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Hey! Remember Mom’s apple pie? Remember when she used to put a big scoop of vanilla ice cream right on top? You can bring back those days and that wonderful taste with Borden’s Golden Vanilla Ice Cream. Borden’s borrowed a recipe from the past, when vanilla ice cream was made with extra eggs. This way we get a richer flavor, a creamier texture, and a deep golden color that lets you know that old-fashioned look and taste of homemade ice cream is back in style. Was it ever out of style? BORDEN’S ICE CREAM.

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Practice Recording:

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:30 spot. Wanted to try something lighter.


Peer Feedback:

wow hard to critique, because your sound is clear you are performing really well, maybe it's just ME but, again it feels that if this would be a longer (slower) commercial it would sound superb. Again it's on the button i just feel that it's too much copy or words for 30 sec.
Maybe i'm wrong anyway james you are doing very well in my opinion
All the best

Peer Feedback:

With that rich, creamy, texture in your voice, who can resist... You skipped the emphasis, the first time the product was mentioned but overall excellent job. Best.

Peer Feedback:

James you got a good voice and you know how to use it.

Peer Feedback:

Thanks guys. Just had another couple of classes working with a couple of working professionals here in NYC. One voice talent and a casting director, in the booth working on commercials, promos and narrations. Just plugging away and trying to make progress.

Peer Feedback:

New York, New York. I want to wake up in a city that never sleeps ......Just turned green with envy and for dark guy like me, it's difficult, let me tell you! LOL!!!

Peer Feedback:

Wow! Where do I get some ice cream, and how do I get the smile off my face? That is what I have been wanting to hear from you. I'm gonna listen to it again. Be Well.

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