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    Nutrition Rangers

    Sweet Tooth -the Villian
    Veggie Man
    Protein Dude

    Sweet Tooth: You mark my words VeggieMan, soon you and your accursed Zuccini will be destroyed!

    Veggie Man: Not so fast Sweet tooth, I've called for back up!

    (Sounds like jets landing)

    Sweet Tooth: Drat, Its that big goon Protein Dude and His insufferable sidekick, Milkmaid! I'm no match for all three Nutrition Rangers! I must escape!

    Protein Dude: You rang, Veggie Man?

    Milkmaid: Whats Up VM?

    Veggie Man: Its Sweet Tooth, I caught him drilling cavities in the Great Molars! Quick Protein Dude, cut him off before he reaches the Bicuspids! Milkmaid, use your Lacto-Ray.

    Milkmaid: I'm way ahead of you VM

    (sounds something like MoOoOoOoOoOoOo)

    Sweet Tooth: Arrgghh! Curses foiled again!

    Veggie Man: We got him! The lactose slowed him down and calcium finished the job. Looks like Sweet Tooth won't be drilling any more cavities for awhile. Great job team!

    Protein Dude: Aw shucks,I was only doing my job.

    Milkmaid: Until next time kids...
    All together: One for all, All for Good Nutrition!

    Announcer: This program is brought to you by Nutrition Rangers Multi-Vitamins...theirrr...SUUPERRRR!



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