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Our clients trust us to produce sessions expertly, with utmost concern for quality. As such, they often don't come to the recording session. They use the time to go about the rest of their business, leaving the recording business to us.

Still, there is some truth in the words "you had to be there." Real-time participation enables you to hear that the brand name is being pronounced correctly, answer questions about the script, improve the script, judge the style of the performance, join in the fun, and participate in other important ways. Fortunately, wherever you are, you can be here at Edge Studio, without putting your budget out of sight.

We involve remote clients cost-efficiently, by taking full advantage of Skype and phone patch technologies. It's functionally the same as being here, but you'll save a bundle in time and travel expenses. And, because we choose to use these money-saving technologies, you're further able to direct your budget to other pleasures -- such as more exclusive talent, extra recording time, an expanded project, nicer lunches, or your bottom line. By choosing Edge rather than a local studio, you get the benefit of our pre-production expertise, our range of engineers and vast talent pool.

Skype. With video, it feels even more like you're really here.

Skype service supports a variety of capabilities. We use it to tie-in parties from multiple locations. For example, we can connect talent in northern California, an agency director in Utah, our engineer in New York City, and the client overseas. It's the ultimate in "collaboration." With Skype, you can easily watch the session on your computer, wherever you are around the country, or throughout the world.

Phone-Patch. Still an excellent alternative.

If you prefer to use a conventional phone, there's phone-patch. We do phone-patch right. In fact, we're old hands at using this technology to full advantage. At your end, you simply use your usual phone system or cell phone. At our end, we have a special system that ties the phone into our production audio, both ways.

In voice over, "HEAR" and "HERE" are virtually the same.

All you really need is a decent telephone line to combine the best voice recording studio (us) with the best choice of talent for you, regardless of locations.

Once you've worked with Edge Studio, you'll be even more confident in our ability to produce the top quality performance and recording you expect. So, next time, maybe you won't feel the need to be in on your session at all.

With Edge Studio, anything that's good for you is more than remotely possible.

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