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Friday January 24


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Ben Carson for President

Dr. Ben Carson has been well-known for years as a world-class surgeon, serving at Johns Hopkins Hospital as head of pediatric neurosurgery. On February 7, 2013 he became known for the first time as a rising star in conservative politics. That was the day when he spoke at the National Prayer Breakfast, eloquently expressing his conservative ideals as President Barack Obama watched from only feet away.
Since his groundbreaking speech at the National Prayer Breakfast, Dr. Carson has continued to rise in popularity among conservatives and many have speculated about whether he will run for President.
In his CPAC speech on March 16, 2013, Carson discussed the hypothetical situation in which voters “magically put me in the White House.” He also announced that he will retire from his medical career at the end of 2013, explaining that, “I want to quit while I’m at the top of my game, and there are so many more things that could be done.” His retirement obviously would free him up to pursue political office.
Days later, he told the New York Times that he would consider public service under the right circumstances: “[I]f a year-and-a-half went by and there was no one on the scene and people are still clamoring, I would have to take [running for President] into consideration…”
There appears to be a real chance that Ben Carson will run for President. He is singularly qualified to succeed as a conservative, Christian Presidential candidate for the following reasons:

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Cleaner Elections

Smear campaigns…mud slinging…twisting the truth.
Why do politicians resort to such underhanded tactics? Do they think it really helps their campaign?
It's ugly, uncalled for, and deceitful.
So why do we allow them to continue?
It’s time to level the playing field.
You want our vote? Then focus on the issues that affect all of us.
This election season, advocate for a clean election process.
Paid for by the committee for cleaner elections.

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Jane English for Arkansas State Senate

Jane is running for Arkansas State Senate in Central Arkansas. Looking for a down home sound and feel that comes across worm for the radio.

Note from Voices.com: This job posting has been reviewed and approved by Voices.com staff. Voices.com recommends that you slate your name and record a portion of the client’s script for auditioning. Please title the audition file with your name to assist the client in selecting an appropriate candidate.

Sample Script

I want to tell you about the race for state senate in North Pulaski County and my friend Jane English.

Jane English has a heckuva (heck of a) record, one worth us talkin’ about.

Jane English has stood up for our veterans, she has been consistently pro-life, and has been there for us to create jobs. Jane English has fought hard to keep taxes low while keeping our state’s budget balanced.

I’m so proud of Jane English’s solid conservative record, and you should be too.

Paid for by Faith and Freedom Coalition (Said at a faster speed).

Sounds like...

Conversational and Informative

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Make America Great Again- Unofficial Donald Trump commercial-

America has been poorly managed for far too long. It's time for real change. It's time for a bold visionary who is not afraid to say what he believes. A proven success in business. A leader who gets things done. It's time for an American that is ready to lead our country back to greatness.

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Nadine Ronald for Governor

Jobs are leaving the state in record numbers while John Jacobson continues to be an outspoken advocate for outsourcing. Keep jobs where they belong – in-state. Vote Nadine Ronald for a better economic future! Paid for by Nadine Ronald for Governor.

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Political Advertisement Chad Rostenkowski

Republican congressional candidate Chad Rostenkowski is a common-sense businessman… he’s also a conservative educator who believes deeply in this country and in the principles that made her great. Chad Rostenkowski wants a country that is free, prosperous, and strong. A vote for Chad Rostenkowski is a vote to put America back on the right track through lower taxes, reduced government spending, and less regulation. Paid for by the Committee to Elect Chad Rostenkowski.

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Rand Paul spot re-do

As the bluegrass reaches up to the morning sun, our Kentucky values sustain us.

As the winds of change blow, we need a strong voice, fighting for OUR way of life.

Rand Paul lives our values.

A career doctor and grassroots activist, he’ll take on those in Washington who spend too much, Destroying our liberty.

As surely as the sun will rise, Rand Paul will fight every day, for Kentucky.

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Right Wing

There’s a secretive network of anti-union organizations with ties to the Koch Brothers and other right-wing billionaires.
Since 2014, they've spent over $200 million
attacking workers’ rights on the West Coast
And here in the Northwest, those special interests are bankrolling the right wing
Freedom Foundation
These groups have fought for decades against raising wages, pensions, affordable health care and increasing education funding.
The ultimate goal? To destroy unions in order to elect extreme, right-wing candidates.
One year ago, these anti-union forces thought they won an historic victory.
But what they aren’t telling you or their donors is that their campaign is failing. Here are the facts.

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Texans Deserve Great Schools

When a school is failing, what can parents do? More than you think. Here are three ways parents are making a difference.

Number one: the “Parent Trigger.” In Texas, if your school has failed for five years in a row, parents can petition to intervene. But best practices say it's better to intervene sooner rather than later. That's why in other states parents can start the intervention after only three years.

Number two: the “achievement school district.” Imagine a school that's failing year after year. Some states send in a dedicated team to take over the school and run it. In New Orleans, this program has cut drop-out rates in half.

And three: investing in teachers. In other states, teachers are treated like the professionals they are, given the training and tools they need to become better teachers and help students achieve.

These are three ways parents are helping failing schools. See more at “Texans Deserves Great Schools dot org” (TexansDeservesGreatSchools.org) Paid for by Texans Deserves Great Schools.

Direction note: PSA/Political action spot runs one minute in length. Read website as in the parenthesis. Original delivered with American Neutral delivery.

U/L'd by TxTom

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Unequal Protection: How Corporations Became "People" - And How You Can Fight Back By Thom Hartmann

On September 2, 2009, the transnational pharmaceutical giant Pfizer pled guilty to multiple criminal felonies. It had been marketing drugs in a way that may well have led to the deaths of people and that definitely led physicians to prescribe and patients to use pharmaceuticals in ways they were not intended.

Because Pfizer is a corporation-a legal abstraction, really - it couldn't go to jail like fraudster Bernie Madoff or killer John Dillinger; instead it paid a $1.2 billion dollar “criminal” fine to the U.S. government-the biggest in history-as well as an additional $1 billion dollars in civil penalties. The total settlement was more than $2.3 billion dollars -another record. None of its executives, decision-makers, stockholders/owners, or employees saw even five minutes of the inside of a police station or jail cell.

Most Americans don't even know about this huge and massive crime. Nor do they know that the “criminal” never spent a day in jail.

But they do know that in the autumn of 2004, Martha Stewart was convicted of lying to investigators about her sale of stock in another pharmaceutical company. Her crime cost nobody their life, but she famously was escorted off to a women's prison. Had she been a corporation instead of a human being, odds are there never would have even been an investigation.

Yet over the past century-and particularly the past forty years-corporations have repeatedly asserted that they are, in fact, “persons” and therefore eligible for the human rights protections of the Bill of Rights. In 2009 the right-wing advocacy group Citizens United argued before the Supreme Court that they had the First Amendment right to “free speech” and to influence elections through the production and the distribution of a slasher “documentary” designed to destroy Hillary Clinton's ability to win the Democratic nomination. (Some political observers assert that they did this in part because they believed that a Black man whose first name sounded like “Osama” and whose middle name was Hussein could never, ever, possibly win against a Republican, no matter how poor a candidate they put up.)

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Vote Yes Save the Pool

Did you know that 10 people drown each day in the United States? Did you know that participation in formal swim lessons can reduce the likelihood of childhood drowning by 88%? And did you know that the Oscoda Pool, the only competitive pool in a 60 mile radius, is in danger of being permanently closed? Did you know that you can save the pool, and the life saving swim lessons by voting yes on the Oscoda Area Schools bond proposal on May 5th? For more info, check out the Facebook page, Save Our Sports, Save Our Pool 2015. Paid for by Friends of Swimming.

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Words. They can do anything.

Words. They can do anything. They can call in a dog at night. They can bring comfort to an old friend. They can say happy birthday to a girl whose balloons are slowly sinking. But sometimes, words can get you into trouble. Like the human rights activist who was kidnapped for standing up to Government corruption. Or the journalist sentenced to 10 years in prison for sending an email. Or the thousands of men and women who are arrested and tortured just for demanding fair election. Now we need your words, to demand justice; to take a stand. To offer hope, to people around the world, who are silenced for simply speaking their minds. Write a letter or speak out today. Your words can lead to their freedom. Words. They can do anything.

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XM Bank

Script is below, but this was the voice detail given along with the script:

30 Second TV Ad
This is a serious spot defending American jobs. Towards the end, VO should be urging viewer to take action. Not too over the top of an attack, but it should convey some disappointment and frustration with partisan Washington politics that prevents progress on jobs. Due to the tight production deadline, we love it when applicants post a custom demo so we can hear what the script would sound like!

You sent a message to Washington.
Loud and clear.
Focus on the economy and jobs.
Show the taxpayers that Congress can work again.

Unfortunately, others have a different agenda.
The same politicians who brought us a government shutdown and led the U.S. to the brink of default have a new bad idea:
Ending the X-M Bank, which is designed to help American employers and American jobs.
These jobs and workers in the Export-Import economy deserve support.
Do the right thing for our economy and support the X-M Bank.

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