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Feedback Forum > English Adult > Retail > Jewelry Store-Valentine's Day-"How I Love You"

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    Jewelry Store-Valentine's Day-"How I Love You"

    How do I love you? I love the way your eyes smile when you laugh. I love the way you always finish my sentences. I love the way you’re not embarrassed when you cry at movies. You are not like me. You are so special. You are the love of my life. I love the way that no matter what I give you, you always treasure it. Well, this year, my Love, will be one you won’t soon forget. You see, I went to MIKE SELTZER JEWELERS. I told him I wanted an heirloom piece; something really nice, in white gold, with diamonds, that you could pass down to our daughter. He created it, just like I had in my head. I never thought I could afford custom jewelry, but Mike made it easy and worked with me. This Valentine’s Day is going to be different. THIS is the year you’ll never forget.

    ANNCR: MIKE SELTZER JEWELERS, 29-29 North Rock Road in the Comatara Center. We have the perfect gift for any budget.


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