voices - Anime characters, computer voices, IVRs, eLearning, corporate videos, English with a Japanese accent and so on.
Holden M
I'm have a young, earnest tenor voice. I sound relatable, straight-forward, articulate, and trustworthy.
Ian D
My normal speaking voice is like a young rpg hero. Upbeat and fun personality. Articulate yet natural.
Isaac O
I'm a young adult with a voice that can be wacky neighbor to a voice that's more somber.
Isabel C
I flip between the low,sexy vixen, and the excitable and enthusiastic teen/college student or the young mom!
J.E. B
I'm your Youthful, Truthful, Teen, Tween, Textured, Wide Range kid next door.
The classic Hugh Grant British accent! Friendly, dynamic voice.
Jackie F
Bright, bubbly, cheerful, exciteable, sincere voice over! Described as the girl next door for commercial projects.
Jacob M
Positive, Exciting, Young Adult, Can get a little bit of grit
Jacob O
I'm your cool friend next door Witty, Intelligent, Honest, Upbeat and Captivating are words I would describe my voice.
Jake M
I'm the voice of your midwest neighbor who you suspect might be an international spy.
James B
Husky, soft-spoken, inviting, mysterious, commanding, and articulate.
James F
I'm the optimistic college grad, warm and sincere. I can also have an edgier tone for action scenes, and for graphic sex and violence.
James Patrick C
A youthful baritone with range and color. Also particularly strong with educational/self-help/historical works.
Janelle S
I am a perky, upbeat young female and sometimes young male with clear performance delivery. Can also be lower toned female with a calming nature.
Januel N
I am the warm, collegial friend who can speak honestly to you in a relaxed, soothing manner. "Takes direction well" is my middle name.
Jared S
My voice has a nasal tone in it. But, it is deep and recognizable. Can easily manipulate it in many different ways. Very flexible.
Jason E
my voice is pretty deep with a lot of bass and power. i can get intense if needed but normally my delivery is very calm and chill.
Jean M
Believable. Young. Energetic. Confident. Conversational. Professional. Friendly. Powerful. Hip. Commanding. Authoritative. Sincere. Deep
Jeanne I
I am the young raspy character voice with a cool but a quirky edge. Also can sound educational and informative!
Jeanne W
My voice is very identifiable, youthful, clear, and adaptable. I am a natural storyteller and occasionally have an appealing gritty finish on words.
Jed W
quirky, high sounding, perfect for cartoon / anime voices -little kid voices -young male voices -female voice
Jeff J
Friendly & Conversational • Real & Compassionate • Lively & Fun • Smooth & Professional
Jennifer F
I am a youthful and quirky girl with some spunk, and a friendly and bright sound. Can also be different comedic characters for animation/e-learning.
Jennifer C
Rich, sophisticated, smooth for narrations, upbeat, conversational, woman-on-the-go for ads & pointed, strong, professional for presentations.
Jennifer R
I have a young sounding, articulate voice. I am often told by strangers that I should do cartoon voice over work. I can turn on my southern accent.
Jennifer S
I'm a versatile voice with a range of ages and personalities. I am the energetic kid, ditzy teen, relatable adult, and everything in between.
Jenny A
My natural voice has been described as warm and honest with a playful quality. It's has a professional and confident quality.
Jeroen M
I've a warm, pleasant, enthusiast, confident and friendly voice.
Jerry T
That "Every man" voice with a spicy smooth, articulate sound that brings warmth, engaging style, and credibility to Jerry's voice work.
Joan B
Youthful, energetic or conversational. Also alluring and classy. Need a kids book or videogame? Cartoonish, silly or dramatic styles available.
Joann D
Even though I am 45, my voice I believe at times can sound extremely young, even teenage range. I have been told I sound very feminine, calm, sweet
Joao F
My voice is friendly with a hint of authority. It is ideally suited for advertising, news and corporate work. I can also do characters for animation.
Jocelyn P
I like to think of my voice as a regular teenage girl, but I can easily tweak my voice to sound younger.
Jocelyn W
I sound like the girl next door, someone with nothing to hide and the ability to sound innocent.
Johfrah L
I'm trusthworthy with a deep, calm and clear voice. But I can also sound very young and dynamic.
John C
I fit many of the specs today's copy calls for: Conversational, regular guy/ everyman, friendly, energetic, trustworthy and knowledgable.
Jonathan M
Character voices are my primary. Upbeat, positive high-pitched/fairy, deep/demonic, insane/mad scientist. Dramatic or comedic! Gaming/Animation VO's!
Jordan Claire M
Young American voice ranging from bubbly and conversational to direct and corporate. Also character voices with a light touch and a sense of humour.
Jorge B
Warm calm friendly ear massaging for narrations, dynamic funny active for commercials, smooth professional corporate for presentations.
Josey M
Sexy. Sweet. Smart. Credits: National GoGurt TV spot. Audible.com radio spot. Spotify ads: Wendy's, Disney, Target, H&M... Audio book. LiveNation. Etc
Joshua S
I'm vibrant, energetic, and flexible with an articulate voice. I take pride in breathing life into the written word.
Juan F
My speciality is Neutral Spanish Accent. Male, middle age, middle low range, baritone, polite, trusty, guy next door,educational.
Julia W
Vibrant, with a bit of rasp, I am most often cast as your hip, in-the-know gal. CDs frequently remark that I sound smart while remaining casual/warm.
Julian G. S
VO Animation: All types of characters, both sexes, many ages, animals, kids, elders. From tiny little voices to booming creatures! Comical.
Julieta M
Fun, sweet, magical, child-like, loveable, bilingal, youthful.
Justin C
Guy next door, articulate, character, formal, energetic, calm and smooth, animated. Strong "Aussie" voice i.e Russell Crowe
Justin A
I like being creative.I can voice normal people if needed, but my voice is best utilized in fantasy/gaming projects.I exemplify this through my demo.
Justin G
I'm the friendly customer service guy, the salesman, the warm and sympathetic counselor, the maniac, the playful comedian, or the sinister villain.
Jyl W
Over 50 Characters/Straight/all ages-Baby (and crys) to age 90,screams,trained singer,I "get" beats,comedic timing,mimicry,follow directions,stamina
Kabir S
Young, Urban, College Sound, Conversational, Hip, Smart all with smile :)
Kara E
I'm the young, optimistic, energetic, and slightly quirky girl next door. Full of enthusiasm, with a little bit of sparkle.
Kara K
clear, bright,versatile, youthful, animated, conversational
Karen M
I'm quirky but can be sophisticated. I sound like a child, pre-teen, teen or girl next door, Jewish mother, country or like I'm underwater.
Karie S
I sound young, friendly, and extremely bubbly!
Karim L
I'm the girl you want to talk to, sweet, soothing, but I can be very innocent and sensual if needed.
Kasha B
I am the girl next door. There is a very disney-esque, excitedly, melodious flow to the way I speak.
Kate B
I'm your friend in-the-know next door, the smart one that you have fun with. Smooth and authoritative, but also candid and wry. Mid range pitch.
Kate L
Grad student, cool aunt, the everywoman with an edge, plus multiple characters. I can bring out the comedy in your copy or the sincerity in your PSA.
Kate P
My voice best fits the quirky teenager with an attitude or the shy little girl.
Katherine M
Lively and bright, yet cool and soothing. Sultry and mature, yet fresh and current. Great at corporate, travel, fashion, e-learning.
Katie L
Youthful, energetic, honest, fun, articulate, I specialize in real-sounding children's voices, but do adults, as well. Versatile character reads.
Katy T
Natural Australian accent, can also voice American, British, French & kids for anime.Katy is a singer with warm tones & can voice different characters
Kayla C
Young, energetic, singsongy, ranging from children to teenagers, & the quirky, friendly, approachable best friend, to young adult
Kayli M
Girl next door, conversational, versatile, friendly, character, quirky
Kelli M
I'm a friendly, perky, friend-in-the-know. Quirky, funny, bubbly, and/or sincere, caring and down-to-earth. Clear and unique voice.
Kellie R
Kellie Rizo is a voice talent that can range from cartoonish, sweet, girl-next-door, and fun; to serious, analytical, and professional.
Kent K
Smooth. Calming. Lots of range. Deep. Slick. Quirky. I can do cheesy gameshow guy or morning DJ. I can go real high and real low. Like Barry White low
Kevin A
I can play the boy next door, or the sinister villain next door. my range is med-low.
Kevin G
I'm quirky and fun, a touch of sarcasm with a smile and a smirk. Can sound educational and articulate, or relaxed and cool.
Kevin K
Widely eclectic, huge range, 'toon to heavy scientific jargon.
Kiane K
My most commonly cast archetype is the main character's younger sister, however generally upbeat and snarky young females are my specialty.
Kieran P
I'm a modern young man with a cool articulate London accent. I can performe high energetic reads with huge smile, to cool calm relateable reads.
Kim M
I'm best as young boys/men, somewhere between 12-25, a bit arrogant, super articulate. Can be way over the top to neutral, as well as educational.
Kimberly D
My voice is medium ranged and raspy. Because of this, I normally get asked to play the tomboy.
Kira B
I excel in children's/teen/young adult voices but can also easily perform more mature reads for corporate narration, commercials, etc.
Kristina F
I'm the best friend, the fun teenager, or the young mom type. I'm also very kid friendly.
Krysta G
My voice is effervescent, playful and mellifluous. My range spans from precocious child to friendly mom to commanding pirate.
Kyle M
I'm a guy-next-door, techno-geek, with youthful nonchalant enthusiasm. Also a 900 year old sorcerer and a ten year old boy w/ braces. I can do it all!
Lacey R
Clear and sweet girl next door sound.
Laci M
I'm the sweet but spunky girl next door, who can morph into a young child, snotty teen, hip friend, warm mom, or articulate professional.
Laila B
I'm the cool, funny girl next door, known for educational corporate spots, resonant and warm e-learning projects, and strong animated characters.
Landon M
Warm, intelligent, humorous and heartfelt voice-over for commercials, animation, video games and audiobooks!
Lane A
Versatile range: Females toddler to adult & males toddler to teen. Warm, multi octave, can be soft or w/an edge.
Larry P
Friendly and welcoming,strong in narration,straightforward and educational. I have a very good Joker impersonation from The Dark Knight.
Laura C
Professional, intelligent, competent, business-like, friendly, funny, snarky
Laura M
Australian Teenager
Lauren C
I have a friendly, child-like voice that is very sweet and inviting and am very articulate. My voice ranges from a child, to preteen and adult voices.
Lauren S
My voice is young, energetic, soothing, friendly, warm. It can also be professional/educational, sultry/sexy, bright, animated and conversational.
Leticia G
My voice has a range of emotions and can sound like a very high-energy teenager to a more adult smooth jazz radio voice.
Lillie R
Girl next door, best friend, mom, sister and teacher. Bright, educational, expressive, friendly, personable and trustworthy.
Liz O
I'm the friendly upbeat person that has a quirky and youthful voice. I have a clean, crisp and clear articulation.
Liz O
Clean, crisp , clear, straightforward articulation. I have a full range of inflections with a sweet, youthful, energetic , quirky and fun resonance.
Loren G
I have the girl next door voice as well as be a baby or a young boy. My voice is very animated when needs to be.
Lorie V
My voice over demo is animation. I am very creative and always enjoy creating new voices and characters.
Lukasz S
I'm 31 years old, deep and dry, standard native Polish accent, American English accent, commercial, corporate feel, also suitable for kid’s cartoons
Lynn N
Voices from tiny tot to best friend, teacher, girl next door (nice or not), mom and/or sister (little or big), private detective or even villain.
Lynn V
Refreshingly different-Cute & sassy, while authentic and professional. Colorful, sweet, animated, relatable, youthful, spunky, fun, memorable.
Mac W
I am a professional VO and/or MC. Best at deep and promising voice for commercials, ads, and video VO.
Madeline G
I am the loving teacher, with a deeper tone and a subtle raspy crackle. Can also sound energetic which impacts the age of the character.
Maia A
Girl next door - friendly - terrific diction. alto and soprano style singing voice.
Mamadou D
Manny E
Range of youthful heroic to alien monster voices.
Manuela L
I imitate accents in any language and bring those accents into "cartoon-voice" English, from evil character to little boy or girl to mature lady.
Marcia B
I'm the KID next door with a naturally sounding child's voice that can sound energetic, cheerful, & fun! I can also be the quirky adult character.
Maria P
Warm, relatable, sassy, upbeat, friendly, playful with confidence and a smile. It can be conversational, cool & bubbly as well as smooth & smokey.
Maribel R
Marissa L
My voice inhabits a sliding scale between upbeat and relatable quirky millennial to down-to-earth and motherly, depending on pitch. No clear accent.
Mark L
I have a deep, 'bass-y' voice and can sound authoritative and professional yet warm and friendly. I can sound educational and articulate as well.
Matt G
Matt has a rich, warm timbre to his voice with a subtle Australian accent. His voice is strong, trustworthy, articulate and easy to understand.
Matt L
I've been described as sounding like the "guy next door" and my voice has a believable, confident, and happy tone to it. Also, happy and upbeat!
Matt Z
My voice is warm and gentle, sometimes emotional. Articulate and elegant. For dialogue-based projects, I becomes the character that I'm assigned to.
Matthew C
Natural, engaging guy-next door, either high or low energy. Overall flexible voice and can do some impersonations.
Maureen E
I naturally have a young, very ernest sounding voice so child-like characters are extremely fun for me to do! However, I CAN sound quite sexy! LOL
Megan L
Sweet, happy sound. Young and somewhat quirky. That warm best friend you trust who can make you feel better. Can sound sophisticated, articulate.
Meghan R
I have a general market sound, from young and fun, to warm and motherly. I sound conversational, also very articulate.
Melineh K
My warm voice is real, practical and conversational. It can inspire and explain. On the character side, I am kooky n' funny with a dynamic range!
Melissa K
I'm melodious by nature. My voice is lyrical, friendly, and upbeat, but I can breathe a bit of sarcasm if need be.
Melissa R
Playful, mom, girl next door, bubbly, conversational
Melissa R
Michael R
I'm very energetic, upbeat, conversational and a solid actor.
Michael B
Michael B
I am warm, informative, engaging; among many other adjectives. But I am always a pleasure to listen to.
Michael C
I have a friendly and articulate sound that can sound as young as a teenager, to a man in his late 20's. I have a great educational sound as well.
Michael H
I'm the friendly guy next door that anyone can relate to. A balanced mix of excited, yet cool. All while remaining very articulate.
Michael J
I have a very youthful, genuine teenage voice. Very enthusiastic and savvy.
Michael K
Persuasive. Edge. Swagger. Michael is a voice artist with a regular guy, "what's up?" sort of tone. A great voice for those cool, trendy reads.
Michael K
Neighborhood guy, upbeat, real nyc guy. animated, character actor voice
Michael L
I'm the Youthful, Conversational, Guy-Next-Door voice. Can also sound Emotional/Inspirational, as well as Articulate and Informative for Narration.
Michael N
Conversational guy next door. Trustworthy, pleasant, quirky but articulate. The kind of guy you trust.
Michael P
There aren't really enough adjectives. I guess my regular voice sounds kind of "guy next door" in a way.
Michael S
For narration, a rich, smooth baritone, the classic engaging voice of Middle America. Also incredibly flexible, with a 5-octave speaking/singing range
Michael S
I am your everyday man, modulate and assertive sounding, yet pleasant and a little characterized. I am very articulate, and can sound formal.
Michel R
Your French native voice over ! Voice of GONG TV. Very versatile, warm, convincing and really appreciated for corporate and e-leanings !
Michele B
animated characters, feature films, television series, animated shorts, and video games, radio/audio dramas, commedies, TV commercials, online courses
Michele D
I am the young woman/young mom/newlywed next door. I'm articulate and upbeat and can really make a recording fun. I can also narrate seriously.
Michelle J
I'm actress Michelle Johnson (Blame It On Rio) My voice can be as bubbly as champagne or smooth as silk. Excellent, clean delivery for any ad.
Michelle M
My voice has been described as Bright, Natural and Clear with a Modern edge. Fresh and Playful to Authoritative and Trustworthy.
Mighet M
A subtle combination of depth, finesse, grit and silk. Paired with the practice of making the copy half a degree less, or half more.
Miguel M
Mike B
I'm a young adult male, who specializes in comedy. I can also do serious narrations.
Mike M
I can articulate very well, I can go from a smooth sounding voice (Speaking/Singing) to a rough voice, with an array of vocal ranges low and high.
Ming Jie Y
I have a soothing, articulate, and warm voice. Can pull off a pretty good guy-next-door type of thing as well.
Miranda P
I've got a friendly, warm voice. Can be soft, or can be an obnoxious teenage girl. Sultry and sullen private eye detective, and zany cartoon voices!
Miriam K
I have a deep, smooth, intelligent, sexy voice. I enjoy embodying characters that are sarcastic, professional, motherly, lighthearted, and youthful.
Monique B
clear, warm, good with medical, bubbly, bright
Mustafa J
My voice is soft, clear, friendly and energetic.
My voice can sounds fresh, happy, sweet, sensual. Sophisticated and the same time energetic. Funny characters, you won't recognize me!
Najlae S
Clear classic arabic pronunciation Especially the original Arabic charachters for exemple some arabic people pronounce J ج at g and its wrong it s Jج.
Natalie H
Quirky, articulate, mature, raspy, smooth, goth, girly, creature-like, girl next door, high-pitched or low-pitched. Can voice young boys as well.
Natalie W
I'm the clever girl-next-door, who's friendly, quirky, and sarcastic, but I can also be quite conniving when necessary.
Natasha M
I am the girl next door with a natural seductive sultry sound. Also have years of experience narrating educational material. Can speak fast.
Nate B
Warm, conversational, friendly, authentic, articulate. Humorous with plethora of characters, but also authoritative and educational.
Nathalie V
Very articulate, educated, fresh, young, outgoing, enthusiastic, friendly, loving, warm, characters, millennial, middle age.
Nelly R
I'm a french voice over artist. My voice is young and dynamic, fresh and natural, fun and sexy, and more and more again. Please, listen to my demo ;)
Nicholas (Nick) V
I have the "boy next door" kind of voice.
Nicholas D
Quirky and young-sounding, with a darker edge that can go toward deep or dramatic.
Nicholas L T
I have a unique speaking voice. Mature enough to sound early 30's but easily mistaken to be a teenager.
Nick C
I have a slew of interesting characters at my disposal and specialize in enthusiastic, energetic, and youthful voices.
Nick P
Friendly, warm, guy next door, trusting, brotherly, 20-30 best vocal range
Nicolai G
My voice is fairly low for an 18 year old, but I can be flexible. I can sound both young and old. I do well using friendly and announcer type voices.
Nicole F
sarcastic teenager, casual girl, excited girl, happy baby / child, conversational college friend, cute, sweet, millennial, fun, friendly, mean
Nik M
My voice has been described as natural, relatable, believable, friendly, guy next door, genuine, informal, sincere, authentic, and so much more.
Nikki T
Cheeky, sexy, friendly, warm, smooth. - Also can sound educational and am perfect for children's reads.
Nikky S
I am an Animation/Character Voice Specialist. My voice is energetic and youthful . I can play both female and male characters.
Onyie N
I'm warm and inviting, motherly and nurturing, authoritative and commanding, as well as bubbly, happy-go-lucky and fun. Youthful and Grownup.
Based on my diverse voice, I am able to reflect various sounds like Guy Next Door, Smooth, Edgy, Fun, Personable and Dynamic.
Pamela O
I can be that elf, disgruntled/happy; 5yrs to valley teen, Jamaican, flea, urban youth, "Annie"; sexy babe or dog also power singer
Paola P
My natural voice sounds young, but I can be both, the mom and the little girl. I can also sound educational.
Pascale V
my voice is young woman, I can take different tonalities, journalist, commercial, institutionnal, funny, deep, serious, crying, angry, shy, clown...
Patricia F
Hi i have a young voice and they match perfect for children or teenager
Patty M
My voice has been described as sexy, angelic, sweet, innocent, young, soothing, relaxing, mesmerizing, energetic, upbeat, nice to listen to, etc.
Paul S
My voice is used for Station idents for Blunt Radio and Blunt Radio Xtra, I can soft sell/Hard sell. My voice ids Next door neighbor.
Paul G
I have a younger sounding voice. I can also sound high pitched.
Paul I
I can do a wide variety of voices, from low and bellowing to high and squeaking. Anything that involves screaming, I'm especially comfortable with.
Perry M
I can fit into an array of categories.I'm the friendly academic,the goofy guy, the clear & articulate teen, the over the top & quirky cartoon guy.
Peta C
Soft and sultry sounding young English girl, with excellent articulation. Native British speaker.
Posy B
My voice is current, young, warm, natural, upbeat, fresh, sassy and commercial. From kids to husky female adult. A true Voice Actor
Pyeng T
I'm the super inviting, approachable and warm person you meet at a party, office, restaurant, or a mom at the grocery store. Great for explainer video
Rachael L
I'm the friendly girl, can also voice warriors & witches. I do different accents/characters & sing, also do narration, am good with scientific terms.
Rachael N

I am a british voiceover artist with a contemporary, fresh and versatile voice.

Rachel B
I can be wry, girl next door, upbeat, sexy, sassy, raspy, cute and upbeat.
Rachel F. H
I have a youthful sound that's fun, energetic, and flexible. My voice lends itself well to teens, children,and young adults.
Rahul s
natural and clear voice. suitable for cartoon dubbing and advertisments
Ralph B
It's a unique voice. Friends tell me it would be perfect for cartoons. Not sure
Ray C
My Voice has been described as a smooth, casual, guy next door, that can be informative and educational.
Rhiannon S
Quirky and feisty British actress, clear voice and able to do comedy. Often cast as strong edgy types.
Ricardo B
I'm the neighborly guy, a bit quirky sounding, and very articulate. Can also sound educational. You choose
Rocco K
Enthusiastic and energetic with incredible emotional depth, rock n roll surfer dude or an intellectual, I also do well speaking directly to children.
Rochelle C
Romy N
Personable, authoritative, enthusiastic, smooth, expressive and acerbic with a strong command of language and verbiage.
Ron P
I'm a happy sounding person. I am very energetic person. But when it comes down to voice over work I'm serious. And sound like a deep voice movie guy.
Rosemary W
Warm, American mom. Strong, articulate, clear, & even for narr. My well-honed comedic acting chops and musical training allow for lots of variety.
Rudy P
I'm the young sounding cool uncle who acts like your older brother. Not too hipster, not too stuffy. Very friendly.
Ruth V
I'm your next door friend who you can have fun with but also share your deepest hurts to. I can be silly but also authoritative at times.
Ryan G
My voice is mid-range, meaning not too low or high. I can portray a youthful voice as well as mature.
Ryan H
The Articulate 20 something! Capable of a smooth dark tone or upper register. Cartoon-y OR serious, your choice!
Sam D
I am only 16 so any price is a good price. I don't care too much about the money I care more about the quality and the experience.
Samantha C
I'm a girl-next-door and that new young mom; I'm fresh, bubbly, and articulate with a conversational, easy-breezy tone.
Samantha W
I am the girl next door who has a quirky sound and conversational quality. My voice is warm, attractive, and caring.
Samara L
I'm the approachable, confident, slightly sarcastic, New York girl-next-door. I sound intelligent, but friendly, naturally articulate and high energy.
Samuel F
Conversational is Samuel's signature sound. With a tenor sound Samuel's voice is smart, hip, attractive, amusing, believable, and natural
Samuel K
For commercial, narration, etc. my voice is trustworthy, intelligent, and friendly. Simply, I sound like I know what I'm talking about.
Samuel P
Hello I'm the guy next door,who speak one on one with you. A voice you can trust and feel close to Singer soulful, and Romantic.
Sandra P
My niche is characters, but also am informative, inspirational and educational.
Sandy R
I have a warm, easy-going voice, with the ability to infuse humor and quirkiness. I have a comfortable sound, and work well in fiction and non-fiction
Sara S
Warm, a time soft, or raspy. Sophisticated, or educative if necessary. Wide range that gives to my voice the chance to interpret very young roles.
Sarah B
My voice is bubbly and energetic! My voice is child-like. Russian, Scottish, and Minnesotan accents are easy for me to do.
Sarah H
I'm a fun, energetic girl who specializes in eccentric and quirky character voices for animation. Child and teen voices are my forte.
Sarah M
Sweet, young female voice who speaks with a smile.
Sarah M
My voice is youthful, personable and believable. I have a friendly girl-next door and quirky best friend sound. My vocal age is 17-24 years old.
Sarah P
My natural voice is warm, friendly, intelligent, expressive, trustworthy, mature, and personable and conversational. Characters too!
Sarah S
My voice is textured and soothing, allowing me to have a nice range from young and energetic to mature and sexy. I can easily do the "girl next door."
Sarah S
Capable of performing a wide range of voices from bright, young and dynamic to rich, seductive and deep and can easily adapt as required.
Sarah V
Female voice talent with broad range of character voices. Popular for Phone IVR and Corporate Videos and children's character voices and singing
Sarah W
Sarah White P
My vocal training has given me a clear tone with great articulation. I have a wide range of cheerleader-esque energy all the way to a relaxed feel.
Saskia M
Smooth, rich, senusal and engaging voice. Can also sound educational and professional.
Scott S
Youthful, energetic, confident, upbeat, conversational, young, fresh, hip, teenager, friendly, fun, playful, bold, modern, millennial, generation Y
Sean H
Sean L
Rich Dynamic Baritone, Soothing Honest Subtlety, Energetic, Fun Characters ranging from the girl next door to the monster under the bed
Sean V
Sebastián T
Young fresh latin spanish voice, versatile, hispanic english.
Seohui P
My voice ranges from soft, feminine, and educational to energetic and bright. I can play various characters using unique vocal tones and styles.
Sharon L
high energy, youthful, girl next door, natural, motivational, commercial, soprano, young adult, singer, jingle, characters, animated, genuine, joyful
Shauna G
Shirley D
Friendly, real, conversational for commercials. Believable, warm, confident for business, medical, educational videos. Quirky & fun for animation!
Simon T
I'm the young, hip, excited, guy next door voice. I can also sound calming and technical.
Skyler Y
I can certainly do the business presentation voice for a sales letter, but I know I really excel at in-depth, colorful, even outlandish characters.
Slava T
I have very flexible warm voice with age range from 20 to 40.
Sonya E
Clear, elegant and personable. my voice is naturally dynamic and friendly, playing well as the best friend, girl-next door and young mom.
Sophie A
Vocally flexible to move from one accent/gender/tone/age to another. Youthful and grounded at the same time.
Stella C
From a soft, smooth, sexy voice, that's easy on the ears, to a shrill Monty Pythonesque comic style, I have the voice you need.
Stephane F
I can be stern or humorous and articulate these attributes well. I am adept at low volume and calm voices.
Stephanie Pam R
Can be a conversational young mom, a hip teenager, or a professional and confident narrator. Friendly, upbeat, energetic, strong character voices.
Stephen J
I can sound very business professional or animated for cartoons. I've been told by industry professionals that they love my rich tenor tone.
Stephen M
Great voice! Gives tons of energy and thought into the character he is playing. He is also easy to work with.
Stephie T
I'm the energetic OCD kid! High Pitched, Animated, Young, and hyper!
Steve S
My vocal range would be 35 to 45 with an expressive, friendly, soothing delivery style
Surabhi D
I am a singer and have a sweet sounding voice.
Susan E
Sophisticated, smooth, & very articulate and cultured. Many genres of fiction: historical fiction, romance, contemporary fiction & erotica.
Suzana H
I'm the sound of the young woman with a warm heart who knows too much. I can be quirky, sophisticated, caring or funny...
Suzanne O
I am very articulate with a singularly clear, smooth delivery. My voice sounds professional, educational, engaging, sincere, warm and fun.
Sylvie G
A French voice with a deep, rich and warm tone. Very versatile. Real, sincere, friendly, articulate voice to smooth/sexy/seductive appeal.
Tamara R
A Voice Actress with a wide range of sounds. Warm, Conversational, Real, Edgy, Energetic, Friendly, Youthful, Characters, and more.
Thom O
Versatile style. I emote very well. I have a sensitive delivery but can also be bombastic. I'm fun to work with and enjoy trying new things.
Thomas B
Thomas R
My voice swaps from very smooth, warm and friendly, to gravelly or authoritative when necessary. Whatever the project calls for, it's always ready.
Thomas T
My natural voice is very intelligent, but inviting. I am also great at wacky, boysterous characters as well.
Tim I
Hero, villian, quirky guy, comic releif, teenager, cartoony guy, troubled character.
Tish E
Big with pride and an attitude, serious, reproving, motherly with smile in voice, matter of fact, confident, a bit dry, self indulgent, perky, upbeat
Tk G
Naturally deep, and warm friendly guy. Vocal arsenal contains heroes, villains, elderly men, and a few creatures, abominations, and dialects.
Tony W
Need James Earl Jones's voice and don't have the money? I may be able to help! Can sound maniacal or studious, be wolverine or an innocent teen.
Toshiji T
Light Warm Voice. Great for a commercial, narrator and ADR
Tottionna B
Tottionna's parents have a Media production company and she performs different acting scenes on camera, she also does voice overs very well.
Tristan W
Hip cool fun young adult. Conversational. Articulate and easy to listen to. NOT announcer or sales type. Mid to high range.
Tyler C
I can do awkward, nerdy and shy characters, loud characters, narrations, announcers, etc.
Tyler M
I am confident that I can do anything with my voice what director would want.
Tyler P
Deep average male voice, can be sinister at times and can be playful at another.
Valerie K
My voice is cute, high pitched - but pleasant to listen to, and very unique. I have a very good ear and can do a very good, cold read.
Vanessa J
Clear, mid-range, articulate- can be warm & engaging, but also snarky & contemporary. Range of character voices & inflections mean varying age sounds.
Vanessa R
I'm the mom next door, your best friend, someone you trust. Very articulate, intelligent and genuine - Easily directable.
Virginia W
Intelligent, trustworthy, warm, young, playful, character actress. Great voice for everything from corporate narration to elearning to audiobooks.
Wendy W
My voice is natural, friendly, sophisticated and engaging, as well as versatile in different age and acting/reading styles.
Winai S
Typical Thai Voice and accent but unique and second to none
Yuki R
I basically sound warm, soothing, comfortable, and professional, but am very versatile and can be very playful, energetic, cute, and funny.
Zach A
I'm the young modern "guy" sound everyone wants to hear. I can also be an exciting announcer.
Zachary S
A very ordinary guy, kind of a nerdy and deep voice. Can also be a very serious guy when needed.
Zoe M
I'm the friendly,energetic girl in her twenties. I also have a deeper alto resonance that offers the quality of a been-around mom or qualified expert.
Zoe S
I'm a relatable girl-next-door type but with a college degree. Think young and conversational, yet articulate and mature.
Zoltan M
I am rather being funny and 'crazy' with my voices, specially with the funny ones.
Zonia R
Gender and “ages” Children (boys and girls), Teenage Girl, Young Adult Female. Versatility and excellent service with a warm and confident sound.
chintapalli V
hannelore c
milly c
I could speak north American English accent.
narpinder k
savary g
My voice is medium and clear, with a distinctive grain that is both elegant and warm.
shahrzad s
As I play with my voice, I can change it easily. For example, I'm able to change my voice from a wise woman to a crazy one and even voice over boys.
softa s
I have a warm and strong voice, with a very distinctive and clear delivery. i have 20 years of voice-over experience.
ximena m