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    Chevrolet - Change That's Smart

    Chevrolet Change that’s Smart

    Change... It can turn our lives around or upside down. And the only thing we can be sure of, is that change... is inevitable, even when it comes to things like mom's apple pie. We see change all around us... in the clothes we wear, in the movies we watch, and... in the cars we drive.
    At Chevrolet, we're changing for the better, with the introduction of vehicles that are so fuel-efficient, they'll actually pay for themselves over time... vehicles which impact the environment less than any we've ever produced. And that's a good thing, because we think, once you've taken a test drive in a new Chevrolet, that you just might want to hit the road and see the USA again...like you did in the old days.
    But while we're working to change the way you're used to driving, we figured it's best to leave mom's apple pie to mom. Some things, are better left to the experts.
    Chevrolet...Change, that's smart!

    Script Credits :

    or Jaffe/Hurd
    or maybe Muddy Richurd


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