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    How to Read Copy by Adrian Cronauer

    “When you’ve finished reading this book you probably won’t HAVE all the skills needed to compete with professional voice-overs; that takes months, even years of practice. But you’ll KNOW what those skills ARE, and when you do practice you’ll know what you should be doing. More importantly, you’ll know what you SHOULDN’T be doing. That’s vital. Practice alone won’t accomplish much unless you know WHAT to practice. Practicing the WRONG things will certainly not lead to improvement. It will only serve to ingrain any bad habits you may already have. Study the principles outlined in this book, and you will have the foundation upon which to build your ability to take a piece of commercial copy, analyze it, wring as much meaning out of it as possible, and convey that meaning to a listener with naturalness, sincerity and believability.
    “There is no single correct way to read a given piece of commercial copy. Each voice-over person will have a different way to approach the same spot. But there are a lot of universal rules that they all will follow. This book will tell you what these rules are and show you how to apply them.”

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