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    Pet Owndership

    Pet Owndership

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    Several topics will be discussed during this presentation. The first half of the discussion will be about Deciding if a Pet is Right for You. We will review commitment, budgeting, animal selection, veterinarians, trainers, and where to find that perfect pet. The second half of the discussion will be about Pet Ownership. Topics to be discussed will include wellness, nutrition, training, multiple pets, pet safety, pet laws and pet custody.
    Finally, we’ll provide you with resources so you’ll have an opportunity to reach out on your own OR how to find additional help for your search.
    Again, we are glad you are here and hope you find this information helpful in your start of this new opportunity in being a pet owner. It’s a wonderful feeling to have a pet and to be able to care for and nurture during its life. We want to help you be the best owner you can be and help you find the perfect pet for you and your family.


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