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    Beyond The Top Of The World

    There is a place beyond the top of the world
    It sits patiently, waiting for lovers to unfold
    Their hearts are drawn to this place, like rivers to the sea
    Like the beams of sunlight seeking around the shadows
    Of the vapor lifting into clouds that form letters of love
    For the earthly longings to view from below.

    There is a place I met you, and joined you.
    And stopped for a brief moment in time to consider
    the nature of where we were and are.
    It is the mystery of you and me. The knowledge that falling
    in was easy and out is not an option.
    For the place was waiting, and whispering for us to come home.

    Here beyond the top of the world.

    And up here in the clear air, wisps of other lovers
    Drift by our smiling faces, wondering and knowing
    What took so long,
    We were born together, in love, holding fast through time
    and circumstance, knowing that we would someday dance

    In this place beyond the top of the world.

    And while we rest in arms foretold, we look below
    the mountains, the hills, the rivers from whence we came
    Forgetting nothing, needing nothing but you in me and i in you.
    And only a butterfly was allowed to trace our journey

    To this place beyond the top of the world.


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