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    Cinderella's Princess Court

    Jersey Girl: I saw her up on 5th and 55th street...She’s such a princess

    Cabbie: I was about to pick her up but then this fancy horse-drawn carriage came along from outta nowhere. I was like: Hey! Is that thing street legal???

    Jazz Musician: I like to call her Cindy Rell. Sweetest thing ya ever seen! We was warming up and she struts in with her gown and the crown and the glass on the feet an all that jazz! So we’s ask her to sit in on a session and she says yes, so we’s lights it up. And we wuz swinging and sliding and sizzlin bacon fat wiggling and giggling... Jigglin like some marshmallows on a slow open fire... Cookin baby cookin! That Cindy Rell sure can groove in those glass slippers of hers!

    Cabbie: If I had to sum her up in one word, it would be enchanting! I mean... call me prince charming, man... I am in LOVE!

    Jersey Girl: So then I run into her in this cafe... and we started talkin... I was like: I’ve got two evil step sisters too!

    Uptown Woman: All these little girls are walking around, looking like her... little crowns and everything, So well behaved. so darling!

    Fashion Designer: Ever since she got here, all I’m hearing is glass slipper this and glass slippers that... I’ve got so many back orders. I have got to get in touch with this fairy godmother of hers!

    Announcer: Manhattan may never be the same again. Join Cinderella and her princess court for a one of a kind experience, available only at the World of Disney store on 5th avenue. Here your little girl will enter into an extraordinary kingdom of magic and wonder where songs and games ignite her imagination. She’ll be crowned in a special princess ceremony and become part of an enchanted world that only dreams are made of. Cinderella’s Princess Court, an immersive entertainment experience now open for all princesses at the World of Disney store.

    Announcer 2: A spot is specially reserved for Disney’s Visa Card members at every Cinderella’s Princess Court show on a first come first served basis. To learn more, or apply for the card, visit worldofdisney.com or call 1-877-669-0638. Disney’s Visa Card available to U. S. Residents, 18 or older, and are subject to credit approval.

    Cinderella: Now the city that never sleeps has even more reason to dream. Don’t miss the grand opening of the World of Disney store on October 5th at 5t avenue and 55th street.


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