Reaper 101 Webinar

with Edge Studio Instructor, Steven Jay Cohen

Whether you're completely new to Reaper or want to make better everyday use of this efficient, powerful DAW software for Mac and Windows, this presentation will give you important insights toward both sounding more professional and working more efficiently.

Steven will get you up to speed fast and won’t overwhelm you with features you don’t need to know now. By 9 p.m., you’ll be ready to work at a substantially increased comfort level.

Tuesday, July 5
7:00 – 9:00pm ET
via Webinar

Walk away knowing:
  • How and where to navigate – What’s what and how to find it (preferences for editing, mixing, effects, etc.)
  • Initial configuration – What’s essential, and what can wait? Includes keyboard shortcuts.
  • Recording and editing:
    • Quick steps to consistent recording
    • Matching levels to your delivery – What’s optimal volume?
    • Professionals’ 5-second set-up “tricks” that speed up editing and production
    • Intro to effects – types of audio processing, how and when to (and not to) use them.
    • Intro to rendering – types of files, what all those numbers mean, and when to (and not to) use them.
How to
  • Make your auditions sound more impressive, without fakery, confusion or glitter
  • Sweeten your audio in the mix
  • Repair noise and mic issues
  • Master an audiobook for ACX
  • Basic Punch & Roll techniques

The session includes a helpful Q&A, to be sure your understanding is clear and your fundamental needs are met.

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