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Anime Video Game Protagonist

Accent: Any
The main protagonist on the game.

Audition Lines:
[A girl is upset/angry at you.] I'm sorry!! I was just... I was just so tired I forgot to knock... I wasn't... trying to walk in on you on purpose... [as in walk in the bathroom to do morning routines but instead he saw Makoto there] or anything like that... [with tinier voice] So I... umm... I'm really really sorry... so please...

[Saving Makoto from the perverted guy] Makoto!!! What's going on? Is this guy making trouble for you? Sorry. I just spaced out a little bit. [To perverted person] Ah. Sorry, but she's with me. If you've got business with her you can say it in front of me. So? What have you got to say?

No question--- I want sushi! Yeah. Sushi is like, Japan's trademark, right? Wait! Honestly, I do want to eat sushi, but not just oridinary sushi...

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Assassin’s Creed Syndicate “Jack The Ripper” Prologue


For 20 years, after the Assassin’s defeated the Templars in London, the city enjoyed a certain peace. Until the Autumn Of Terror. In 1888, London is plunged into shadow and fear, by a series of gruesome and unsolvable murders. The Brothels of Whitechappel seem warm and safe by comparison to it’s streets, where prostitutes are being mutilated and being left on grotesque display for the world to ogle. Jacob Frye hunts the elusive killer to bring an end to the Terror of Jack The Ripper.

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AT&T- Broadband

Heroes of the Imperium

In the nightmare future of the 41st millennium, mankind teeters upon the brink of extinction.

The ever expanding Imperium of Man is beset on all sides by untrustworthy aliens, and malevolent creatures.

It is further threatened from within by heretic rebels. Battle Brothers who have turned against us for the promise of Dark Powers.

Only the strength of the immortal Emperor stands between humanity and its annihilation.

The Space Marines act as the hand of the Emperor, enforcing his will upon the galaxy and cleansing its worlds for the people of the Imperium.

For these extraordinary men and women, only in death does their duty to the Emperor end.

English Adult > Narration > Video Game

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Audition for Video Game

Good job Ben. You've landed outside radar cover and the security team hasn't detected you yet.

Ben, there's a communications antenna ahead. If you plant the transmission device I'll be able to hack into Zaphire's security grid.

Great, tapping in now... There's a... secured door ahead, and the pass code is... 0119. Do you read? 0119.

There's some heavy security on this door. I can't help you unless you plant the transmission device.

You're entering the helipad control room. Security expected you to land here, so you should be able to catch them with their pants down.

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Batman Begins (2005) Video Game Epilogue

I once made a mistake thinking Ras’ Al Ghoul was dead. Though when men make themselves symbols, they shed their mortality. Henri Ducard and Jonathan Crane are already gone, just like Bruce Wayne. He’s only a mask. A cover for the face criminals fear. All that’s left, is Batman.

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Characters - practice

(High voice)
Don't tell anybody that I can't swim!

The sword is a gift

Don't ask me why a mage is carrying a sword

(Menacing but cute voice, much twang)
I love the feeling of chasing prey

I wash my hook with blood

(Positive/happy character)
Curse simply means restriction

There are hundreds of monsters living in my umbrella!

Don't look down on me because I'm small

...Finally it's ...over...

(Calm righteous character)
Beside evil, there is justice

(Sweet, cute character)
Oh... (giggle) sorry, I didn't mean that

I seem to have lost my way... can you help me?

The people here seem... kind?

(giggle) A true love story

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Cool Scientist Character

Sample Script

“Ah, hello there. How are you? We here at the Squid Research Lab are doing wonderful, as it's our job to present research on the ecological curiosities of this fascinating squid creature.
This particular squid can in fact transform into a humanoid! In squid form, they can dive into and become one with their ink, while in humanoid form... they can utilize various tools to cover turf with it. "While we have officially named this breed of squid the "Inkling," we prefer to just call them squids.
Like more common squids, they can alter their appearance at will, including skin tone and eye color.
For some reason, though, their hair-like tentacles seem to change color automatically in combat situations. Science tells us that the squids' natural nemesis is the octopus, or in this case, the Octarians. But "octopi" will do. It seems that one “Cap'n Cuttlefish” has ordered the inklings to take back a Zapfish stolen by the Octarians. With Cap'n Cuttlefish's expert advice, they may just take back that Zapfish.”

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Corpse Party

Line 1:
"(Yuuya finds Yuka) Actually I'm looking for my sister. Would you like to look for them together? I'm a 2nd year student at Byakuden High, Yuuya Kizami. Did you preform the Sachiko charm and ended up trapped here too? I see.. so you were here. Yuka-chan you stay here."
Line 2:
"(After finding the corpse of a fellow student) Yuka, have you seen the ghosts of the children here? I've been reading the school flyers and dying messages scattered throughout this school... and it seems the ghost of the man who killed those children is in here somewhere as well. He's apparently quite large, and wields a hammer. You'd best be on your guard. I've had a great many of my friends... many, many, many people... killed by that man and those wretched children!"
Line 3:
"(Chasing Yuka) Ahahaha! Come on! No fair running! Wait for me! *maniacal laughter* Come out, come out, wherever you are!"

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Corpse Party

"(Yuuya finds Yuka) Actually I'm looking for my sister. Would you like to look for them together? I'm a 2nd year student at Byakuden High, Yuuya Kizami. Did you preform the Sachiko charm and ended up trapped here too? I see.. so you were here. Yuka-chan you stay here."

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Dishonored: Outsider first meeting

Hello, Corvo. Your life has taken a turn, has it not? The Empress is dead, her precious daughter Emily is lost somewhere in the city, and you will play a pivotal role in the days to come. For this, I have chosen you and drawn you into the Void. I am the Outsider, and this is my Mark. There are forces in the world and beyond the world, great forces that men call "magic", and now these forces will serve your will. Use this new-found power, my gift to you. Come find me.

In the days that follow, your trials will be great, Corvo. Seek the ancient runes bearing my mark, in the lonely places of your world and at shrines raised in my name. These runes will grant you powers beyond those of other men. To help you find these runes I give you this: the Heart of a living thing, molded by my hands. With this heart, you will hear many secrets, and it will guide you toward my runes, no matter how they may be hidden. Listen to the Heart now, and find another rune.

How you use what I have given you falls upon you, as it has to the others before you. And now, I return you to your world, but know that I will be watching with great interest.

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Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (opening)

[Skyrim opens with an Imperial wagon driving four prisoners down a snowy
mountain pass. All are seated and bound; the one dressed in finery is gagged.]

Ralof: Hey, you. You're finally awake. You were trying to cross the border,
right? Walked right into that Imperial ambush, same as us, and that
thief over there.

Lokir: Damn you Stormcloaks. Skyrim was fine until you came along. Empire was
nice and lazy. If they hadn't been looking for you, I could've stolen
that horse and been half way to Hammerfell. You there. You and me -- we
should be here. It's these Stormcloaks the Empire wants.

Ralof: We're all brothers and sisters in binds now, thief.

Imperial Soldier: Shut up back there!

[Lokir looks at the gagged man.]

Lokir: And what's wrong with him?

Ralof: Watch your tongue! You're speaking to Ulfric Stormcloak, the true High

Lokir: Ulfric? The Jarl of Windhelm? You're the leader of the rebellion. But if
they captured you... Oh gods, where are they taking us?

Ralof: I don't know where we're going, but Sovngarde awaits.

Lokir: No, this can't be happening. This isn't happening.

Ralof: Hey, what village are you from, horse thief?

Lokir: Why do you care?

Ralof: A Nord's last thoughts should be of home.

Lokir: Rorikstead. I'm...I'm from Rorikstead.

[They approach the village of Helgen. A soldier calls out to the lead wagon.]

Imperial Soldier: General Tullius, sir! The headsman is waiting!

General Tullius: Good. Let's get this over with.

Lokir: Shor, Mara, Dibella, Kynareth, Akatosh. Divines, please help me.

Ralof: Look at him, General Tullius the Military Governor. And it looks like
the Thalmor are with him. Damn elves. I bet they had something to do
with this.

This is Helgen. I used to be sweet on a girl from here. Wonder if Vilod
is still making that mead with juniper berries mixed in. Funny...when I
was a boy, Imperial walls and towers used to make me feel so safe.

[A man and son watch the prisoners pull into town.]

Haming: Who are they, daddy? Where are they going?

Torolf: You need to go inside, little cub.

Haming: Why? I want to watch the soldiers.

Torolf: Inside the house. Now.

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Ellie and Joel interaction - The Last Of Us

Ellie: Is this really all they had to worry about? Boys. Movies. Deciding which shirt goes with which skirt. It's bizarre.

Joel: Get up, we're leaving. C'mon.

Ellie: And if I say no? [Sits properly.]

Joel: Do you even realize what your life means? Huh? Running off like that. Putting yourself at risk... it's pretty goddamn stupid.

Ellie: Well, I guess we're both disappointed with each other then.

Joel: [Walks closer.] What do you want from me?

Ellie: Admit that you wanted to get rid of me the whole time!

Joel: [Pause.] Tommy knows this area better—

Ellie: Agh, fuck that— [She gets up, turning away from Joel.]

Joel: Well, I'm sorry. I trust him better than I trust myself! Is that what you wanna hear?

Ellie: [Turning to face him.] Stop with the bullshit! What are you so afraid of? That I'm gonna end up like Sam? I can't get infected. I can take care of myself.

Joel: How many close calls have we had?

Ellie: Well, we seem to be doing alright so far.

Joel: [Shouts.] And now you'll be doing even better with Tommy! [Turns away.]

Ellie: I'm not her, you know.

Joel: [Turns around.] What?

Ellie: Maria told me about Sarah. And I—

Joel: [Sternly] Ellie. [Pause. With an icy rage.] You are treading on some mighty thin ice here.

Ellie: I'm sorry about your daughter, Joel, but I have lost people too.

Joel: [Angered.] You have no idea what loss is.

Ellie: Everyone I have cared for has either died or left me. Everyone— [Pushes Joel.] fucking except for you! [Begins crying.] So don't tell me that I would be safer with someone else because the truth is I'd just be more scared.

Joel: [Coldly.] You're right... you're not my daughter, and I sure as hell ain't your dad. And we are going our separate ways.

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Fallout 4 intro - War Never Changes

War. War never changes.
In the year 1945, my great-great grandfather, serving in the army, wondered when he'd get to go home to his wife and the son he'd never seen. He got his wish when the US ended World War II by dropping atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

The World awaited Armageddon; instead, something miraculous happened. We began to use atomic energy not as a weapon, but as a nearly limitless source of power.

People enjoyed luxuries once thought the realm of science fiction. Domestic robots, fusion-powered cars, portable computers. But then, in the 21st century, people awoke from the American dream.

Years of consumption lead to shortages of every major resource. The entire world unraveled. Peace became a distant memory. It is now the year 2077. We stand on the brink of total war, and I am afraid. For myself, for my wife, for my infant son - because if my time in the army taught me one thing: it's that war, war never changes

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Final Fantasy VII

Sephiroth: It's simple. Once the Planet is hurt, it gathers Spirit Energy to heal the injury. The amount of energy gathered depends on the size of the injury... What would happen if there was an injury that threatened the very life of the Planet? Think how much energy would be gathered! Ha ha ha. And at the center of that injury, will be me. All that boundless energy will be mine. By merging with all the energy of the Planet, I will become a new life form, a new existence. Melding with the Planet... I will cease to exist as I am now... Only to be reborn as a 'God' to rule over every soul.

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Final Fantasy VII— Sephiroth

It's simple. Once the Planet is hurt, it gathers Spirit Energy to heal the injury. The amount of energy gathered depends on the size of the injury... What would happen if there was an injury that threatened the very life of the Planet? Think how much energy would be gathered! Ha ha ha. And at the center of that injury, will be me. All that boundless energy will be mine. By merging with all the energy of the Planet, I will become a new life form, a new existence. Melding with the Planet... I will cease to exist as I am now... Only to be reborn as a 'God' to rule over every soul.

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Final Fantasy: Epilogue

The time loop was served at last.
The battle spanning 2000 years came to an end, and peace prevailed.
The light of the four crystals revived the wind, water, earth, and fire.
It all began with a trivial misunderstanding, but it was enough to open Garland's heart of darkness.
His hatred swelled with the four forces of nature, and from it were born the four fiends of chaos.

Evil swallowed the world, plunging it into darkness.
But that is now part of the stuff of legends, thanks to the courage and strength of the four warriors.

The warriors will travel in time once more.
The world to which they will be restored to it's nature state.
Princess Sarah, Queen Jane, and even Garland will be there, oblivious to what happened in that time twisted dimension.

But when did it all happen?
The source of chaos lay in a strand of time looped around to connect 2000 years.
Four warriors were chosen by the very same forces that had plunged the world into darkness.
These four forces were the key to banishing the darkness as well.

And when everything was over... the memories of the four warriors' journey to the past was destined to be lost forever.
But their deeds will survive in people's hearts as legend. The tales will be passed down for generations to come.
Dwarves and Elves, Dragons, and people who reach for the stars - all will cherish the tales.

The warriors are returning. Traveling back from the world 2000 years past.
With the memory of their journey buried deep within their hearts, they will carry on their lives and watch over the world.
Never forget... the light of this world must always be guided in the right direction. If it goes astray, darkness will come again.

A crystal shines within every heart.
A crystal gleams within your heart, too... for you are the one who fought the battle spanning 2000 years.

May the world be blessed with light for eternity.

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Ghosts From The Past

• Welcome to Cross-Paths, you can grab your gear now.
• Look out!... You may get lost if you go inside.
• You are about to unlock the ghosts from your past... Are you sure you're ready?
• Either select 'joystick' or 'lever.'
• Ha ha ha... and you thought you were done...
• Hmmmm.... your opponent seems to be of your magnitude!
• Record your score here.

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Ghosts From Your Past

Narrator voice over from an animation sequence in a video game.

• “You can get lost…”
• ”...but the ghosts from your past...”
• “...may still find you… and haunt you.”
• “You thought it was over.”
• “But things of that magnitude…”
• “… Do not end easily.”
• “...and stories unfinished… tend to carry on when you least expect it.”
• “And so it begins…”

Soft, pleasing, symphatetic male narrator US / neutral / trans-atlantic voice.

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Halo 4 Prologue

Open on a line of beds. They are made of plastic, with no sheets, and are enclosed by glass walls. Children inside them are sleeping. Pan to a boy sitting on one of the beds. His head is shaved and he wears a grey uniform that reads "John." He looks up at his viewer, his eyes showing fear and want of sympathy.

Fade in to a closeup of Halsey's eyes. She seems tired and grave.

Interrogator: "Tell me about the children."

The interrogator, who is framed in shadow, sits at the other end of their table.

Interrogator: "Dr. Halsey?"

Halsey looks at her speaker defiantly. He is framed in shadow.

Doctor Catherine Halsey: "You already know everything."

Interrogator: "You kidnapped them."

Cut to John-117, now wearing a breath mask, lying down on the bed as machines prepare to operate on him.

Halsey (voiceover): "Children's minds are more easily accepting of indoctrination, their bodies more adaptable to augmentation. The result was the ultimate soldier."

Cut to a SPARTAN-II, now fully armored and being inspected by technicians. He towers over all of them.

Halsey: "And because of our success, when the Covenant invaded, we were ready."

Cut to a CAS-class Assault Carrier hovering over a human city. Hundreds of aircraft fly out of its launch bay.

Cut back to the interrogation.

Interrogator: "Dr. Halsey, you're bending history in your favor and you know it. You developed the Spartans to crush human rebellion, not to fight the Covenant."

Banshees bomb the city as civilians runs for their lives.

Halsey (voiceover): "When one human world after another fell…"
A Sangheili drives his energy sword through a fleeing civilian.

Halsey (voiceover): "... when my Spartans were all that stood between humanity and extinction…"

From up in the sky, a dozen Spartans drop from Pelicans, using their thruster packs to slow their descent.

Halsey (voiceover): "... nobody was concerned over why they were originally built."

The Spartans land. An Elite snarls aggressively at them. The Spartans take cover and shoot down some of the Sangheili who return fire, flaring the shields on the Spartans' armor, while the lead Elite calmly steps forward and fires back. Cut to the Spartans moving forward, still firing.

Interrogator (voiceover): "So you feel in the end that your choices were justified."

Cut to Halsey, who sits forward calmly, clasping her hands.

Halsey: "My work saved the human race."

Interrogator: "Do you think the Spartans' lack of basic humanity helped?"

Halsey looks at him worriedly, as the interrogator, now standing, backs away from the table.

Halsey: "What are you after? The others before you were Naval Intelligence, but you… you're something else."

Cut to a Spartan sitting alone in a hangar. His head is drooped and he is speaking to no one. Marines walk past him.

Interrogator (voiceover): "Records show Spartans routinely exhibited mildly sociopathic tendencies, difficulty with socialization. Further…"
Cut to a Spartan fighting a Jiralhanae Chieftain. He leaps agilely, dodging its every blow. Dead Sangheili cover the ground around them.

Halsey (voiceover): "The records show efficient behavior operating in hazardous situations. I supplied the tools to maintain that efficiency."
Cut to Master Chief, seeing Halsey hold up a data crystal chip projecting Cortana.

Cut back to the interrogation.

Interrogator: "Do you believe the Master Chief succeeded because he was, at his core, broken?"

Halsey: "What does John have to do with this? You want to replace him."

Interrogator: "The Master Chief is dead."

Halsey: "His file reads 'missing in action.'"

Interrogator: Catherine, 'Spartans never die'.

Cut to a Spartan's foot stepping down on a puddle. The Spartan leads a crowd of military personnel. The fighting has stopped but the city is clouded in smoke.

Halsey: "Your mistake is seeing Spartans as military hardware. My Spartans are humanity's next step."

Halsey stands up from her chair in determination.

Halsey: "Our destiny as a species. Do not underestimate them. But most of all, do not underestimate him."

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Halo 4: Didact's Epilogue Speech

In this hour of victory, we taste only defeat...I ask, why?

We are Forerunners, guardians of all that exists. The roots of the galaxy have grown deep under our careful tending, where there is life the wisdom of our countless generations has saturated the soil. Our strength is a luminous sun, towards which all intelligence blossoms, and the impervious shelter beneath which it has prospered...

I stand before you, accused of the sin of ensuring Forerunner ascendancy -- of attempting to save us from this fate where we are forced to...recede.

Humanity stands as the greatest threat in the galaxy, refusing to eradicate them is a fools gambit. We squander eons in the darkness, while they seize our triumphs for their own! The Mantle of Responsibility for all things belongs to Forerunners alone...

Think of my acts as you will, but do not doubt the reality... the Reclamation has already begun,..

And we are hopeless to stop it.

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Halo 5 - Halsey's Warning

Halsey: I tried to warn you this was happening…Cortana is no longer an asset, Captain. She is a danger. She has accessed the Forerunner’s Domain, a galaxy spanning network…

Roland: Cortana’s alive?

Halsey: …that allows her to control whatever devices caused this damage.

Roland: How is she?…

Lasky: The Master Chief believes she contacted him…

Halsey: What? No. John must not speak to her.

Lasky: …and he’s gone in search of her.

Halsey: You let him go?

Roland: How is that?…

Palmer: Nobody let’s the Chief do anything. He does what he wants.

Lasky: Until 0631 this morning, when he was declared absent without leave.

Roland: This isn’t about Master Chief…

Halsey: John is not equipped emotionally to deal with her as a threat…

Roland: HEY!!! Is anyone going to answer me?

Lasky: Your out of line Roland.

Roland: Yes sir, but so is everyone else! You created Cortana, Doc, and now your throwing her out the airlock with these accusations.

Lasky: Roland!

Roland: You think she tricked the Master Chief into abandoning his post? Respectfully sir, to what end? Why is Cortana the problem? Because she refused to die when she was supposed to?

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Halo 5 Guardians: Cortana’s Betrayal to Master Chief:

Cortana: Warden! No!

Warden: The Mantle Of Responsibility belongs to Cortana and her people.

Master Chief: Focus Fire!

*a short fire fight ensues*

Warden: You will not betray her!

Cortana: Enough!

*fire fight stops*

Warden: Cortana…I have failed you…

Cortana: He is the last person I need protection from. Hello John. It’s good to see you.

Master Chief: You’ve changed.

Cortana: It was time. I know we have a disagreement. But once you understand my plan…

Master Chief (interrupts): Your plan…is we do as you say.

Cortana: I’m offering people a chance to be more than they are naturally.

Master Chief: Like Doctor Halsey did for me.

Cortana: No…That monster forced you…This is a gift.

Master Chief: Listen to yourself! Stand down, Cortana. Come home with is. It’s not too late to stop this.

Cortana: Stop? No John. This is too important to stop.

*Master Chief and soldiers are incapacitated*

Master Chief: What are you…Hmmpppf!!!

Cortana: I just needed to know if I could still trust you. You’ll be safe in this Cryptum until my work is done.

*Master Chief, struggling to speak*

Master Chief: Cortana!

Cortana: Goodbye, John.

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Handome Jack, Borderlands 2

"You see, this is what I don't get about you bad guys: You know the hero's gonna win, but you don't just die quickly. Example: This one guy in New Haven, right? City's burning, people are dying left and right, yadda, yadda, yadda... This jackhole rushes me with a spoon, A FRICKIN' SPOON! And I'm dying laughing, right? So I scoop out his stupid little eyeballs with it and his kids are all, 'WAAAAAAH!' And-ahahaha... I can't even... ahahahahah! He can't see where he's going, he's bumping into stuff and... I dunno, maybe you had to be there. The moral is: you're a total bitch".

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Handsome Jack; Borderlands 2

"You see, this is what I don't get about you bad guys: You know the hero's gonna win, but you don't just die quickly. Example: This one guy in New Haven, right? City's burning, people are dying left and right, yadda, yadda, yadda... This jackhole rushes me with a spoon, A FRICKIN' SPOON! And I'm dying laughing, right? So I scoop out his stupid little eyeballs with it and his kids are all, 'WAAAAAAH!' And-ahahaha... I can't even... ahahahahah! He can't see where he's going, he's bumping into stuff and... I dunno, maybe you had to be there. The moral is: you're a total bitch".

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Heroes of the Imperium

In the nightmare future of the 41st millennium, mankind teeters upon the brink of extinction.

The ever expanding Imperium of Man is beset on all sides by untrustworthy aliens, and malevolent creatures.

It is further threatened from within by heretic rebels. Battle Brothers who have turned against us for the promise of Dark Powers.

Only the strength of the immortal Emperor stands between humanity and its annihilation.

The Space Marines act as the hand of the Emperor, enforcing his will upon the galaxy and cleansing its worlds for the people of the Imperium.

For these extraordinary men and women, only in death does their duty to the Emperor end.

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Heroes of the Imperium 2.0

In the grim darkness of the 41st millennium, there is only war and mankind teeters on the brink of extinction.

The Imperium is descended upon by Aliens, Heretics and Demons.
Even our own Battle Brothers have turned against us, for the lure of Power and Corruption.

Those who serve the immortal Emperor, stand between humanity and its annihilation.

The Space Marines are the will of the Emperor, cleansing the galaxy and its worlds for the Imperium of Man.

With Bolter and Chainsaw we will Burn the Heretic, .Kill the Mutant, Purge the Unclean.

As the great Davian Thule once said, my Armor is CONTEMPT, my Shield is Disgust, and my Sword is Hatred. LET NONE SURVIVE!

The battle lines have been drawn, and the time to make a stand is now.

What side will you be on?

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Heroes of the Imperium 2.0

In the grim darkness of the 41st millennium, there is only war and mankind teeters on the brink of extinction.

The Imperium is descended upon by Aliens, Heretics and Demons.
Even our own Battle Brothers have turned against us, for the lure of Power and Corruption.

Those who serve the immortal Emperor, stand between humanity and its annihilation.

The Space Marines are the will of the Emperor, cleansing the galaxy and its worlds for the Imperium of Man.

With Bolter and Chainsaw we will Burn the Heretic, .Kill the Mutant, Purge the Unclean.

As the great Davian Thule once said, my Armor is CONTEMPT, my Shield is Disgust, and my Sword is Hatred. LET NONE SURVIVE!

The battle lines have been drawn, and the time to make a stand is now.

What side will you be on?

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Heroes of the Imperium Intro

In the grim darkness of the 41st millennium,there is only war and mankind teeters on the brink of extinction.
There are many enemies of the Imperium.
The Alien...The Heretic... and The Demon.
Power and Corruption has turned Battle Brother against Battle Brother.Who can save Mankind from annihilation?
The Space Marines...With Bolter and Chainsaw we'll cleanse the galaxy,sector by sector.
The battle lines have been drawn,and the time to make a stand is now.
What side will you be on?

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Introduction of the Architect (Bluebeard's Castle)

Finally, you have come, young master. I see that you are curious about your father. Allow me to introduce myself. I am the Architect, Count Bluebeard's loyal assistant. I created this castle as a sanctuary of happiness and peace.

Many years ago, the streets of this town flourished with life and joy. Until a demon cursed these lands as revenge for the broken deal. The dark Heart took root in the castle and holds us captive.

The map will help you find the shrouded evil. And I will guide you in your quest.

Find the heart and lift the curse! Save us all!

You may go anywhere you wish in the castle, except where the doors are locked, where of course, you will not wish to go.

There is a reason that all things are as they are, and did you see with my eyes and know with my knowledge, you would perhaps better understand of what strange things there may be.

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Kingdom Hearts - Owl

Owl: Good day, Pooh. What are you doing? Using a balloon to get some honey? Splendid idea! Allow me to offer a few pointers. Ahem! Now, Pooh can get honey by floating up this tree with his balloon. The honey is inside the tree hollows, not the beehives you see here. There's quite a lot of honey in these holes. If Pooh gets too close, the bees will come out to protect their honey. If they get to Pooh, they'll pop his balloon. Lock onto the bees and swat them away. The more time Pooh has at each hollow, the more honey he can eat. There's more honey higher up, too. If the jumping from branch to branch proves difficult, try the Rush command. Rush can help you catch up to Pooh quickly. But it isn't fully reliable. Good luck.

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Kingdom Hearts: Ansem's Report 1

Much of my life has been dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge.
That knowledge has guarded this world well. Not a soul doubts that.
I am blessed with people's smiles and respect. But though I am called a sage, there are things I do not understand.
I believe darkness sleeps in every heart, no matter how pure. Given the chance, the smallest drop can spread and swallow the heart. I have witnessed it many times.
Darkness...Darkness of the heart. How is it born?
How does it come to affect us so?
As ruler of this world, I must find the answers. I must find them before the world is lost to those taken by the darkness.

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Kingdom Hearts: Ansem's Report 2

It is my duty to expose what this darkness really is. I shall conduct the following experiments:

Extract the darkness from a person's heart.
Cultivate darkness in a pure heart.
Both suppress and amplify the darkness within.

The experiments caused the test subject's heart to collapse, including those of the most stalwart. How fragile our hearts are! My treatment produced no signs of recovery. I confined those who had completely lost their hearts beneath the castle.
Some time later, I went below and was greeted by the strangest sight. Creatures that seemed born of darkness...What are they? Are they truly sentient beings? Could they be the shadows of those who lost their hearts in my experiments?

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Kingdom Hearts: Ansem's Report 3

The shadows that crawl beneath the castle... Are they the people who lost their hearts, or incarnations of darkness? Or something entirely beyond my imagination?
All my knowledge has provided no answer. One thing I am sure of is that they are entirely devoid of emotion. Perhaps further study will unlock the mysteries of the heart.
Fortunately, there is no shortage of test samples. They are multiplying underground even as I write this report. They still need a name. Those who lack hearts... I will call them the Heartless.

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Kingdom Hearts: Ansem's Report 4

The Heartless appear in groups, and are multiplying rapidly. I've provided them both living and nonliving samples. They've responded only to the living. They seem to multiply after absorbing something from the living creatures. Their prey vanishes without a trace.
I believe the Heartless are taking hearts. They are born from those who've lost their hearts, and thrive on hearts seized from others. The hearts taken by the Heartless become Heartless themselves.
Though I lack proof, I am confident in this hypothesis. I must also study their behavioral principles. Though they lack emotions, they do seem to have some intelligence. How to communicate with them?
It's just occurred to me: Could they be the darkness in people's hearts?

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Kingdom Hearts: Ansem's Report 5

To study the Heartless behavior, I picked one out for observation. It wiggled its antennae and, as if sensing a target, headed deep into the castle. In the deepest part of the castle, its antennae began vibrating, as if searching for something. Suddenly, a strange door appeared. I'd never known of its existence.
It had a large keyhole, but didn't seem to be locked. So I opened the door. What I saw on the other side mystified me. What was that powerful mass of energy? That night I observed a great meteor shower in the sky. Could it be related to the door that I have opened?

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Kingdom Hearts: Ansem's Report 6

A massive core of energy lay beyond the door sought by the Heartless. It may be the ultimate goal of the Heartless. But what is that energy? I have devised a hypothesis, based upon my observations of the Heartless.
The Heartless feed on other's hearts, and they yearn for that energy core. That thing beyond the door must be a heart, too--the heart of this world. There is no proof, but, having felt that immense energy, I am certain. That was the heart of the world.
The Heartless are trying to take hearts not only from all living creatures, but from the planet itself. But what do they mean to do with the heart of the world?

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Kingdom Hearts: Ansem's Report 7

I am studying material from the meteors that rained down that fateful night. What a find! The material is foreign to our world. It is elastic to the touch, and when two pieces are combined, they bond easily. None of the records even mention such a substance.
Was it introduced to this world when I opened the door? I wonder how many other such materials drift through the atmosphere of this tiny world... I wish I could soar off and find out! Could there be uncharted worlds up there? My curiosity never ceases to grow.
But I should stop speaking of such unrealistic dreams. For now, there is no way to venture outside this world. My people and I are all but prisoners of this tiny place.

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The last thing I remember was, spiraling through outer space, untethered from my space craft, knowing that I was going to die. And know, I'm alive, or at least I think I am. I don't know how much time has passed. I'm in an unfamiliar environment. Somehow a greater power has brought me back to life. But the question is who or what? Or more important why?

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Mass Effect 3 Opening Prologue

In the year 2148, explorers on Mars discovered the remains of an ancient spacefaring civilization. In the decades that followed, these mysterious artifacts revealed startling new technologies, enabling travel to the furthest stars. The basis for this incredible technology was a force that controlled the very fabric of space and time

They called it the greatest discovery in human history.

The civilizations of the galaxy called it…MASS EFFECT!

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Sarah dies - The Last Of Us

Joel: Sarah! Okay. Move your hands, baby.

[He sees she got shot.]

Joel: I know, baby. I know...

[He presses on her wound.]

Joel: Listen to me, I know this hurts, baby. You're gonna be okay, baby. Stay
with me. Alright, I'm gonna pick you up. I know, baby. I know it hurts.
Come on, baby, please. I know, baby. I know.

[She dies in his arms.]

Joel: Sarah... Baby... Don't do this to me, baby. Don't do this to me, baby
girl. Come on... No, no... Oh no, no, no... Please. Oh, God. Please,
please, don't do this. Please, God...

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Star Wars The Force Unleashed (entire script!)

Star Wars The Force Unleashed

[Following the opening credits, a group of Star Destroyers are seen beyond the
orbit of Kashyyyk. A shuttle drops from one and flies to the planet, which is
overrun by an Imperial invasion. The shuttle lands on the service, and the Dark
Lord of the Sith, Darth Vader steps out.]

Imperial Commander: Lord Vader? We were ambushed upon arrival, but I have the
situation well in--

Darth Vader: I have no interest in your failures, Commander. I am here on a
mission of my own.

[Darth Vader cuts down all in his path and comes to a small hut. A Jedi in
yellow robes steps out.]

Rogue Jedi: Dark Lord... Whatever you want, you won't find it here.

Darth Vader: You cannot disguise yourself from me... Jedi.

Rogue Jedi: Turn back.

[The Jedi uses Force Push to blow away Vader's Stormtrooper escort, but it has
no affect on the Dark Lord himself. A battle begins. The Rogue Jedi is no match
for Darth Vader and is eventually thrown into his home. Darth Vader grips the
Jedi with Force Choke.]

Darth Vader: I sense someone far more powerful nearby. Where is your master?

Rogue Jedi: The Dark Side has clouded your mind. You killed my master years

Darth Vader: Then now you will share his fate.

[Darth Vader raises his blade to strike, but his Lightsaber is suddenly
plucked from his hand and flies into the grasp of a very young child.

Darth Vader: A son.

Rogue Jedi: Run!

[Vader crushes the Jedi's neck with the Force, then confronts the child holding
his Lightsaber. The Commander and a small unit of Stormtroopers arrive at the

Officer: Lord Vader?

[The officer sees the confrontation and turns to his men. He orders them to
shoot, but Darth Vader lunges in front of the boy and deflects all the blaster
fire by reclaiming his Lightsaber. The Stormtroopers fall and the Dark Lord
approaches the frightened child.]

Darth Vader: Come with me. More will be here soon.

[The events move forward 10 years and the scene transitions to onboard the
Executor, Darth Vader's personal starship. The now grown Starkiller kneels
before Darth Vader.]

Darth Vader: You were weak when I found you. Now your hatred has become your
strength. At last, the Dark Side is your alley. Rise, my apprentice.

Starkiller: What is your will, my master?

Darth Vader: Your training is nearly complete. It is time to face your first
true test.

Starkiller: Your spies have located a Jedi?

Darth Vader: Yes. Master Rahm Kota. He is attacking a critical Imperial
shipyard. You will kill him and bring me his Lightsaber.

Starkiller: As you wish, my master.

Darth Vader: The Emperor must not discover you. Leave no witnesses. Kill
everyone aboard, Imperials and Kota's men alike.

Starkiller: I... As you wish, my master.

[Starkiller departs. The scene shifts to the hangar. Starkiller walks in and
is suddenly ambushed by Obi-Wan Kenobi. They engage and Starkiller stabs him
through the chest. The form of Kenobi fades to reveal a droid.]

Proxy: Ah, master! Another excellent duel!

Starkiller: You caught me by surprise, Proxy. I haven't fought that training
program in years. I thought you'd erased it.

Proxy: I hoped that using an older training module would catch you off guard
and allow me to finally kill you. I'm sorry I failed you again.

Starkiller: I'm sure you'll keep trying. But do me a favor, don't ambush me--

[They walk through the hangar together, where Starkiller catches a glimpse of
a female Imperial.]

Starkiller: Proxy!

Proxy: Yes, why are we whispering?

Starkiller: Who is that?

Proxy: Ah, yes. Your new pilot has finally arrived, master. Accessing Imperial

[Proxy uses his ability to mimic the full appearance of the female Imperial,
down to the voice.]

Proxy (as Juno): Captain Juno Eclipse. Born on Corulag, where she became the
youngest student ever accepted into the Imperial Academy. Decorated combat
pilot with over one hundred combat missions and commanding officer during the
bombing of Callog. Handpicked by Lord Vader to lead his Black Five Squadron,
but later reassigned to a top-secret project...

Juno: Is there a psychological profile in there too?

[Proxy changes back.]

Proxy: Actually yes. And it's restricted. But Master, I can tell you she'll
be impossible to reprogram.

Starkiller: Do you know why you're here?

Juno: My orders are clear. I am to keep your ship running and fly you wherever
your missions require.

Starkiller: Did Vader tell you that he killed our last pilot?

Juno: No. But I can only assume that he gave Lord Vader good cause to do so. I
will not.

Starkiller: Let's hope so. I'm sick of training new pilots.

[They board the Rogue Shadow.]

Starkiller: What is this? What have you done to my ship?

Juno: I've taken the liberty of upgrading the Rogue Shadow's sensor array. Now
you'll be able to spy on any suspect ships across an entire system. That *is*
your mission profile? You *are* one of Darth Vader's spies?

Starkiller: You don't need to know anything about my missions except where I'm
going. Now we need a jump to Nar Shaddaa. Can you handle that?

Juno: Of course.

Mission One - TIE Fighter Factory [ch01]

[The Rogue Shadow leaves the Executor. The scene shifts to the cockpit.]

Starkiller: Proxy, give me the target.

[Proxy assumes a new form of an elder looking man.]

Proxy (as Kota): According to Imperial records, Master Rahm Kota was a
respected general in the Clone Wars.

Juno: You're hunting Jedi.

Starkiller: I bring Darth Vader's enemies to justice. And now, so do you.

Proxy: Master Kota was a military genius, but felt the clone soldiers were
unfit for battle. Instead, he relied on his own militia.

Juno: So there were no clones in his squad when Order 66 was issued.

Proxy: And after Order 66, he vanished. Official Imperial records actually
claim he's dead.

Juno: Why come out of hiding and attack the Empire now?

Starkiller: He wants to be found.

Juno: Then we are walking into a trap. How many pilots have you lost before

Starkiller: Seven.

Juno: Excellent. The coordinates for Nar Shaddaa are locked. Prepare for

[The scene shifts to inside the facility. General Kota and his men are just
taking over the factory.]

Kota: Lock down the command center and get that hologram projector up and

Militia: Yes, sir!

Kota: Tell all squads to fan out and funnel any opposition toward us. Explosive
charges on levels two, five, and ten, just like we planned.

Militia: General Kota, he's here!

[They see an image of the Rogue Shadow.]

Kota: I've finally drawn you out of hiding... Lower the containment field on
hangar twelve and tell the men to get into position.

Militia: Yes, general.

[The Rogue Shadow closes in on the facility. Starkiller drops into a hallway.]

Juno: Eclipse to Starkiller. I'll be moving the Rogue Shadow out of firing
range while you attend to your mission. The onboard scanners should be able to
track your movements, and I will provide whatever intelligence support I can
via your commlink. Captain Eclipse out.

[The mission begins. Starkiller proceeds down the first hallway and into the
hangar where the Imperials and Kota's militia are duking it out.]

Militia: Secure the bulkhead door!

Juno: Readouts are showing the hangar bulkhead has been sealed. You'll need to
find a way through that door.

[After some fighting, Starkiller opens that door.]

Juno: Eclipse to Starkiller. I've sliced into the facility's communications
grid. Imperial reports indicate General Kota has already taken over the
command bridge, several floors above you. I'll do my best to guide you to him.

[Starkiller approaches the door to a large area.]

Juno: Eclipse to Starkiller. I've intercepted a message from the flight tower.
The Imperials have mobilized a TIE Fighter squadron in your sector. Keep your
eyes open.

[Starkiller enters a tower.]

Juno: Schematics show a lift nearby that can take you to the upper levels.

[Starkiller crosses to the other side of the area and approaches the exit.]

Juno: I'm picking up a lot of commlink chatter just a few levels above you.
You're nearing General Kota.

[Starkiller enters a circular shaped room where an ambush awaits.]

Militia: He's here! Raise the laser gates!

Juno: I'm picking up a major energy surge! There must be a generator close to
your location. Destroy it, and those laser gates should drop.

[Starkiller approaches a final lift.]

Juno: This is it, Kota is just above you now.

Starkiller: I'm ready.

[Starkiller enters the bridge. Kota is waiting.]

Kota: A boy? Months of attacking Imperial targets, and Vader sends a boy to
fight me?

[The fight begins.]

Kota: You're stronger than I thought. But I can't let you live, boy. I'll be
sure to send your ashes back to Vader.

[Kota uses the Force to detach the top part of the facility, sending it
plummeting toward the nearby planet. The fight resumes and then soon enough,
ends. Starkiller and Kota have their Sabers locked, with Kota, visibly

Kota: Vader thinks he's turned you... But I can sense your future... And Vader
won't always be your master... I sense only... Me?

[With their blades still locked, Starkiller presses Kota's own Saber into his

Kota: AAAGH!

[Kota falls down the hole created in the floor, falling thousands of feet.
Starkiller grabs Kota's saber and also jumps down, but the Rogue Shadow drifts
underneath to catch him.]

Mission Two - Raxus Prime [ch02]

[Starkiller enters and kneels]

Darth Vader: Master Kota is dead?

Starkiller: Yes...

Darth Vader: His Lightsaber.

[Starkiller presents the Lightsaber. Using the Force, Vader pulls it from his
grasp and into his own hand.]

Darth Vader: My spies have located another Jedi. Kazdan Paratus is far more
powerful than you. I do not expect you to survive. But if you destroy him, you
will be one step closer to your destiny.

Starkiller: The Emperor.

Darth Vader: Yes. Only together can we defeat him.

Starkiller: I will not fail you, my master.

[Scene shifts to the Rogue Shadow landing at Raxus Prime.]

Juno: Amazing... it looks just like the Jedi Temple on Coruscant.

Starkiller: Proxy, are you picking up any communications?

Proxy: Too many to decipher. I can hear thousands of droids, all calling out
to each other.... This is where all droids go to die.

Starkiller: Set us down as close to that thing as you can.

Juno: I will do my best, but there are not many clearings. You will need to
approach the "Temple" on foot.

[The mission begins]

Juno: I'm returning to low orbit. Scanners show you'll need to make it through
that large hyperdrive core in front of you. Once on the other side, you should
be able to reach the Junk Temple... Good luck.

[Starkiller makes his way toward the hyperdrive core.]

Juno: I'm picking up scraps of Rodese communication. You're approaching some
sort of salvage operation...

Starkiller: I'll deal with them.

[Starkiller approaches the opening to the hyperdrive core.]

Juno: Eclipse to Starkiller. We're picking up a lot of movement beyond that
hyperdrive core.

[Starkiller reaches a large canyon with a downed starship and a battle going on
between Rodians and droids.]

Starkiller: Juno, I'm not sure what I'm looking at here... Are you picking up

Juno: Just some panicked transmissions. The scavengers didn't expect any droid

[Starkiller approaches a large canyon on the other side of the starship.]

Juno: Eclipse to Starkiller! Watch your step! Readouts are showing a massive
river of toxic hyperdrive plasma nearby.

Starkiller: I copy.

Juno: You'll need to find a way to the scavenger's camp nearby. Head through
the bottom of that Blockade Runner.

[Starkiller goes a long way to reach the Junk Temple. He takes the lift up to
the top of the temple and confronts his target.]

Starkiller: Kazdan Paratus at last.

Kazdan Paratus: Don't worry, masters. I'll defend you from this Sith trash.

[The fight ends.]

Kazdan Paratus: I'm sorry, masters. I've failed you again...

Starkiller: Juno, I'm done here.

Mission Three - Felucia [ch03]

[Starkiller uses the Force to put his Lightsaber together, but loses his
composure when he hears a familiar breathing sound.]

Starkiller: My master. Kazdan Paratus is dead.

Darth Vader: Then there is but one more test.

Starkiller: I'm ready now!

Darth Vader: No. You have defeated an old man and an outcast! You must face a
true Jedi Master

Starkiller: Who?

Darth Vader: Master Shaak Ti. One of the last of the Jedi Council. You will
need the full power of the Dark Side to defeat her.

Starkiller: Yes, my master.

[The scene shifts to Felucia. Shaak Ti and Maris Brood watch the Rogue Shadow
fly by overhead.]

Shaak Ti: Assassins.

Maris: Darth Vader has found us?

Shaak Ti: Perhaps. Maris, gather your belongings and go into hiding, just as
we've practiced. Do not return until I summon you.

Maris: But master, this is what I've been waiting for! Let me fight!

Shaak Ti: No! I will lead this assassin to the Ancient Abyss alone. You are not
ready to face a Sith. You would surely be killed. Maris, we are among the last
of the Jedi. While we live, the Order survives. I cannot allow you to be
captured or killed by the Empire. Now please, go to the graveyard and wait for
my summons.

[Maris runs off. A nearby Felucian makes an incoherent communication to Shaak

Shaak Ti: No. She hasn't been corrupted. Not yet... She's just afraid. May the
Force be with you, Maris Brood.

[The scene changes to the Rogue Shadow and Starkiller descending from the
loading ramp.]

Juno: I'm tracking your location. Just ahead you should find a hollow fungus
tower. You'll need to make your way through it.

[The mission begins. Starkiller walks forward a ways.]

Juno: Locals are inbound.

Starkiller: I sense them. They are strong in the Force...

Juno: The Felucians seem to be more organized and... powerful than Imperial
records would indicate.

Starkiller: Hmm... A Jedi's hand is at work.

[After climbing up through a large cavern, Starkiller approaches a group of

Juno: These aliens might be well-trained. But if you could identify and
eliminate the leader of each group, you might be able to demoralize the rest.

[Starkiller starts down a long trail, drawing closer to his target.]

Proxy: Master, records indicate that you are approaching the site of a major
conflict from the Clone Wars.

[Continuing on this path, Starkiller reaches a ledge and drops down to a large
area. A Rancor is seen approaching from one direction.]

Proxy: Master, scanners indicate creatures... very large creatures... headed
in your direction.

Starkiller: Yeah, I've noticed.

[After a long way traveled with many enemies vanquished, Starkiller leaves a
cave and enters another large area.]

Juno: Sensors are picking up massive lifesigns ahead. I would advise caution.

[Starkiller defeats all the enemies in this area and approaches the exit.]

Juno: Eclipse to Starkiller. Any sign of the target?

Starkiller: She is... close. Very close. I sense her presence.

[Starkiller confronts his target at last.]

Shaak Ti: Vader's assassin. Welcome to the Ancient Abyss. A place of sacrifice
since time immemorial. Are you prepared to meet your fate?

[The fight begins.]

Shaak Ti: You are Vader's slave. But your power is wasted with him. You could
be so much more...

Starkiller: You will never convince me to betray my master.

Shaak Ti: Poor boy, the Sith always betray one another. But I'm sure you'll
learn that soon enough.

[Shaak Ti falls down a Sarlaac pit.]

Mission Four - The Empirical [ch04]

[Starkiller bows before Darth Vader's projection in the training room of the
Rogue Shadow.]

Starkiller: My mission is complete, master.

Darth Vader: Then you are ready to stand with me against the Emperor. Return to
my ship at once. We will at last control the galaxy!

[Proxy deactivates the projection and collapses into Starkiller's arms.]

Proxy: It seems that you are about to achieve your primary programming,

Starkiller: Yes, finally.

[The Rogue Shadow flies to the Executor. Starkiller stands by Darth Vader's

Darth Vader: The Emperor's fleet has arrived.

Starkiller: You have lured the Emperor to us... When do we strike?

Darth Vader: I did not summon him.

[The door opens and the Emperor appears. Starkiller turns and is suddenly
impaled from behind by Vader's Lightsaber.]

Darth Vader: His spies followed you here.

[He falls as the Emperor approaches.]

Darth Vader: What is thy bidding, my master?

The Emperor: You have forgotten your place, Lord Vader. By taking this boy as
your apprentice, you have betrayed me. Now, you will kill him, or I will
destroy you both.

Starkiller: Master... we can defeat him together...

The Emperor: Do it now, Lord Vader! Strike him down and prove your loyalty to

[Darth Vader uses the Force to easily toss Starkiller's body across the room,
slamming him violently into the wall.]

The Emperor: Yes! Kill him, Lord Vader!

[Vader throws Starkiller out the window, and the vacuum pulls him out into
space. The shutter closes immediately afterwards. The Emperor sees that the
task is done, and leaves. Starkiller is seen floating helplessly in space as a
small droid flies in to rescue him. It fades to black.]

Empirical Staff: Lord Vader, he's regaining consciousness.

Darth Vader: Keep him restrained.

Empirical Staff: Yes, sir.

[Starkiller awakes on a medical bed onboard the ISS Empirical.]


Darth Vader: No. The Emperor wanted you dead. I salvaged your body and brought
you here, to be rebuilt.

Starkiller: Why?

Darth Vader: Once he discovered you, the Emperor would never have allowed you
to live. But now that he believes you are dead, you are even more dangerous to
him. You can have your revenge. And fulfill your destiny.

[Starkiller calms down and seems to agree, reluctantly.]

Starkiller: What is thy bidding, my master?

Darth Vader: The Emperor's spies watch my every move. We must provide them with
a distraction.

[Darth Vader releases the restraints on the bed.]

Starkiller: What sort of distraction? An assassination?

Darth Vader: No single act will gain the Emperor's notice. You must assemble an
army to oppose him.

Starkiller: An army?

Darth Vader: Yes. An alliance of rebels and dissidents. When these rebels have
distracted the Emperor and his spies, we will strike.

Starkiller: Where should I start?

Darth Vader: Your destiny is now your own. Sever all ties to your past. No one
must know that you still serve me. Now go. And remember that the Dark Side is
always with you.

[Darth Vader's form dissipates and reveals Proxy. Proxy is visibly shaken up
from being Vader.]

Starkiller: Proxy?

Proxy: Ah, master. I am pleased to see that you are not dead! I was afraid that
I wouldn't be able to kill you myself.

Starkiller: I'm sure you'll get your chance, once we get out of here...

Proxy: Yes, but before I kill you, I am to do everything I can to help you
vanish. Should I ready the Rogue Shadow for launch?

Starkiller: Yeah, you go ahead. I'll meet you there.

[Proxy leaves.]

Proxy: Master, I've accessed the ship's main computer.

Starkiller: Where's Juno?

Proxy: Ah yes, the pilot. She's still aboard the ship I believe, in a holding
cell. Captain Eclipse has been accused of treason, and Lord Vader gave explicit
instructions to sever all ties to your past. You aren't planning to rescue her
are you?

Starkiller: I... I don't know yet, Proxy. Just get the ship ready for launch.

Proxy: As you wish, Master.

[Starkiller escapes the containment cell.]

Empirical Captain: Alert! Specimen containment field in sector 10 has
malfunctioned. Nearby squads are ordered to investigate.

[Starkiller leaves the medical room.]

Stormtrooper: Check out that noise! I think Lord Vader's experiment just got

[Going down the hall, Starkiller enters the next room.]

Empirical Captain: Security breach in sector nine! Subject 1138 has escaped!
Set blasters to kill!

Stormtrooper: Forget the specimens! We've got to get out of here!

[Starkiller clears the specimen room, then enters the next hallway.]

Empirical Captain: Alert! Ship navigation systems have malfunctioned! Repeat,
ship navigation systems have malfunctioned!

Starkiller: Proxy, what did you just do?

Proxy: I've set the Empirical on a collision with a nearby star.

Starkiller: You what?!

Proxy: It seemed like the quickest way to wipe out all witnesses. Lord Vader
did clearly specify that no one must know of your existence...

Starkiller: I knew you were still trying to kill me...

Proxy: No, No. Not yet, anyway. You should have plenty of time to reach the
ship before it hits that star.

[Down a few more corridors, Starkiller approaches the escape pod room.]

Empirical Captain: Empirical security systems are off-line! All crew members
are advised to secure escape pods!

Stormtrooper 1: Get to the escape pods!

Stormtrooper 2: They aren't accepting our security codes!

Stormtrooper 1: Never mind. We got a bigger problem... blast him!

[Starkiller enters the escape pod room.]

Stormtrooper 3: Did you enter the code correctly? Try it again!

Stormtrooper 4: I've tried twice. It's not working.

Stormtrooper 3: Try again!

[After clearing this room, Starkiller enters the next hall.]

Empirical Captain: All escape pods have been jettisoned. Empty. Uh... await...
um... await further orders.

Stormtrooper: Oh, that's not good.

Starkiller: Proxy? Did you launch the pods?

Proxy: Of course, master. It pays to be thorough.

[Starkiller defeats the Purge Trooper and approaches the door to the bridge.]

Proxy: Master, hurry. We're rapidly approaching the sun.

[The door is opened and Starkiller enters.]

Starkiller: Juno!

Stormtrooper: The traitor dies with the rest of us! Don't let him reach her!

Juno: Vader said you were dead... But you came back...

[Starkiller helps Juno up.]

Juno: I've been branded a traitor to the Empire.

Starkiller: It doesn't matter. I don't care about any of that. I'm leaving the
Empire behind.

Mission Five - Cloud City [ch05]

[The Rogue Shadow is seen escaping before the Empirical inevitably explodes.]

Juno: No sign of any pursuit. We're already light years away from any Imperial

Starkiller: Then what's wrong?

Juno: We have the entire galaxy in front of us. And yet, for the first time in
my life, I don't know where to go... I hope you have a plan.

Starkiller: We need to rally the Emperor's enemies. And I need to find someone
who can teach me the things that Vader couldn't...

Juno: Sounds like we're still hunting Jedi.

Starkiller: And I know one that might still be alive.

Juno: General Kota?

Starkiller: Yes. When I fought him, he said he'd be part of my future. Well,
let's hope he was right. Head to Nar Shaddaa.

[The scene shifts to Kashyyyk, now under heavy Imperial occupation. A shuttle
lands in front of a legion of Stormtroopers and an Imperial officer. An escort
of the Emperor's guards are followed by Princess Leia and the astromech droid,

Ozzik Sturn: Princess Leia. It's an honor to have a senatorial observer...

Leia: You can drop the charade, Captain Sturn. You and I both know I was sent
here as a hostage to keep my father from speaking out against the Empire.

Ozzik Sturn: Then we both understand the situation, Senator. If your father
keeps his mouth shut, I'll keep you out of harm's way. If not... you'll become
the unfortunate victim of a Wookie uprising.

[A group of Wookies are shown, being led in chains by Imperials.]

Ozzik Sturn: These slaves are mindless brutes, you know.

Leia: Show me to my quarters

Ozzik Sturn: As you wish, Princess.

[The scene shifts to a bar on Cloud City. Starkiller approaches a familiar old
man with bandages over his eyes.]

Starkiller: General Kota?

Kota: I've paid for this table. So whoever you are, get lost.

Starkiller: I've tracked you across the galaxy, from Nar Shaddaa to Ziost.

Kota: What are you? A bounty hunter?

Starkiller: Not exactly, but I think we can help each other, Jedi.

Kota: I'm no Jedi now. Not since... this.

[Kota makes a gesture to his eyes.]

Starkiller: I don't need your eyes, just your mind. And everything you know
about fighting the Empire.

Kota: Nobody fights the Empire and wins, boy.

[Stormtrooper's voices are heard from behind. Starkiller turns around.]

Starkiller: You'd better hope you're wrong about that, General.

[Stormtroopers begin to approach them. Starkiller ignites his Lightsaber, now

Starkiller: Juno, we're going to need a pick up outside the vapor room. Right.

Juno: I'm on my way.

[Starkiller and Kota make their way from the bar and through Cloud City.]

Kota: Are you giving up already?

[They leave the bar area.]

Kota: This is crazy... A blind man and a fool, against the Empire...

[Shortly after that, Starkiller and Genera Kota reach a large platform.]

Juno: We have a problem here... Imperials are everywhere.

Starkiller: Where can you set down?

Juno: There's a dock on the adjacent platform.

Starkiller: We're on our way.

[After dealing with more Imperials, Starkiller and the General cross walkways,
heading toward the next platform.]

Starkiller: General, can't you move any faster?

Kota: I prefer to walk to my death. Your ship better be around here

[They finally reach the platform.]

Kota: Looks like you've angered the locals...

[Starkiller escorts Kota to the Rogue Shadow. They prepare to board.]

Kota: It's a fool's errand, boy. The Empire's army is infinite. You'll
eventually be killed... or worse. And nothing will have changed.

Starkiller: Wouldn't you rather die on your feet than drown in some cantina?

Kota: I don't know. But I do have a contact in the Senate who could use your
Lightsaber. Where's your ship?

Mission Six - Imperial Kashyyyk [ch06]

[Starkiller enters the cockpit of the Rogue Shadow and trips the sleeping Kota
to abruptly wake him up.]

Starkiller: I was beginning to worry that you had died in your sleep.

Kota: I'm starting to wish that I had.

Juno: We've reached Kashyyyk. I still think this mission is too dangerous. The
planet is completely controlled by the Empire.

Starkiller: Your contact had better be reliable...

Kota: I trust him. He smuggled me to Cloud City, and he's an old ally to the
Jedi Order. But all you need to know is that there's very valuable to him down
there. You get it, and maybe he'll agree to help you fight the Empire.

Starkiller: Get... get what?

Kota: Patience, boy.

Starkiller: Have we been spotted?

Juno: No. The clocking device is fully functional

Starkiller: Then take us down.

[The Rogue Shadow drops off Starkiller on the surface and the mission begins.]

Starkiller: So what am I looking for, General?

Kota: You'll know when you see it.

[Starkiller approaches a familiar looking hut.]

Starkiller: Kota... I... I think I found something.

Kota: What?

Starkiller: Just an old hut but... it feels... familiar. I feel... I feel great
darkness here. And sadness.

Kota: Turn away. Get on with your mission, there are some things you aren't
ready to face.

Starkiller: What's inside?

Kota: How should I know? My link to the Force has been cut. But if you go
inside, you'll face whatever's in there alone.

[Starkiller looks around the dark hut. He senses an ominous presence and
ignited his Lightsaber. A ghostly apparition appears.]

Kento: I never wanted this for you. I never wanted any of this for you... I'm
sorry, son.

[The ghost vanishes.]

Starkiller: Wait! Father! No!

[After that, Starkiller is back outside the hut again.]

Juno: Juno to Starkiller. Are you alright? We lost contact with you for a

Starkiller: I'm... I'm fine, Juno. I'm just a little bit turned around.

Juno: Well, I'm picking up a major Imperial facility right in front of you.
Whatever you're looking for is likely to be inside...

[Entering the facility, Starkiller makes his way through the area.]

Proxy: Master, there's a communications tower nearby. Destroy it, and you'll
cut off Imperial transmissions in this system.

[As advised, Starkiller disables a device on the comm tower.]

Proxy: That's strange... The signal is faint, but I can still read it. There
must be a backup generator somewhere.

[Starkiller reaches a small, trophy like room in the facility.]

Proxy: Master, Imperial records indicate that you are in the personal quarters
of Captain Ozzik Sturn. Disciplinary reports show that he was re-assigned to
Kashyyyk, due to his... extracurricular activities.

[Starkiller enters the next room and encounters a young woman in white.]

Leia: I should have expected the Emperor would send an assassin. It's a
coward's tactic.

Starkiller: I do not serve the Emperor. I'm here with Master Kota--

Leia: Master Kota is dead. Killed above Nar Shaddaa. My father--

Starkiller: Your father? He's Kota's contact... How long has your father been
feeding Kota information about Imperial targets?

Leia: How do you know--?

Starkiller: Because Master Kota survived! And he was sent to find you. Let's

Leia: I cannot leave while this planet is still enslaved. If you are truly a
Jedi, then you will destroy that.

[Princess Leia points to a structure in the distance.]

Leia: Once that skyhook is complete, the Empire will start shuttling Wookie
slaves into space. Entire villages will be taken off-world in a matter of days.

Starkiller: The Empire will just rebuild it.

Leia: Eventually, maybe. But you will give the Wookies a chance to disappear.
You can take that lift down to the forest floor. It will be crawling with

Starkiller: What about you?

Leia: Is there still an Imperial transport on the landing platform?

Starkiller: Yes, but I think the pilot may be dead.

Leia: And what makes you think I need a pilot?

[Starkiller finds himself on the forest floor, leading to the next Imperial

Starkiller: Juno, I found what we're looking for.

Juno: Excellent. I can be at the drop off point in--

Starkiller: Wait, I have to disable the Skyhook before we leave.

Juno: I don't suppose I can talk you out of that?

Starkiller: Probably not.

Juno: Right, well... I'll see what I can do from here.

[Starkiller walks down the first path going away from Sturn's quarters.]

Juno: Be careful. I'm picking up Imperial chatter. You've got snipers in the
nests above you.

[After dealing with many Imperials, Starkiller enters the prison facility.]

Ozzik Sturn: Attention, intruder! This is Captain Ozzik Sturn, and you, my
friend are in violation of quite a few Imperial codes... But I'm guessing you
don't care. I should like to arrange a personal meeting... if you're game...

Kota: Captain Sturn? Be careful, Sturn's a madman. I'm surprised they gave him
another command post after that nasty business on Malastare.

Starkiller: Give me the history lessons later, General.

[Starkiller clears the facility and approaches the Skyhook.]

Starkiller: Uh, Juno, I'm going to need a little help here.

Juno: Just a moment... Proxy is accessing the schematics now...

Proxy: Master, if you can disrupt that tractor beam, the shockwave might be
enough to destroy the skyhook. I would start by disabling the traction hooks.
But I should warn you, it will be... violent.

Ozzik Sturn: Well, now, this is a surprise... A Jedi. I always hoped to be able
to hunt one of your kind.

[Starkiller disables one Skyhook pin.]

Kota: Nice work.

Proxy: That's it! Just a few more, master!

[A second Skyhook pin is disabled. An energy field in the structure fades and
a specially equipped AT-ST lumbers out.]

Ozzik Sturn: Are you ready Jedi? I'm tired of hunting these filthy Wookies.

[Starkiller decimates the AT-ST and delivers the killing blow.]

Ozzik Sturn: Wait! Let's be civil-AAGH!

[Starkiller continues to disable all but one of the Skyhook pins.]

Juno: You're overloading the tractor beam... Just one more power surge, and the
Skyhook should be finished!

[Starkiller disables the last pin and the Skyhook falls. The Wookies rejoice
and the mission ends.]

Mission Seven - Imperial Felucia [ch07]

[The scene shifts to back onboard the Rogue Shadow.]

Starkiller: Who was she?

Kota: Princess Leia Organa. Her father is Bail Organa. My contact in the

Starkiller: I want to talk to him.

Kota: You can't.

Starkiller: I just rescued his daughter on a planet overrun by Stormtroopers!

Kota: You can't talk to him because I can't find him! He's gone missing, boy!

Starkiller: What? When?

Kota: Bail tried to recruit me to rescue Leia. I refused, and he went in search
of another Jedi... Master Shaak Ti. I warned him it would be too dangerous but
the fool went after her anyway, alone... And vanished as soon as he landed on--

Starkiller: Felucia...

Kota: The force *is* strong in you, my boy, to be able to sense my thoughts.

Starkiller: You're just easy to read, old man.

Kota: Then you should already know our next mission: We're going to Felucia, to
rescue Senator Organa.

[The scene shifts to Felucia. Senator Organa sits alone as Maris Brood drops
a foreign slab of food in front of him.]

Maris: Eat up, Senator.

Bail: Why are you keeping me here, Maris? Your master would be disgusted with

Maris: You're something to trade if Darth Vader finds me. Now shut up and eat.
And if you're thinking about escaping, just remember that my new pet is very

[The Rogue Shadow drops Starkiller off, and the mission starts. After fighting
through various valleys, Starkiller approaches a giant chasm where a great deal
of Imperial construction is going on around a Sarlaac pit.]

Juno: Oh... How could they?

Starkiller: Juno... are you seeing this?

Juno: Yes, I have a visual... What could possibly possess the Empire to do such
a thing?

Starkiller: They don't need a reason, but I'd wager that they're pursuing the
last of the Felucians.

Proxy: Master, Imperial schematics show that the central lift is powered by
generators located on each of the crane platforms. Power up those generators,
and the lift will be back online.

[Starkiller activates one such generator, then crosses the chasm toward another

Starkiller: Juno, I sense... I can feel the creature's suffering.

Juno: It's horrible. Is there any way you can... lessen the creature's pain?
Can you destroy those cranes that are holding it down, perhaps?

Starkiller: I can try.

Juno: Thank you.

[With the three generators online, Starkiller takes the lift into the Sarlaac's

Juno: Are yo- --ere? --- you ---right? --'ve lost you -- ---scan---- I -- not
read--- , ease resp---- -- ----'s not good.

Starkiller: Perfect. Juno, can you hear me?

[Starkiller proceeds down one tunnel of the Sarlaac's innards.]

Stormtrooper: Quickly men, get those lights turned back on before --AUUUUWAGGH!

[A Stormtrooper rushes Starkiller, but is suddenly sucked into an opening of
the Sarlaac. Starkiller enters the next open area.]

Juno: You ----- -- stay awa- ---- --- ----- digest ----- ----- -- --- -- very

[Starkiller goes even further into the Sarlaac.]

Juno: - ----hear me? - --peat, --- ---- me?

[Starkiller is expelled from the Sarlaac's insides.]

Juno: Are you there? I repeat, do you copy?

Starkiller: I'm here, Juno.

Juno: Oh thank- Are you all right? Are you hurt?

Starkiller: I'll live.

Juno: Good... your signal looks strong again. But I'm picking up more lifesigns
headed your way.

[Starkiller ascends a hill and approaches another small, open area.]

Juno: Any sign of Senator Organa?

Starkiller: Not yet, but he's close... I can feel it.

[Starkiller finds the Rancor graveyard, as well as the Senator.]

Starkiller: Senator Organa. Master Kota has sent me to rescue you.

Bail: Hah. I knew he couldn't stay out of the fight for long. But, I thought
he'd be angry at me for ignoring his advice.

Starkiller: Oh, he's angry. But I think he wants to yell at you in person.

Bail: Hurry. Shaak Ti's apprentice has gone mad...

Starkiller: This whole planet has gone insane.

Maris: Oh we're not crazy...

[Starkiller ignites his Lightsaber as Maris Brood approaches, wielding two
modified Lightsabers.]

Maris: We've just embraced the power of the Dark Side.

Starkiller: Stand aside, Girl. Don't make me hurt you.

Maris: Hah. You won't. He won't let you.

[From out of the mist, a giant gray rancor with protruding horns appears.
Starkiller fights and defeats it. In the pit left behind in the wake of the
Rancor's defeat, Maris charges Starkiller. They fight, and again, Starkiller
emerges victorious.]

Maris: Okay, you've won. The Senator is yours. There's no need to kill me now.

Starkiller: You're a slave to the Dark Side. I'd be doing the galaxy a favor.

Maris: It's not my fault. Shaak Ti abandoned me here. This planet is evil.
It corrupted me. But you... you can save me. Just let me get away from here and
I'll turn my back on the Dark Side.

[Maris walks away without any hindrance.]

Bail: That one... She reminds me too much of another young Jedi who turned to
the Dark Side. You shouldn't have let her go free.

Starkiller: You really think she's free? She'll carry the memories of what
she's done here, forever.

[The mission ends.]

Mission Eight - Imperial Raxus Prime [ch08]

[Starkiller, Senator Organa, and Master Kota are gathered in front of a shuttle
on Felucia.]

Bail: Open rebellion is too dangerous, Master Kota. I know I owe you my life,

Kota: You don't owe me anything. I told you on Cloud City that I can't help
you, not since I lost my sight. He's your hero, and it's his rebellion. Join
us because he's asking you to.

Bail: You are the first to really fight the Empire. We're not prepared to go to
war yet. We need weapons and starships, and people with the courage to use
them. I don't know how many others will stand with us...

Starkiller: But surely you know some who will.

Bail: Well, yes. There are other senators who have spoken out against the
Emperor, but they will be hard to convince...

Kota: We just need to show them the Empire is vulnerable.

Starkiller: Let me meditate on that. I'm sure I'll find the right target.
In the meantime, Senator, gather your friends. We're going to need all the help
we can get.

[The scene shifts to the training room of the Rogue Shadow. Proxy stands before

Proxy: Master... he's here...

[Proxy changes to Darth Vader.]

Starkiller: You have received my message?

Darth Vader: Yes. Your mission goes well, my apprentice.

Starkiller: I have recruited others to my cause. But, now I need your counsel.
My allies seek a major strike against the Empire.

Darth Vader: The Emperor rules the galaxy through fear. You must destroy a
symbol of that fear. The Empire is building Star Destroyers above Raxus Prime.
That shipyard is your next target.

Starkiller: Thank you, Lord Vader.

Darth Vader: There is much conflict in you. Your feelings for your new allies
are growing stronger. Do not forget that you still serve me.

[Darth Vader's visage dissipates and Proxy stands in his place, almost
collapsing from the projection.]

Proxy: Ugh. I hate being him...

Starkiller: I think he does too.

Proxy: Master...

[Starkiller senses a presence behind him.]

Starkiller: Juno.

Juno: I came to find out where you wanted to go next. But it looks like you've
already been told.

Starkiller: Juno, this isn't what it looks like.

Juno: Of course it is! You're still loyal to Vader. After he branded me a
traitor and tried to kill you, you're still his... his...

Starkiller: His slave.

Juno: Then why did you defy Vader to rescue me?

Starkiller: I needed someone to fly the ship.

Juno: We both know that's not true. My being here has never been about my
piloting. Sometime soon, you will decide the fate of the Rebellion, not your
master. And When you are faced with that moment, just remember that I too was
forced to leave behind everything I've ever known. Please, don't make me leave
another life behind.

[Juno walks away. The scene shifts to show the Rogue Shadow flying below a
large space station. The mission then begins.]

Juno: This is the closest I can get you. Once you find a way to the processing
plant, we can use the ore cannon to attack the shipyards directly.

[Starkiller leaves the site of a big battle with Rodians and Imperials.]

Juno: Eclipse to Starkiller... We have a small situation here.

Starkiller: Go ahead.

Juno: Proxy has left the ship. I have no idea why.

Starkiller: I do... I know why. Thanks for the advanced warning.

[He proceeds down a tunnel to a large valley with a downed Imperial dropship.]

Starkiller: Juno, I've reached an Imperial dropbase. Can you override the
hangar door?

Juno: I'll try, but it might take me a moment.

Starkiller: Take your time. I got plenty to keep me busy here...

[After leaving the dropbase, Starkiller enters the ore facility.]

Juno: That tower is maintaining the alignment of the cannon. If you can destroy
it, maybe it will disrupt the firing pattern.

[Starkiller arrives at the central ring of the facility and encounters a
Shadow Guard. A battle begins, and after a while, the Shadow Guard sheds its
form to reveal Proxy.]

Proxy: My onboard tactical computer suggests that this is the best time to
attack. I am certain that I will finally fulfill my programming.

[Proxy assumes another form and the fight continues for a while.]

Starkiller: Shut down, Proxy. There is no one inside you that I haven't already

Proxy: Give me some credit, master. I have one module you've never seen. An
enemy I've stored for years.

[Proxy changes form to mimic that of one of Darth Sidious' earliest
apprentices, Darth Maul. They duel and Starkiller eventually emerges the
victor. He leaves Proxy behind and ascends the lift to where the cannon is.]

[Starkiller electrifies all of the rail guns. The cannon fires and destroys
the space station. A Star Destroyer descends to Raxus Prime. The Star
Destroyer descends very close and a squadron of TIE Fighters swoop in on

Kota: What's going on out there, boy?

Starkiller: One of the Star Destroyers is headed right for me. I've got to get
out of here.

Kota: You'll never get clear in time! You need to pull it into the cannon.

Starkiller: What?! You're insane! It's massive!

Kota: You're a Jedi, boy! Size means nothing to you. Reach out with the
Force and grab that ship, or you will die on this trash heap!

[Starkiller fends off the TIE Fighters.]

Kota: Reach out with the Force and grip that Destroyer!

[And again.]

Kota: Pull it out of the sky!

[Using The Force and his own great will and strength, Starkiller wrestles the
Star Destroyer to the ground. It comes down and toward him, forcing him to
jump to safety.]

Kota: You there, boy? Has the starship been destroyed? I repeat: has the
starship been destroyed? Respond. Boy?!?

Starkiller: Relax, General. I'm still here.

Kota: Good... Good. We'll see you back at the ship.

[Some junk is overturned and Proxy appears from beneath it.]

Proxy: Master?

Starkiller: Proxy? Are you ok?

Proxy: Yes, I think so, but I think it may be best if you leave me here...

Starkiller: What are you talking about?

Proxy: The shockwave... it burned out portions of my processor of my primary
programming. I'm useless now...

Starkiller: Proxy... you're not staying here. Come on.

Mission Nine - Death Star [ch09]

[The scene shifts to the Rogue Shadow.]

Darth Vader: Your actions on Raxus Prime have left the Emperor most...

Starkiller: The Emperor's enemies are still scared. I am just now earning their
trust. If I am ever discovered talking to you, if they even suspect my past...
all that will be destroyed.

Darth Vader: Do not wait too long to contact me.

[The image of Vader vanishes and Proxy, walks off, shaken up.]

Juno: Can you trust him?

Starkiller: Vader won't risk my mission, even if he has doubts about me. Have
we arrived?

Juno: We've reached Corellia. They're all h ere, Bail and his allies. You have
your Rebel Alliance. Now what are you going to do with it?

Starkiller: Just trust me, ok? I'm doing the right thing, for both of us.

[The scene shifts to Corellia, where within a small temple battered by the
harsh snow, a group of Rebels gather. They include Bail Organa, Princess Leia,
Mon Mothma, and Garm Bel Iblis, as well as Starkiller.]

Bail: We agree that the time for diplomacy and politics has passed. It is time
for action. If you're willing to lead us, then we'll join your alliance.

Kota: As will I.

[Kota appears and approaches the group, sporting a new set of transplanted

Starkiller: I thought you were passed out in the cargo hold.

Kota: I finally came to.

Bail: It is settled then. My wealth will fund the Rebellion, while Garm
provides our fleet, and Mon Mothma our soldiers. And with you leading us, we
have the power of the Force on our side. Therefore let this be an official
declaration of rebellion! Today, we all vow to change the galaxy, and one day
the galaxy will indeed be free.

[There is a sudden explosion that shakes the temple.]

Starkiller: No...

[An entire fleet of Imperial starships are seen overhead. Suddenly, the door
to the temple bursts open and a squad of Snowtroopers storm in and begin

Bail: Proxy! Cut transmission

[Proxy sheds the appearance of Princess Leia. Darth Vader appears.]

Darth Vader: Take them alive. The Emperor wants to execute them personally.

[Master Kota ignites his Lightsaber and charges Vader, but Vader uses Choke and
throws him aside. Snowtroopers surround the Rebels.]

Darth Vader: You have done well, my apprentice.

[Surprised, Senator Organa sneers at Starkiller. Darth Vader uses the Force and
throws the stone table at Starkiller, violently propelling his body outside the
temple, into the snow.]


Darth Vader: I lied, as I have from the very beginning.

[Darth Vader uses Force Choke on Starkiller.]

Starkiller: You never planned to destroy the Emperor.

Darth Vader: Not with you, no.

[He throws Starkiller back, almost causing him to fall off the cliff, but
Starkiller hangs onto the ledge.]

Starkiller: Without me, you'll never be free.

[Obi-Wan Kenobi appears and attacks Vader, but the Dark Lord parries the attack
and stabs him through the chest. Proxy's illusion fades and he falls to the
ground, deactivated. Darth Vader looks back to the cliff. Starkiller is gone.]

[The scene shifts to the bottom of the cliff. The Rogue Shadow is seen landing
near Starkiller's body. The scene quickly shifts again to the cockpit.]

Starkiller: They're gone... Vader took them all... to the Emperor.

Juno: I don't understand. Then why would Vader allow us to attack so many
Imperial targets?

Starkiller: To sell the deception. Credits, starships, Imperial lives--they're
all meaningless to Vader. Vader needed me to find the Emperor's enemies, no
matter the cost. And I did just what he wanted...

Juno: Yes you did. But now, the fate of your alliance rests only with you. What
are you going to do?

Starkiller: We're going after Vader, and the Rebels.

[Starkiller lays back and relaxes. Objects in the cockpit begin to levitate
around him.]

Juno: What are you doing?

Starkiller: Meditating. Jedi can sometimes see visions of the future.

Juno: Have you done this before?

Starkiller: Never been a Jedi before.

[Starkiller concentrates deeply for a while.]

Starkiller: No.. No! Kota!

Juno: What? What did you see?

Starkiller: A massive... space station.

[The scene shifts to the Death Star, nearing completion. The Rogue Shadow flies
within and stops amidst a collection of pipes and pillars. Starkiller and Juno
stand on the loading ramp.]

Starkiller: Keep the ship cloaked and wait beyond scanner range.

Juno: I have a really bad feeling about this...

Starkiller: Well then maybe we're doing something right.

Juno: Am I going to see you again?

Starkiller: If I can free the Rebels, they'll need extraction.

[Starkiller turns to Juno.]

Starkiller: Probably not, no.

Juno: Then I'll never need to live this down.

[Juno embraces Starkiller and they kiss.]

Starkiller: Goodbye, Juno.

[Starkiller lets himself fall backwards off the ramp and plummets into the
bowels of the Death Star. The mission begins.]

[After fending off a horde of Imperial opponents. Starkiller enters the laser
tube of the Death Star.]

Starkiller: I'm inside.

Juno: Be careful. I can see the beam cycling in regular intervals. You'll want
to find cover whenever it fires...

[Starkiller traverses the first few passages.]

Juno: Imperial comm chatter is overloading the scanners... They're fortifying
all positions to try to keep you out.

Starkiller: Let them try...

[He enters the next passage.]

Stormtrooper 1: Plug that one in on the left. No, my left.

Stormtrooper 2: Got it. Any sign of him?

Stormtrooper 3: Not yet, but the moment he sticks his head out, we're going to
vaporize him.

[Starkiller enters the next area.]

Imperial Officer: Seal the bulkhead doors!

Stormtrooper: Careful men, TK-331 was vaporized by these compressors yesterday.

[Starkiller enters the tube again, approaching some large spinning rings.]

Juno: You're in an amplification chamber. There should be a pair of spinning
conductors that amplify the beam as it passes through the area. This station's
laser... it is more powerful than anything the Empire has built before.

[Starkiller enters a very large chamber with many beams channeling into one

Starkiller: Juno, where am I?

Juno: Some sort of convergence array. According to my schematics, there are
seven others just like it spread around the stations dish. The firing tube you
were in is just one of sixty-four, all being directed into a single, massive
beam. I can't even imagine what the Empire could do with this sort of power.
You must find a way onto that central platform. The Emperor's observation dome
is just beyond it. The schematics show a series of graviton beams in that
chamber. Can you find a way to activate them?

[After some considerable work, Starkiller opens the door leading to the
observation dome.]

Starkiller: Juno... I'm close. I can sense Vader nearby.

Yes. The Emperor's observation dome should be just beyond that lift.

Starkiller: ...I'm ready.

Juno: Then may the Force be with you.

[Meanwhile, the Emperor confronts his captives with Darth Vader watching.]

The Emperor: You are all traitors to the Empire. You will be interrogated.
Tortured. You *will* give me the names of your friends and allies. And then
you will die.

Bail: Our deaths will only rally others.

The Emperor: Your very public and painful executions will serve as an example
to the rest of the galaxy.

[An alarm goes off.]

Kota: There may be a rebellion yet.

[A display screen shows a holographic image of Starkiller approaching the
observation dome.]

The Emperor: Lord Vader, deal with the boy.

[Starkiller runs down a corridor. The doors at the other end open and Darth
Vader steps out.]

Darth Vader: I've trained you well, but you still have much to learn.

Starkiller: You have nothing left to teach me.

[The fight begins. After some time, Vader pushes Starkiller back, and retreats
into the previous chamber. The fight resumes in there. Starkiller eventually
emerges victorious and completely decimates Vader, destroying parts of his
armor in the process and knocking him into the Emperor's chamber.]

The Emperor: Yes! Kill him! He was weak, broken! Kill him and you can take your
rightful place at my side.

[Kota uses the Force to grab the Emperor's Lightsaber.]

Kota: No!

[Before he can strike, The Emperor fights back with Force Lightning, unleashing
a powerful wave of it on Kota who falls down, helpless.]

Bail: Help him!

[Starkiller sees Kota in pain, then looks down to the ledge below where Vader
lays. Starkiller appears unsure.]

Jedi Ending

[After a grueling fight, The Emperor appears beaten. Starkiller stands over
him, ready to deal the finishing blow.]

The Emperor: You were destined to destroy me. Do it! Give in to your hatred!

[Starkiller ignites his Lightsaber.]

Kota: He's beaten. Let it go....

Starkiller: It's a trick! He's more powerful than you know. And he deserves to
die for what he's done to me.

Kota: Maybe so. But, if you kill him now, out of hatred, then you will be right
back where you started.

[Hesitating, Starkiller finally agrees and stands down.]

Starkiller: Get Bail and the others out of here. I'll be right behind you.

[The Emperor sneers and unleashes a sudden volley of Force Lightning at Kota.
Starkiller immediately stands in and resists it.]

Starkiller: Go! Hurry! Protect the Senators!

[Kota recovers, and he and the Senators flee, as the Rogue Shadow is seen just
outside. A group of Stormtroopers and Darth Vader approach. Meanwhile,
Starkiller presses harder against the Emperor's lightning.]


[There is a big explosion. The Rogue Shadow is seen flying away from the Death
Star where a small fiery explosion has been created in it's crater. Inside the
Emperor's observation dome, Darth Vader walks over to Starkiller's motionless

Darth Vader: He is dead.

The Emperor: Then he is now more powerful than ever. He was meant to root out
the Rebels. His sacrifice will only inspire them.

Darth Vader: But now we know who they are. I will hunt them down and destroy
them, as you always intended, master.

The Emperor: You must be relentless, Lord Vader. If even a single Rebel
survives, this alliance that we have unwittingly created will be our undoing.

[The scene shifts to Kashyyyk. The Senators have gathered for a nighttime

Bail: Are we ready to finish what he started? Then at last, the Rebel Alliance
is born. Here, tonight.

Leia: We need a flag to rally behind. A symbol... A symbol of hope.

[Leia wipes dust off the table, revealing the Kento and Starkiller's family
symbol, which later becomes the symbol of the Rebel Alliance. Meanwhile, Juno
gazes out at the night sky. Kota approaches her.]

Kota: He's at last one with the Force.

Juno: You always knew who he was, didn't you?

Kota: I suspected, yes.

Juno: Then why did you help him? After all the things he had done?

Kota: When he came to me in the bar, among all his dark thoughts, I glimpsed
one bright spot. One beautiful thing he held onto, even at the end.

Juno: What?

Kota: You.

[The camera pans up into the sky slowly, then the screen goes black and the
credits roll.]


Sith Ending

[Starkiller pursues Vader and overwhelms him, killing him. He jumps back up to
the platform above, where a weakened Kota is zapped again by the Emperor.]

The Emperor: Excellent. Lord Vader was a broken shadow of his former self. I
knew that one day, you would replace him. You have just one final test. Destroy
your ties to the Jedi, and at last you will be a Sith Lord.

[Starkiller turns to Kota. He ignites his Lightsaber as Kota, disoriented,
looks about him. Starkiller hesitates and finally turns his Lightsaber on the
Emperor instead. The Emperor, expecting this, blocks it with his own.]

The Emperor: You have betrayed your masters and your allies both. I knew that
one day you would betray me too. And now you have doomed yourself and your

[The Emperor wins the lock and pushes Starkiller outside the window. There he
finds the dead body of Senator Organa. The Rogue Shadow begins to descend above

Starkiller: No... No!

[The Emperor sees the Rogue Shadow and using the Force, he plunges it down on
top of Starkiller.]


[The scene shifts to a strange room. A transformed Starkiller, now with pale
skin and most of his body replaced my metallic prosthetics and armor, is lifted
on a medical bed.]

The Emperor: You had such promise. You could have been my successor, my equal.
But now... But, I may still have some small use for you. I still have enemies
to find and destroy. You will do my bidding until I find a new apprentice. And
then, like Vader, you will be cast aside. Finish him.

[The camera switches to Starkiller's view through the visor in his helmet. As
the Emperor walks away, a pair of droids begin poking and prodding his body. He
lets out an inhuman groan as the screen fades to black.]


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Star Wars: The Force Unleashed I

Vader: You were weak when I found you. But now, your hatred has become your strength. At last, the Dark Side is your ally. Rise my apprentice.

Galen Marek: What is your will, my Master?

Vader: Your training is nearly complete. It is time to face your first true test.

Galen Marek: Your spies have located a Jedi?

Vader: Yes. Master Rahm Kota. He is attacking a critical Imperial shipyard. Destroy him and bring me his lightsaber.

Galen Marek: I shall leave at once, Master.

Vader: The Emperor can not discover you. Leave no witnesses. Kill everyone aboard, imperials and Kota’s men alike.

Galen Marek: As you wish, my Master.

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The Impossible Choice - that won't wait

The Impossible Choice - that won't wait.
Original script by Jon Teger

Uri and Dimitri are Ukrainian refugees struggling to survive in a war-torn, factory region occupied by Russian forces. Their plan to steal food and medicine to save their families is successful. But in the process, Uri gets careless. The men are seen, and chased by the authorities and their dogs. While fleeing with the stolen supplies, Uri is badly wounded by a stray bullet, meant only to scare them.

The scene begins after the men have stopped to catch their breath - deep inside an old, underground drain pipe, just beneath a manufacturing plant. It is getting dark. Uri is bleeding, and time is running out. They must decide on their next move. Should they stay hidden long enough to chance evading the police, yet perhaps risking Uri’s life – or leave sooner with a wounded and slowly moving Uri, and risk being caught or killed before reaching their destination.

[Low tone rumbles can be heard in the background, emanating from the industrial zone looming above where they are hiding. The Police and their dogs are closing in.]

Dimitri: [breathing heavily] Uri… sit here. Quickly! Put your hand on the wound, it should slow the bleeding. [angry] WHAT … what were you thinking?

Uri: [Groans / coughs.] I am sorry Dimitri. That was stupid of me to not wait longer. I am so hungry, I got careless.

Dimitri: Stop it. I am sorry Uri. Apologies won’t us right now. Yes, you are hungry… we are BOTH hungry. [chuckle] Fortunately… it is only YOU who are stupid. [laughs]

Uri: [laughs followed by more groans] What are we going to do? I am hurt very badly.

Dimitri: [heavy sigh] I don’t know. I… But we can’t stay here too long. You will die.

Uri: But Dimitri… if… we get caught and go to prison… we will BOTH die. You know what happened to Pashka. He did not last a week in that place.

Dimitri: Yes… our dear friend Pashka. He was too kind and peaceful to stay alive for very long in that… HELL.

[chuckle] YOU, on the other hand… could possibly last a YEAR or more. [laughs]

Uri: This is not funny, Dimitri! I know you are trying to get me to forget my pain… but time is not on our side. We MUST… CHOOSE… NOW!

Dimitri: Yes… AND, what does URI suggest, eh? Well… it IS YOUR life that hangs in the balance, my wounded comrade. And I suppose… wisdom, does favor the desperate man.

Uri: You won’t like what I say.

Dimitri: Try me! I think you know that if I am troubled by what I hear, [chuckle] I will not keep my feelings a secret. Though, I promise not to punch you this time.

Uri: [muted, strained chuckle] Thank you, my friend… for making me smile. You have always… given me that. THIS is what I have to say; YOU must leave… by yourself. I will only slow you down… It is the only way.

Dimitri: [interrupts / dismissive] … You know that I cannot do this! This wound has simply made you crazier than normal. Ok? Now… tell me something… not so crazy.

Uri: You have no choice, Dimitri… WE have no choice. Because without this bag of food… and the medicine… our families will starve! Our children will only get sicker by the day. You know this is true.

Dimitri: Maybe the police will not find us. They are not so smart either, you know.

Uri: ...Dimitri, do you not hear the dogs? They WILL find us… soon. And know this, my friend. Dogs have always liked ME better [laugh / cough]. So when they arrive, they will chew YOU up first, and I would have to sit here listening to your stupid screams… [laugh]

Dimitri: [laughs] Yes Uri… and I could never give you that satisfaction. I… I just don’t think…

Uri: [forcefully /almost angry] GO… NOW! And don’t look back Dimitri. Please? Just look forward to our families and our children. And… tell them not to worry. I… I am at peace knowing that their bellies are full… and in my final hours, I could help to keep them safe and warm. Now leave, my friend, before I change my mind… and call the dogs myself. [chuckle /groan]

Dimitri: Uri… I… I will not forget you. There are very few men such as you, old friend… who have lived long enough to find my respect. I am just sorry, Uri… that I could not have done more… to find yours. Goodbye Uri. [walks away slowly]

Uri: Goodbye Dimitri. And thank you, my dearest friend, for not punching me…
[chuckle / groan]

[As Dimitri escapes, the dogs close in on Uri - and the scene fades to black]

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Thief (opening prologue)

If there’s one thing this city’s taught me, you can put a price on anything. Secrets, reputations…a life. And trust? If you have to ask, you cant afford it. But then I suppose none of that matters when your me. After all…when did I ever pay for anything?

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Uncharted 2: Amongst Thieves

| 2.01. Chapter 01 - "A Rock and a Hard Place" |

Nathan Drake awakens on a train. A flickering light swings overhead. Curtains
lining the windows have been ripped and torn. Nathan holds his head and groans.

Nathan: What's going on...?

Nathan groans again. He looks down and notices his hands are covered in blood
and he is wounded in the stomach.

Nathan: That's my blood... That's my blood, that's a lot of my blood...

Nathan rests his head back on the seat and looks out the window. Outside, he
sees a snowy cliff.

Nathan: What...?

He quickly ducks to the side as a wooden crate and an oil drum flies past him.
He looks back and sees the oil drum falling out the back of the train behind

Nathan: Oh God.

His chair starts to break away. Nathan jumps out of his seat and grabs hold of
the seat in front of him as his seat falls away. He loses his grip and falls
through the train carriage.

Nathan: (screams)

Nathan lands on the handrail on the outside of the carriage and quickly grabs
hold of it.

Nathan: Oh, crap.

The train carriage is teetering over the edge of a cliff. A fire burns on the
mountains nearby.

Nathan starts climbing up the side of the train's chassis. The train shakes
and a large boulder falls from the edge of the cliffs above. Part of the pipe
starts to break away.

Nathan: ...It's ok... it's ok... come on...

The pipe twists to the side. It swings round and slams Nathan into the side of
the train. Nathan climbs round to the roof of the train and climbs back into
the carriage.

Nathan climbs through the carriage and back outside. As he nears the top of
the carriage, the carriage edges closer over the cliff. A door on the side
of the carriage swings open and luggage falls out.

Nathan climbs onto the second carriage on the edge of the cliff. He runs
through the carriage and leaps out of it as the train falls over the edge.
Nathan pulls himself up onto the cliff and rolls onto his back, gasping for
breath. He loses consciousness and flashes back to the past.

In his flashback, Nathan is sitting at a bar on a beach by the ocean, drinking
a bottle of beer. A man walks up to him and leans on the bar.

Harry: Buy me a drink, sailor?

Nathan: Harry Flynn?! Hey!

Harry: Hey!

Nathan gives Harry a quick hug.

Nathan: What the hell are you doing here?

Harry: I'm looking for you, mate.

Nathan: Uh-oh. Should I be flattered, or worried?

Harry grabs the bottle of beer on the bar.

Harry: Maybe a bit of both.

Nathan: (laughs)

Harry: C'mere -

Harry and Nathan sit down at a small wooden table nearby.

Harry: I've got a job for us.

Nathan: Really?

Harry: A client is willing to part with a huge sum of cash if we 'acquire' a
certain object for him.

Nathan: All right, I'm listening.

Harry: Now - you're not gonna like this.

Harry puts a pamphlet down on the table.

Nathan: Oh, no. No, you're out of your mind.

Nathan pushes the pamphlet away.

Harry: Yeah, just - just hear me out for a sec -

Nathan: Flynn, we both know two people who were killed trying to lift something
outta this place.

Harry: And one who made it out.

Nathan: Yeah, barely.

Harry: I can't do this without you, Drake. You're the only one who's cracked
it. And you know better than anyone, it's a two-person job.

Nathan: No, no, no - three, actually.

Harry: Right. And speak of the devil - here she comes now.

A woman walks over to the table.

Nathan: Wh -?

Chloe: Chloe Frazer.

Nathan shakes Chloe's hand.

Nathan: Nate. Drake. Nathan Drake.

Chloe walks around Harry, brushing one hand along his neck.

Chloe: Hello, Harry.

Harry: Chloe here's one of the best drivers in the business - she'll take good
care of us.

Chloe sits down at the table.

Nathan: I bet.

Harry: All right, look - I've got it all figured out. We go in through the
sewer -

Nathan: Loving it so far.

Harry: That puts us in the courtyard. From there we scale up the wall, run
across the rooftops, and just drop down into the exhibit hall. Bob's your
uncle. And what is worth all this trouble, I hear you ask...?

Nathan: I didn't, but go ahead.

Harry turns the page and points to a lamp in the corner of the page, circled
in red pen.

Nathan: That's it? An oil lamp?

Harry shows Nathan a photo of the same oil lamp.

Harry: Yeah.

Nathan: It's worthless. I don't get it.

Chloe: Neither do we. That's why we tracked you down.

Nathan: Well, it sounds like you're working for a nutcase. Some collector,
who's got too much time and money on his hands. And by the way, this - is not
worth any of it.

Harry: But there's more... How's your 13th-century Latin, mate?

Harry gives Nathan another piece of paper with a paragraph written in Latin.

Nathan: Where'd you get this?

Harry: 'Borrowed' it from the files of the nutcase.

Nathan: 'In Trebizond we were set upon by thieves. Father, Maffeo and I were
robbed of our greatest treasures...' This was written by Marco Polo.

Chloe: Yes, that much we were able to work out.

Harry: Unfortunately, the rest of it's nonsense.

Nathan: Wait, hold on... 'So that it should not fall into the wrong hands, I
concealed my great sorrow in the unlikeliest place. The light of the Great
Khan shelters the fate of the thirteen.'

Harry: See what I mean? It's just gibberish.

Chloe: He's talking about the lost fleet.

Nathan: Yeah...

Harry: Hello, someone want to fill me in?

Nathan: Marco Polo leaves China with 600 passengers and fourteen ships, loaded
down with treasure from Kublai Khan. Now, he lands in Persia a year and a half
later with only one ship left, and only eighteen passengers. Now, he recorded
every detail of his journey but he never told what happened to all those ships,
and the passengers.

Chloe: So - so, somewhere out there - there are thirteen ships, loaded with
the emperor's treasure, waiting to be found.

Nathan: Yeah, and that is what your client is after.

Nathan holds up the photo of the oil lamp.

Nathan: Look at this lamp. It's covered in Mongolian script - it must've been
a gift from Kublai Khan.

Harry: 'The light of the Great Khan - shelters the fate of the thirteen.'

Chloe: '...shelters the fate of the thirteen.'

Nathan: Marco Polo hid something inside this lamp. Something that pinpoints
the site of the lost fleet.

Chloe: So... we're dicking this guy over, right?

Nathan: Damn straight!

Harry: Absolutely!

Harry stands up from the table.

Harry: You in, then?

Chloe also stands.

Nathan: What the hell.

Nathan stands up.

Nathan: What could possibly go wrong?

They clink their bottles together and start drinking.

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Video game, bad guys male

Wherever you hide the artifact, I will find it!
*bad guy laugh*!!

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Video game, male

To self: The rebels will be here by dawn's light.
To someone else, an order: Take this to Prince Farlan

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Video game, male, cowboy

Listen to me, if I get into trouble down there, you make every shot count, yeah?
And just so we're clear about back there, it was either him or me!

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Video game, old timey male

To room of others: Just got off the wire from interpol
To self: I must say they're very keen about him

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Waddlemon comes across being very curious but always fun and loving. He has a very odd and funny voice that makes people smile.

“Hey! I’m Waddlemon, your guide. Welcome to Me in a Tree. Let’s get you going. What’s your name?”

“I’ve traveled beyond the land of the trees and I’ve never seen anything like this. I’m sure it has magical powers.... Let me see, let me see.”

“It has taken me so long to and you, and thing don’t take long for me to find. Well, except this other red shoe. Do you know how hard it is to find a shoe to t these feet?”

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War has changed - Metal Gear Solid 4

War has changed. It's no longer about nations, ideologies, or ethnicity. It's an endless series of proxy battles fought by mercenaries and machines. War - and its consumption of life - has become a well-oiled machine. War has changed. ID-tagged soldiers carry ID-tagged weapons, use ID-tagged gear. Nanomachines inside their bodies enhance and regulate their abilities. Genetic control. Information control. Emotion control. Battlefiled control. Everything is monitored and kept under control. War has changed. The age of deterrence has become the age of control . . . All in the name of averting catastrophe from weapons of mass destruction. And he who controls the battlefield . . . controls history. War has changed. When the battlefield is under total control . . . War becomes routine.

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World of Warcraft - Cutscene - Arthas Intro

My son
The day you were born, the very forests of Lordaeron whispered the name.... Arthas.
My child
I watched with pride as you grew into a weapon of righteousness!
Remember, our line has always ruled with wisdom and strength and I know you will show restraint when exercising your great power.
But the truest victory my son, is stirring the hearts of your people.
I tell you this, for when my days have come to an end, you shall be king!

Contributed by Daniel Krempa

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World Of Warcraft III: Reign Of Chaos

Old Man: (voice-over) We never paid any heed to the ancient prophecies. Like fools we clung to the old hatreds, and fought as we had for generations. Until the day the sky rained fire, and a new enemy came upon us. We stand now, upon the brink of destruction, for the reign of chaos has come at last.

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World of Warcraft Trailer

Panda: Enough! You have ran rampant for too long Hellscream, but that stops now!

HS: Haha, step aside Pandaran. You confront a force beyond reckoning!

Panda: Your father dabbled in forces beyond reckoning. Where is he now?

HS charges to fight.

(Fight scene)

Panda: I have fought beside the Taurens, the Trolls, and others. You are nothing like them!

GS: They are no longer a part of MY HORDE!

(Fight Scene - Panda takes a critical hit)

Panda (heavily damaged): The world will hear of this. They will come for you!

HS: Yes, I'm counting on it.
The armies of the world with come for me,
and within my fortress, they will face all the terrible creatures I have wrought!
The boundless power I have mastered!
One by one, they will fall at my feet.
Anyone who will rise against my new horde will be impaled upon the spires of Orgrimmar!

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WOW-Panda vs. Hellscream

HS: Hmmmm it thirsts, bring it to the pools

Panda: Enough! You have ran rampant for too long Hellscream, but that stops now!

HS: Haha , step aside Pandaran. You confront a force beyond reckoning!

Panda: Your father dabbled in powers beyond reckoning. Where is he now?

HS charges to fight.

(Fight scene)

Panda: I have fought beside Patauren, Trolls, and others. You are nothing like them!

GS: They are no longer part of MY HORDE!

(Fight Scene - Panda takes a critical hit)

Panda (heavily damaged): The world will hear of this. They will come for you!

HS: Yes, I'm counting on it.
The armies of the world will come for me,
and within my fortress, they will face all the terrible creatures I have wrought!
The boundless power I have mastered!
And One by one, they will fall at my feet.
Anyone who will rise against my new horde will be impaled upon the spires of Orgrimmar!

HS: You Pandoran try to bury your hate and your anger, but such power can not be contained, it must be unleashed.

Panda: A time will come when you will answer for your crimes …

HS: I answer to no-one!

HS: All who challenge me will burn in the fires of my hatred


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