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Friday September 18


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Alien Encounter

ANGRY: Look, we’ve never met before. I don’t know you. But you’ve already shown me one thing: it’s time to get this settled.
FRIENDLY: Look, we’ve never met before. I don’t know you. But you’ve already shown me one thing: it’s time to work this out.
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Disney's Hercules - Hades and Friends

Hades: Ladies, please, my favor is in your lovely hands!

Witch two: Oohhh, all right!

Witch one: In 18 years precisely, the planets will align ever so nicely.

Hades: Ohh, ugh! Verse! uuhhhh.

Witch two: The time to act will be at hand, unleash the Titans, your monstrous band!

Hades: Hmmm! Good, good!

Witch one: Then the once proud Zeus will finally fall, and you Hades will rule all!

Hades: Yes! Ayyyyyy! Hades rules!

Witch two: A word of caution to this tale....

Hades: Excuse me.

Witch two: Should Hercules fight, you will fail! (laughter)

Hades: WHAT???? Ahhhh..... Okay. Fine. I'm cool! I'm fine! Ok. Pain...Panic, I got a little riddle for ya. How do you kill... a god?

Pain: I don't know.

Panic: Yaaaaa... can't. They're Immortal!!!

Hades: Bingo... they're immortal. So, first you've got to turn the little sunspot.... mortal!

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Evil and Ghastly's Stinky Plan

Dr. Evil: Sorry I’m late Doctor Ghastly. I’m... What’s that smell?

Dr. Ghastly: Oh, morning chief! I’m just putting the finishing touches on our latest world domination device.

Dr. Evil: World domination device?

Dr. Ghastly: Yes! I just discovered an untapped source of immense power! Stink power!

Dr. Evil: Stink power??

Dr. Ghastly: Assorted soft cheese, a token skunk, dirty gym clothes and a commode for bouquet. I found that if you combine multiple foul odors, run them through a sonic transducer, and stick some robotic legs on it, you get the ALL MIGHTY STINK RAY!

Dr. Evil: So, how does it work???

Dr. Ghastly: Just push the button and see.

Dr. Evil: Okay!

Dr. Ghastly: Now watch the monitor!

Dr. Evil: Wow! That stink gun is magnificent!

Dr. Ghastly: Thanks, Chief!

Dr. Evil: I want to stink up more cities!

Dr. Ghastly: Be my guest!

Dr. Evil: Here’s to world domination, hah! Wait! We’ve got some email! Look! It’s email from the league of nations! It looks like our stinky little plan is working! Ghastly! Prepare the video phone! It’s time to conduct some business! What we have here is a simple case of supply and demand! I supply the end to their stinky problem and I demand three gagillion dollars in return! - and a small piece of land in Montana. They have one hour to decide!

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My Best Friend Eats Green Beans

Child: My Best friend Ben he's really cool, he eats his green beans just like I do!
Mom: I am glad that my son has a best friend to count on to ear right, that's why we have plenty of George's Green Beans on hand.

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