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A.G. Edwards


In a world of new, higher tax brackets, your investment broker can be a valuable source for investment ideas that can help you reduce taxes. It's all part of the complete service AG Edwards is committed to offering you. Not only this year, but every year. The time to start next year's tax planning is now. And your AG Edwards investment broker can help you with an understanding of your particular needs. Why not take advantage of that expertise by calling today?

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Practice Recording:

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I've made some improvements from my original upload of this piece based on suggestions. I re-recorded the voice piece with a bit more inflection on certain key words. I also created an evelope around the music piece to have it drop by 3db when the vocals start. Lastly, I added a bit more bass and richness to the voice by applying the "tighter bass" effect in the multi-band compressor.


Peer Feedback:

Hello ferty
You've got a great voice! Sounds very professional!

Peer Feedback:

Hello Ferty...I am not sure how your original piece sounded but a very good job on this. I can definitely hear the inflection added on various words throughout the piece. The music chosen takes the edge off of an otherwise tense topic (taxes)

Peer Feedback:

Great conversational read, especially around halfway into the script through to the end. Nice job.

Peer Feedback:

awesome voice! very confidently done.

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