Pro Voice Actor Resources

Run your business more efficiently and increase your client list ... sound good? You'll find that here. You'll also find tools that create more accurate estimates, tips on marketing internationally, industry experts who train and mentore you, and more!


Phase 4 Training & Mentoring for Pros

This phase is for working, established talent. A selection of 5 different telephone and webinar classes every month – designed for the needs of working, professional voice over talent to expand your range, increase your rates, deal with restrictive issues, and keep your performance fresh. David Goldberg, owner of Edge Studio and one of the most highly praised directors in the country, along with various other leading coaches and voice over experts teach these classes. Participation is by audition only.
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The Business Bundle

Skip the trial and error! Run your business successfully from the start! This specially priced package has been designed to give you the information you need to effectively and successfully operate your voice over business in just three 2-hour sessions. You get our Marketing 101, Home Studio and Business & Money 101 classes
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Edge Sings

Responding expertly, in any voice over situation, is the calling card of a true professional, the key to getting more bookings. That's the point of Edge Sings! We focus on singing for voice over. We don't train you for your Broadway, screen, stage or album debut. There are many good teachers for that. We train you to satisfy more voice over clients by incorporating singing techniques. Being able to sing - even if not well - has many benefits in voice over.
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Free Pro Resources

Take on any project with the help of our Free Pro Resources. Estimate your time with our Words-to-time Calculator, price the job right on the money with our Rate Card, and get answers to many of your voice over questions by listening to a Talk with a Pro. The Free Pro Resources have it all. Make sure to bookmark this page and make it a key tool in your tool box!

Words-to-time Calculator

How long for a professional to read your script? Performances vary, but this handy converter will get you in the ballpark. You can even adjust it for reading speed. So stop guessing! Give accurate estimates and invoices to your customers!
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Voice Over Rate Card

Not sure what to charge? Consult our Industry Rate Card and stop undercharging yourself. In it you'll find rates for everything from audiobooks to self guided tours.
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Talk With A Pro Archives

Ask your questions anonymously and get candid, straight forward answers. So ask, pry, be nosy, learn, and get the inside scoop!
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Even the best voice talent in the biz will get rusty if they stop practicing and growing. Keep your skill level sharp and stay ahead of voice over trends with continuing education at Edge Studio.

Home Studio 201

Home Studio 201 classes are a unique and exciting way to learn essential topics that will help you improve your skills and speed as a home studio engineer. Every month, we offer a webinar allowing you to call in to hear the class while simultaneously viewing the coach's computer screen from the comfort of your own home PC or MAC. You'll learn common editing techniques along with shortcuts, hardware tips, settings advice, delivery applications and other related subjects are all covered in order to allow you to become more technically proficient, increase productivity and offer more services to your clients.
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Marketing 201

Marketing 201 classes are a different and immersive way for you to continue to learn important techniques on how to advertise yourself and become a recognizable and respected name in the voiceover industry. Every month, we offer a webinar allowing you to both hear the instructor and view their computer screen at the same time. As part of your continuing education you will explore topics intended to promote your brand through websites, your demos, agencies, promotional materials and more.
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Business & Money 201

Run your VO business more efficiently! Every month, we offer a different one-hour tele-class led by an industry expert, and designed for new and professional talent looking to run their voice-over business efficiently, grow their client base, and learn how to properly handle the real world, day to day operations of a successful voiceover career.
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When you have questions or concerns, it helps to speak to someone who has experience in that topic. Edge Studio’s team of experts span the array of voice over areas, so you can be matched to an expert who specializes in your area of questions. Take advantage of our team’s knowledge and experience involving all things Voice Over.

Home Studio

Home studio consultations can be used to diagnose any issues, design a system for you, teach you how to install and/or operate your system, train you on whatever functionality you need. We can either talk you through it, we can visit you, you can bring your equipment to us, or we can remotely log into your home studio computer. No more guesswork. Straightforward and detailed information on anything you require.
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While our Marketing Classes cover detailed information from strategy and contacts, to invoicing and gaining long-term clients, sometimes you need information specific to your situation. That is why you may prefer a Private Marketing Consultation. Speak privately with a Marketing Professional to create a customized, detailed plan to obtain work or ask any question - Edge Studio is known for straightforward answers that are based upon you.
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Business & Money

Many voice actors tell us they LOVE voice-over, but dislike the business-side of things. For you, we're here to make life easier. Our team includes experts who help you set-up databases, invoice clients more efficiently, even deal with international payments. Let us know what's on your mind - and we'll match you with an expert who can help.
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Pro Demo Services

Why do so many pro voice actors rely on our team of directors to mentor them on their demos? Because most voice actors aren't 100% able to hear their demo through the ears of a casting professional. So we are their bridge. We cast and hire talent every day. We consult pros on their demos every day. So if you want our ears and ideas, let us know.

Demo Updating

Even the best voiceover demo has a shelf life, and if yours is getting stale then chances are it’s time for some updating. Bring yours in for some subtle reworking, or even a complete overhaul to be sure that your work is up to date, still represents your voice, and is relevant in today’s market.
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Demo Editing & Mixing

You’ve done the voice over work, we’ll make it into a demo. Send us your recordings, and we'll professionally mix them with music and sound effects, we'll edit and remove mouth clicks and breaths, we'll process your files with EQ and compression, and we'll sequence it into an industry standard, professional voice over demo.
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Demo Recording

Voice over demos that target voice over genres (audiobook, documentary, political, video game, corporate video, medical...) attract clients who cast that genre. This is why so many pro voice actors have genre-specific demos. To expand your client list, train and/or record a demo with an industry expert in various genres.
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Checkup Sessions

Auditioning for a new client? Testing new equipment? Trying out a new style? Then let a director or engineer provide written feedback on your recording, for $27. A second opinion from someone experienced in your style recording often pinpoints things you may have missed. This is more than insurance ... it is the greatest ROI.

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