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    Healthy Cooking by Sharon Claessens

    Healthy Cooking by Sharon Claessens
    Good Eating and Good Health
    It was barely a generation ago that indigestion, heartburn and ulcers were considered the very signs of “success.” Even alcohol abuse was considered part of the “successful lifestyle” in business or the arts—providing, of course, that one drank only luxury brands. Food was essentially irrelevant to any notion of success, so long as the gin was cold, the beef was hot, and there was plenty of both.
    What a distance we’ve traveled since then!
    What is our notion of success today?
    A recent Gallup Poll revealed the astonishing fact that people now equate success not with a wonderful job, not with a beautiful home, not, in fact, with any traditional measure of accomplishment. Rather, the poll—commissioned by Success Magazine—found the current notion of success is GOOD HEALTH.
    And why not?
    With health, and all that the word no implies—vitality, strength, emotional vigor—all of life becomes available for enjoyment. Not just parts, like one’s job, but every moment.
    If personal destiny is to be seen in terms of health, we can say that each of us, to a large degree, carves our destiny with knife and fork. Food, after all, is our future—quite literally. Health in its every dimension can be nourished or negated by the mouthful.

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