Randall Rensch

When he was fresh out of college, Randy aspired to be a personality DJ ... just as that radio genre was going out of style. So he became a radio copywriter, acting in many of the spots he wrote and produced. (He learned a lot about voice acting from his co-worker Bob Dorian, a trained actor who himself went on to a noteworthy career as host of American Movie Classics and then a variety of acting engagements.)

Since his radio days, Randy has worked on the staffs of several large and small New York ad agencies including Marsteller and McCaffrey & McCall Direct, and has long been established as a freelance copywriter in all marketing communications media. He combines imagination, analysis and a results-oriented viewpoint, and his work has won an Effie. Enjoying the variety and synergy that freelancing offers, Randy has served marketers ranging from Fortune 500 companies to home-based businesses. All in all, he's written for IBM, Sony, Raymond James, SiteSell, Inc., United Technologies, Coca-Cola, Anso nylon, IHOP, and hundreds of other marketers.

Freelancing also gives Randy time to return to his roots. He has been updating and expanding his performance abilities at Edge Studio.

Randy's advice on copywriting has been quoted online and in several books. Find samples and insights into the nature of advertising by clicking here.

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