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Abraham Lincoln

When you get discouraged, consider this fellow ... who dropped out of grade school, ran a country store ... went broke. Took 15 years to pay off his bills. Ran for House...lost, twice. Ran for Senate...lost, twice. Had an unhappy marriage. Delivered a speech which became a classic, though the audience was indifferent. Despite this, imagine, how many people all around the world have been inspired by this awkward, rumpled, brooding man, our 16th President, who signed his name ... A. Lincoln.

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Caligula was born on August 31st in the year 12 of the common era into the most powerful family alive. His great grandfather was the emperor Augustus, adopted son of Julius Caesar.

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Charles Lindbergh

Far out over the dark sea, the lone pilot was bracing himself for the battle of his life. A clammy shroud of fog reached up incessantly for his wing tips. He coaxed his loaded plane higher and higher. Spectrally, the fog rose after him. Just as he skimmed the summit, a great storm mass lay spread across his route, its towering peaks like sentries challenging his right to pass. Even as the storm front rushed at him, Lindbergh had come to a decision. His eyes moved towards his instruments. He took a deep breath and bored ahead ... straight into the storm. Up and down the plane slammed, pushed about by monstrous forces.

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Isaac Newton

English mathematician and scientist Isaac Newton was one of the greatest thinkers of all time. He worked out the laws of gravity, invented calculus, and devised the reflecting, or Newtonian, telescope. Newton also discovered that ordinary light is made up of many colors; he studied the movement of planets; and published the Corpuscular Theory of Light. It occurred to Newton that the force that attracts bodies towards the Earth (gravity) might also be important in the motion of the Moon around the Earth, and the planets around the Sun.

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