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Wednesday May 22


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  • Wednesday, May 1 ET - contest opens to entries
  • Friday, May 24 ET - entries close
  • After closing, all entered recordings are posted for listening
  • Friday, May 31 ET - winners and prizes posted

Contest Title:

Dry Skin

Director's Notes:

This is a simulated audition for a TV commercial about a skin moisturizer aimed at older people. But it could be voiced by someone of any age. If you clearly sound younger, it will take on an extra meaning, which we might like. If you sound older, that’s fine, too. But don’t fake an old voice unless it’s totally realistic, and not too old. We stress that sounding old is not important, one way or another. What’s important is that you sound real and sincere. Slate with only your username, before the script.


As you get older, your skin gets dryer. And your body doesn’t always know how to handle that. Bloshim Cream does. It moisturizes and protects dry skin, more effectively than some other products. I’ll remember that.

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