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Russian Voice Over Translation Chart, Accents and Tips

  • Russian is generally 10% Shorter than English. (An English :60 second commercial will be about :54 seconds in Russian).
  • English is generally 10% shorter than Russian. (A Russian :60 second commercial will be about :66 seconds in English).

Russian is shorter than English mostly because there are one or two parts of speech essential to English that are generally ommmitted from Russian, such as the word for "to be." For example, the direct translation from of 'I am Russian' translates literally back to "I Russian."

Russian voice over is used across all parts of the former USSR, but of course is most warmly received in the Russian Federation itself. In other areas, such as the Baltic states, it is associated with a time of brutal oppression. While it is understood, it is generally not viewed favorably. Within Russia, while there are some difference between the language spoken in the north and south, the language is remarkably standardized across the country (possibly owing to some of the political history of the USSR).

Just like with any language, when you are working with Russian voice over, you need to consider a lot of things very carefully. What is your goal by translating to or from this language? Who is your specific audience within the group of people who speak this language? Do you know how to adapt your script to speak to this group?

Edge Studio is a full service audio production facility, and that’s not restricted to English. If you need Russian voice over, we have you covered from the initial translation and adaptation to casting talent and language monitors to help lay down those final recording sessions.

If you need Russian voice over, dubbing, translation, adaptation, recording, or language monitor for cartoons, commercials, video games, powerpoint, education videos, ESL, or audiobooks, call edge studio (212-868-3343).

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Albert H
Clean, guy-next-door, conversational, friendly, intelligent, funny, relatable, genuine, warm, Generation X, Generation Y
Aleksander G
I will provide a strong, warm, personable, dynamic voice over for your project needs. I am happy to provide this within a one-day turnaround.
Alexander K
In the demo presented audio clips, which were heard at top-rated radio stations.
Alexei R
Versatile Bass / Baritone well known for evil villains, soldiers, creatures, and goofy comedic characters.
Amanda A
I am loud, and sound much younger than my age. My voice is an innocent girl-next-door, but I can also sound sarcastic and biting.
Anna K
My voice sounds clear, warm and friendly, and can deliver a broad spectrum from youthful and fresh to captivating and seductive.
Arnold S
speaking Russian I have no accent or any dialect.
Artsiom S
Native russian voiceover artist, actor and narrator. Voice is heard in films, TV/radio commercials, documentaries, promos, trailers etc
Ashton Z
I am able to perform a variation of different voices, accents, noises/sounds. I have a youthful sounding voice with a gravitas undertone
Brendan N
my natural voice is a deep baritone with powerful presence. however, my inflections can range to a younger sound as well. my voice is highly flexible.
Cam C
Versatile voice! Guy next door to announcer, hip to geeky. Trustworthy, informative and sincere... but also happy, adventurous, and passionate!
Cathy C
Real French native. Excellent vocal popularizer, my voice is naturally expressive, medium tone, very clear and articulated diction, warm, sensual,...
Charles-Jean B
My voice is naturally stern and deep but I can also perform a child's voice. My natural accent is American (North West).
Chris H
My voice ranges from a warm, deep comforting delivery to wild insane characters.
Christina R
I'm easy to relate to and conversational. I can incorporate a smooth, sexy, or upbeat delivery with ease.
Christine P
I have a warm, distinctive voice - perfect for strong or sensual roles; intelligent and articulate. Great at boy voices.
Daniel W
I can do many different things with my voice. But my natural voice is a young, confident, tenor male. It's often been compared to Disney Princes.
Darren A
British VO. Current, relatable and versatile. Characters & accents a speciality.
Denis M
I am from Ireland can do various accents from regional Irish, British and American. I speak fluent Russian and can do regional accents in Russian too.
Dmitriy R
Voice Description: Warm and deep, colorful and dynamic, bright and energetic, authoritative and powerful, conversational and tender, sexy smooth.
Dmitry E
Harmony, embodied in the voice. I am well known for my professional experience of narration, my individual approach and the charisma in my recordings.
Gale V
Warm, friendly, conversational, inviting, smart, with a hint of authority or a sense of fun. Rich & smooth, or real & accessible. VERSATILE!
Gennady V
Very versatile male voice: ranging from very deep, hard authoritative, powerful, dramatic middle-aged to natural conversational and tender
Heather G
Crisp and educational, Intelligent. Young mother or friendly teacher. Can also do deep, smooth, sexy, and airy.
Ian C
I am extremely versatile and can do the calm, gentle , almost hypnotic to the over-excited hero. My speciality is tone variety and accents,
Ina K
In the demos I have provided I am playing the voice of Mother Nature, which is talking to the human kind.
Ivan G
my voice has a soft positive timbre, is credible
Jenia S
Upbeat, bubbly, joyful, energetic, dynamic, business-like, clear and serious. Relaxed, sexy.
Julia E
warm, friendly and natural
Kaylin C
Warm, nurturing, educational, gravitas, friendly, - I do a lot of animation work, voicing a wide range of ages (kids to elderly).
Laila B
I'm the cool, funny girl next door, known for educational corporate spots, resonant and warm e-learning projects, and strong animated characters.
Lane A
Versatile range: Females toddler to adult & males toddler to teen. Warm, multi octave, can be soft or w/an edge.
Leonie S
My voice is young, fresh and a little cheeky. My reads are precise and detail-oriented. I also do educational and emotional reads.
Lidiya B
I have extensive experience doing national commercials, infomercials, and cartoon characters. If you need cartoon voices I can provide those as well.
Lorna B
Smoky British adult female; appealing, assured, confident, husky. Great range of accents.
Mariya P
My voice can sound friendly ,clear and professional,sexy and soft,funny or educational. You name it:) all depends on a project
Michael S
For narration, a rich, smooth baritone, the classic engaging voice of Middle America. Also incredibly flexible, with a 5-octave speaking/singing range
Miles R
Excited young male, Young Dad, Son, Husband, All American, Comedy, Confident, Conversational, Cynical, Dry, Deadpan, Engaged, Flat, Funny, Genuine,
Mo L
Energetic and approachable educational or technical narration. Friendly, youthful, powerful, or irreverent hard sell. Characters and comic instincts.
Nancy L
Versatile voice - warm, sophisticated, articulate,engaging... rich texture. Authoritative, witty and wry. Trustworthy, savvy, authentic. Storyteller
Natalie H
Quirky, articulate, mature, raspy, smooth, goth, girly, creature-like, girl next door, high-pitched or low-pitched. Can voice young boys as well.
Nicolaas J
Naturally smooth, low voice with lots of versatility. Able to do a variety of different accents, using high or low registers.
Nik M
My voice has been described as natural, relatable, believable, friendly, guy next door, genuine, informal, sincere, authentic, and so much more.
Nikki T
Cheeky, sexy, friendly, warm, smooth. - Also can sound educational and am perfect for children's reads.
Nikol K
Quirky, upbeat, relatable, reassuring feminine voice with sophisticated and and inspiring tonal qualities.
Olga B
My voice sounds friendly, natural, gentle, authentic, and warm (it can be great for e-learning & education, telephony, narration, documentaries, etc.)
Ovais M
Authentic, powerful voice that's extremely versatile and has excellent range. Movie trailer style or guy next door, I can do both in English/Hindi!!
Pavel K
Polina B
I have a very warm, dynamic, emotive and positive voice with a baritone edge.
Polina D
I sound smooth and sexy with moments of enthusiasm and humor.
Polina K
I have a deep gentle voice of a person who you will trust immediately. Perfect for eLearning&Education, Documentary, Audiobooks and Telephony.
Sergej Z
Distinct articulation, educational, confident, believable and expressive style which can vary if needed.
Simon B
Simon is real, engaging and trustworthy. Quirky or straight reads with a huge range of styles, characters and accents.
Slava T
I have very flexible warm voice with age range from 20 to 40.
Susie V
Husky, characterful and melodious with a soft exotic flavour. Native neutral Brazilian, perfect international Neutral English & flawless sight-reading
Ted S
Demo range includes: Guy Next Door, Humor/Sarcasm, Authoritative, Pharmaceutical, Southern, Brooklyn, NY, Eccentric, Russian
Tim C
I'm the neighborhood guy, a bit quirky sounding, and very articulate. I can also do different kinds of voices and impressions
Vincent P
I have a deep commanding, yet smooth voice. I'm very articulate. I really enjoy doing the voices of villains, but certainly not limited to that style
Vladislav M
Yury S
Presentable, nice and soft. Very clear