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    Sahara Casino

    Bob: I’ve been waiting for Barb to get in the mood...seems like 30 years now! That’s one helluva dry spell, let me tell ya.

    Jerry: Why don’t you just give her a little TLC - talk her into a weekend of rollin’ at the Sahara?

    Bob: TLC? I’m Totally Lost and Confused! Rollin’? What you talkin’ about, Jerry?

    Jerry: At our age, what other kind of rollin’ is there? And at the Sahara, my Jenny’s the best roller this side of the Mississippi, FYI!

    Bob: FYI? You’n yer damn ackermins. You mean Jen’s been rollin’ ya?

    Jerry: Huh! Craps’s the only rollin’ she’s done since she turned sixty nine. (laughs) LOL, Bob!

    Bob: What the hell is LOL?

    ANNOUNCER: (stage whisper: “Laughing out loud, Bob!”) The Sahara Casino, the most fun you can have outside your hotel room.


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