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Elf audition - Video game

Great, the breach is patched! However some fish are in the hold. We should return those poor creatures to the sea or they'll die.
Well done, you found all the fish! Now we have to bail out the hold. We can do it quickly if we have buckets.
I have a feeling that these bats are watching us. It gives me a very bad feeling, I think we should chase them away.
The gloomy mood has gone with the bats. We can go further, but we'll need torches to light the passage. We won't be able to find the way to the temple in the darkness.

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Great Island Cd-rom Game

For 2000 years the Great Island World has prospered. I, the Good Queen, brought happiness and sunlight into this once bleak and dismal land. During the Battle of Darkness and Light, I was able to defeat the Evil Sorcerer, sending him into exile. But evil is returning to this peaceful place. The evil sorcerer is free once more to wreak havoc on my people. I must gather my allies together to fight this demon wizard. Good prevail over the evil shadows of annihilation.

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Pixels: question 1

Which of these things starts with the letter “B”? A pencil … a car … a ball … or an
apple? Touch your answer on the screen, and hit “enter.”
- Hey, you got it! You could hear the “buh” sound in the word “ball.”
- I’m sorry, that is not correct. Try again.

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