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    TheGreat Clapper Caper

    The Great Clapper Caper

    (This was one of my favorite skits with Jack Webb and Johnny Carson on The Tonight Show) (If you remember Dragnet, Jack’s character had a deadpan look and sound, very serious)

    Friday: This is the city. Los Angeles California.

    Some people rob for pleasure.

    Some rob because its there. You never know.

    My names Friday, I’m a cop.

    I was working the day watch, on a robbery, when I got a call from the Acme School Bell Company. There’s been a robbery.

    Man: There’s been a robbery.

    Friday: Yes Sir, what is it?

    Man: My clappers.

    Friday: Your clappers?

    Man: Yea, you know those things inside a bell that makes them clang.

    Friday: The clangers.

    Man: That’s right, but we call them clappers in the business.

    Friday: A clapper caper.

    Man: What’s that?

    Friday: Nothing Sir. Now can I have the facts?

    What kind of clappers was stolen on this capper?

    Man: They were copper clappers.

    Friday: And where were they kept?

    Man: In the closet.

    Friday: U huh. You have any ideas, who might have taken the copper clappers from the closet?

    Man: Well, once fired a man and he swore he’d get even.

    Friday: What was his name?

    Man: Claude Cooper.

    Friday: You think he…….

    Man That’s right ! That’s right! I think Claude Copper copped my copper clappers, kept in a closet.

    Friday: Do you know where this Claude Cooper is from?

    Man: Yea, Cleveland.

    Friday: That figures that figures.

    Man: What make it worse, they were clean.

    Friday: Clean copper clappers?

    Man: That’s right.

    Friday: Why do you think Cleveland’s Claude Cooper, would cop your clean copper clappers kept in your closet?

    Man: Only one reason.

    Friday: And what’s that?

    Man: He’s a kleptomaniac.

    Friday: Who first discovered that the copper clappers were copped?

    Man: My cleaning woman, Clara Clifford.

    Friday: That figures, now let me see if I have the facts straight here.

    Cleaning woman Clara Clifford discovered your clean copper clappers, kept in a closet, were copped by Claude Cooper the kleptomaniac from Cleveland. Now is that about it?

    Man: One other thing.

    Friday: What’s that?

    Man: If ever I catch kleptomaniac Claude Cooper from Cleveland, who copped my clean copper clappers that were kept in a closet.

    Friday: Yes?

    Man: I’ll clobber him.


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